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Control at Your Fingertips

They said technology exists to make our life easier. We say it is true. Imagine you can control everything with a single touch. Crestron simply makes it happen. At home, at work, at school, at play. There is always the right automation and control systems for you thanks to Crestron’s comprehensive range of product lines. Not only hardware, Crestron also provides a selection of integrated software to optimize the whole user experience and control systems.

Experience may not be the only aspect to define quality of a company. However, Crestron has proven itself a trustworthy and reliable provider for automated solutions for more than four decades. In fact, they have served such diverse market segment with different lifestyles of their own, from corporate, education, residential, hospitality, to government and military.

One for All

With Crestron, it’s all about flexibility and seamless integration. Offering ultimate automated and control system, Crestron engineers scalable systems which allow users to seamlessly expand and tweak the whole system for various kind of needs and implementations. You can add in as many as audio visual systems, lighting systems, shading solutions to thermostat and sensors and even user interface but still keep everything simple and manageable under one roof. Personalization and integration are also made possible in every way most convenient to you. Really, everything is at your fingertips.

Crestron remote management and configuration software, for example, can come handy in schools and campuses to help eliminating hassle and resources for maintenance routines. Crestron RoomView can be used to link every projectors in every rooms inside the building and control them all from single computers. As such, troubleshooting and device management are no daunting tasks anymore since they can be easily done remotely, without having to interrupt classes. Even better, teachers and students can also take advantage of network sharing features to access common learning materials and collaborate for group projects.

When Crestron said one control for all, they meant it. For highly mobile users, Crestron takes a step ahead by intoducing Crestron Mobile app for mobile devices like smartphone and tablet. Literally speaking, you can actually use your iPhone or iPad to control an audio visual system or even the entire system in the room from anywhere, anytime1. Working perfectly as an alternative to touch panel, once more you got all the power at your fingertips. Really, there’s not much difference from the way you interact with any other apps. You can still go through its menus or anything using the ever-friendly touch gestures. For now, the Crestron Mobile app is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android platform. While the app is free, users can enjoy full features and function with Crestron Mobile Pro by churning out $100. Or, you can also opt for Crestron Mobile Pro G which have bigger view and interface for Android tablets and Apple iPad.

Living Life to The Fullest

Life is often already complicated as it is and you certainly do not need anything else to make things more difficult. Crestron understands that and takes away all your worries. All you need is one tap on a touch panel and let the Crestron do the rest. Dimming lights, turning on the air conditioning, playing favorite classical piece, and adjusting the shades. Now, you’re ready for a relaxing afternoon break in home. As you move on to different rooms for another activity, Crestron automated control systems tag along at your fingertips. Wherever you are and whatever you do, Crestron makes it easier, exactly at your fingertips.

Unlike homes, the role of control systems in business are even more critical as they are basically used to increase work productivity and efficiency. More often than not, people spend a substantial time and energy setting up an array of devices only to do video conference, group presentations, or internal trainings. Other times, your boss complains a lot about how electricity and maintenance bills have been soared up pretty high recently and that the employees should do something about it. Crestron automated solutions comes with intelligent energy management. With a centralized automated control system, you can easily manage, control, and monitor every room and all the systems inside including their energy consumption. This way, workers can save their time from unnecessary hustle and bustle with system setup while companies definitely can cut down on some electricity and maintenance bills.

Perhaps one of the most important aspect in hospitality industry is convenience. In short, you should move heaven and earth to make your guests feel as comfortable and convenient as possible. Here is one clue: make everything effortless and Crestron automated control systems is definitely an answer. In the first place, they can monitor, manage and control lighting system, AV, and thermostats in every spot, including common areas like bar, restaurant, lobby, spa, gym to more private facilities like meeting room and ballrooms. Next, it also removes the need to do manual maintenance. Not only it enables central simplified management and control, the automation concept, in fact, provide users with higher comfort and convenience since they do not have to move even a finger.

To have power and to control it is a totally different matter and if you need a hand to control, count on Crestron. Aiming high to become the first choice of automation and control system in the world, Crestron obviously tick all the boxes. Home is usually a place where your heart is. However, sometimes it also turns out to be where the problems come from. Relieve your stress with home automation system from Crestron and get all controls at your fingertips. Similarly, feel reassured to leave all the difficult technical issues to Crestron and focus on your work more. All in all, Crestron offers simple management, high scalability, realibility, guaranteed quality, easy customization, and of course enhanced features and technologies. Live and take controls from anywhere, anytime with Crestron automation and control system. After all, there might be a day where everything can be controlled from right below your fingertips.