Room Booking Systems


Room Booking Systems


Work, Collaborate. Made Easy

Planning something ahead can give you peace of mind but it is not always the case. Think how many times already your day at work is ruined because some random people took your booked rooms for their urgent discussions - without notice. The moment you open the door, the whole department is there and you cannot possibly kick them out. If only workplace is much friendlier and getting room can be made easy. With a room booking system, it is a sure thing to do. Room booking system can help you grab and secure workspace to collaborate without a hitch. Reservations are made incredibly easy. You can even do it right away from web, laptop, or smartphones thanks to the advanced room booking software. Not only enable you to book rooms and spaces, some booking systems also boast versatile features such as full integration with common shared calendars such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes; making it easy to starts meeting at an instant once any room is available. Neither redundant spaces nor conflicted meetings ritual will happen - ever again. Thanks to room booking system management solutions such as Room Wizard from Steelcase and Condenco , you can now make reservations effortlessly.

Ask yourself, just how hard it is to find space to get together and do some productive talk? If you can no longer put it into a sentence, then it's might be just the right time to switch to room booking system. Designed primarily to enable better and easy workspace management, room booking system is an integrated system consisting of hardware and intelligent software management. Usually, the system will features a touch display which is connected to server and often, shared office calendars. The display will provide details of availability and occupancy of the room as well as meeting specification in real time. It is generally mounted at the wall of entrance door of the rooms or partition in case of open spaces. As such, you can easily check the availability and occupancy from web or any networked computers or smartphone. Other handy features including extending or deleting reservation directly or releasing rooms when the occupants do not show up. Adjusting meeting details is made easy with the touch screen and simple user interface. In some systems such as Condenco Sense, you actually had this sensor helping you to identify the actual use of spaces and generate reports of the workspace management. This way, your organization can help people connecting to each other more efficiently and avoid any unnecessary underutilization of space.

Work More Efficiently

In any case, space management is one of the biggest challenges in modern workplace. Some offices are half empty and the other are, in contrast, are overcrowded. Desks and rooms are mostly cluttered, leaving employees to undergo an ongoing search for space to collaborate. At the worst scenario, people are reluctant to collaborate and build individual zones for their own. Of course, you would not want it happen because it will obviously bring negative implication to both individual performance and overall organizational interaction. Room booking systems made it easy for you. It brings ease to mind while offers convenient way to book rooms, reserve spaces, and encourage workers to connect to each other in a much more trouble-free way. If any, there are at least three main reason why your organization simply benefit from room booking systems:

Increased Productivity

With room booking software management, finding space and collaborating are made easy, All the opportunities and possibilities lay in front of you. You can search for every information you need from room and space availability and occupancy, traffic schemes to reservation patterns. Even you can measure and inquire reports for current utilization of each room and spaces available. All of this is made possible thanks the analytical console integrated in the system. The software management system also display details on utilization of rooms and spaces including the host, the invitees, the length of the occupancy, the capacity of the room, down to the services included or facilities used. With such comprehensive information, workers can easily plan and schedule meetings, even the impromptu ones. They no longer have to spend time and energy for unnecessary arguments with other teams or going around the whole office looking for vacant spaces. They will also do not have to worry that the empty room is actually occupied or belong to somebody else. Once reservation is made, you can get to work and collaborate instantly. Collaboration is made easy, everytime.

Since it is connected to a centralized server and software management system, administrators can also track down the utilization of every room and space in a push of button. That aside, enhanced booking systems such as the one from Steelcase also come with nifty features like auto reminders which works to remind the prospective occupants (host and invitees) about their reservations or attendance. Not only will it reduce time wasted because the occupants forget their reservations, it also minimizes underutilization of the spaces available. To further increase efficiency, room booking systems are also integrated with a range of widely-used calendar systems such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes; allowing a seamless work flow and easy space management.

Best Experience

In recent days, collaborations almost have no boundary thanks to the advanced technology. Everything is made easy. You can collaborate with everyone from all around the world, practically anytime, anywhere. It is no longer a process involving internal participants but also external parties such as visitors, clients, or customers. And with the current trends of mixed teams and presence of technology supports, collaboration is increasingly important to any organization and so does the collaboration spaces. Room booking systems are fitted with easy to use interface touch displays, leveraging overall user experience. You can easily book the room from web, any networked PC, laptops, and even smartphones. Unbelievably easy and time saving. All occupants including visitors, customers, or clients are also welcome to access all related information about the meeting itself including the room name, location and services and facilities provides as well as white board notes if available. The whole process of collaboration with anyone is made easy.

Improved Cost

With business, it's really all about making out the most of you got. Time is precious and so does space. You cannot afford to continuously lose time simply because your workers are unable to find spaces to collaborate. Believe it or not, room booking systems made it easy. It enables more precise and effective space management that employees can get to work without any delay. Meetings become more organized, easy, timely, and most importantly fruitful. Everyone get their opportunity and space they needed to collaborate without much fuss. Your organizations can also definitely cut costs from wasted spaces and better utilization of AV systems installed in the rooms.

In a nutshell, spaces, when managed right, can turn into a powerful key in business growth. There are so much you can get from providing spaces for people to collaborate. While you may be expected to work independently at some time, collaborations foster faster decision making and innovations.