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How To Increase Productivity with Mobile Solutions

Apple App Store believes there is an app for everyone. Here at ESCO, we believe there is a mobile solution to increase productivity while enriching your mobile lifestyle at the same time. If you go places a lot, flexibility to get things done is definitely a privilege and mobile solutions can be an effective way to increase your productivity on the go. ESCO Mobility is committed to build strategic partnership with diverse integrated solution providers around the globe to bring you mobile solutions which increase productivity while supporting your mobile lifestyle. With mobile solutions from ESCO Mobility, you can do things more conveniently from anywhere, anytime.

Today, ESCO Mobility offers selected mobile solutions which leverage on cloud computing for easier collaboration, data processing or simply offering faster access to public services such as information center or health care. They are all especially designed to increase productivity and live a better life in general. In terms of productivity, these mobile solutions not only help to save time but actually streamline process and foster better communication with other people. Later on in this article, ESCO Mobility presents three mobile solutions which simply work wonder to increase productivity of you and your business as well as bringing in more cash, if not saving them.


With a frequently bad traffic and inflexible working hours, limited access to health care has been a growing concern for most working residents of big cities. Even if they do be able to find some spare time to go to clinics nearby, it costs a large sum of money for consultation, save for the medicine. And guess what, it is not even a good time because both you and the doctors seem to lack of time in the first place. In the end, they will just do a quick look and give the common necessary prescription. End of story. ESCO tries to reflect on the issue and comes up with AskADoctor mobile app. AskADoctor is a collaboration work between ESCO and to provide easy access to health care at your fingertips. With over than 10.000 physicians and specialists from all over the world and 100 doctors are available at any given time, you can sit back at your office or keep your routines and still be able to solve your health issues.

With AskADoctor mobile app, you can easily find medical assistance wherever and whenever you need it. The mobile app offers 24/7 services to answer to any medical inquiries. For now, Ask a Doctor is available for Apple iPhone and iPad. You can download it for free but advanced features such as further follow-ups to specialists and sharing capabilities require full premium subscription which is available from US$18. The sharing capabilities especially come handy if you got previous lab reports to discuss or simply want to show the skin issues. Although it is available as mobile app, feel reassured of the quality of service because AskADoctor got a full team of real doctors with high expertise in their respective field. In fact, you get to see if one doctor answer many questions, how many years of experience they have, or their ratings on the mobile apps based on feedbacks from users. All you need to do is send the inquiry about your medical issue within 160 characters limit and wait for reply from the doctors. This way, you no longer have to spend so much time and energy to get medical advice. You can just do it right from your iPhone or iPad. No hassle, no wasted time. However, note that this mobile app requires Apple iOS version 5.0 or later. All in all, AskADoctor helps you to increase productivity with online medical advice which are accesible through mobile devices.


In business, it is very important to make the best of your time and resources. To increase productivity and efficiency, there are many possible ways including collaborating with video conference system. But then it is more of a one way communication because one person does the presentation while others only watch. Multi-point videoconferencing is a possible answer but it will cost you dearly so it is not really an option to consider. Are there any mobile solutions that can increase productivity but keep reasonable cost? ESCO Mobility comes to your rescue.

Among featured mobile solutions from ESCO Mobility is ShowOnScreen VideoConference Collaborative Whiteboard Solution. Basically facilitating two-way video conference (VC) interaction and collaboration, it will definitely help you to increase productivity without breaking bank. If you have a constant need to collaborate with people at both close and distant places, then this mobile solution is perhaps just your cup of tea. ShowOnScreen promotes hassle-free collaboration method for video conference system by allowing not only sharing but also modification to presentation content. Now you and your colleagues, wherever they are, can easily work together and start doing the business. It practically helps you to increase productivity without much fuss. Even better, it is very easy to use and the other parties can actually connect with you from their very own BYOD devices such as smartphones and tablets.

ShowOnScreen is compatible with any video conference system and it only took your three steps to get things up and running. First, you need to install ShowOnScreen VC Appliance and touch sensor overlay. Next, load your presentation and send it over the video conference system. Voila, you're now good to go. This mobile solution is also very handy because you can easily attach it to LCD and projectors. There is no hassle with cabling system or stacks of equipment. But the best part is that ShowOnScreen does not require that the other parties have ShowOnScreen VC installed too. They can still participate and even modify the presentation if needed from second screen or alternate device such as PC, notebook, smartphone and tablet. Other interesting feature which can further benefit your business and increase productivity is Enterprise edition which offers centralized control management allowing you to do setup, provide technical support, or perform maintenance remotely. Lastly, ShowOnScreen is also highly scalable. There is no limit of how many VC system or devices you can connect with to do collaboration.