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Enterprise and Collaboration

Move Towards The Future of Collaboration with Polycom RealPresence

Around the globe, companies are fighting an on-going war to get their employees to collaborate with each other effectively, visually. While communication ideally involves both audio and visual elements, majority of people seem to side with visual collaboration for best results. It is not saying that audio does not play important role but people tends to build disconnected feelings with audio alone. But then a face to face visual collaboration took great effort to happen. Going around and about to offices or other meeting places take a toll in traveling expenses and time as well as productivity. But that happened a lot in the past and with recent technology advances in audio visual industry, today's highly mobile work forces move toward the future of collaboration with comprehensive collaborative platform like Polycom RealPresence.

Coming from a global UC and collaborative platform provider, Polycom RealPresence is an integrated infrastructure that combines unified communications, video solutions, and application needed for easy, high quality, and secure video conferencing throughout any collaborative environment. Unlike other unified collaborative platforms, Polycom RealPresence not only integrate video collaboration to your organist workflow but also offer flawless compatibility with any existing UC applications. But perhaps the best thing about it is that users can collaborate with each other regardless of what device or type or platform they are using. With visual collaboration in Polycom Presence, users can easily create an effective virtual collaboration anywhere anytime without much fuss. They also do not have to deal with traditional caveats in video collaboration such as poor image quality or audio performance. Polycom RealPresence ensures consistent HD quality audio and visual for best interaction. The future of collaboration is here. Right here, tight now with Polycom RealPresence.

One for All

An essential part of interaction, content sharing becomes integral as we move toward the future of collaboration. With Polycom Presence, users can easily capture, share, and store any moments during collaboration in a touch of button. It especially comes handy for group collaboration with a broad range of topics covered where multi-point video conferencing comes to play. Then of course, the content sharing feature in Polycom RealPresence platform is also vital to extend visual collaboration with external parties such as clients, business partners, or customers. Polycom RealPresence brings users closer to the future of collaboration by enabling them to create custom visual collaboration every time which features uncompromised quality of audio and visuals, high reliability, and flexible scalability. Polycom RealPresence platform consists of a suite of hardware and software solutions to create a strong and comprehensive visual collaboration.

RealPresence CloudAXIS

Polycom RealPresence CloudAXIS is the first software solution to offer organization or business a secure B2B or B2C connection over the web regardless of system, device, or applications used by the other parties. It is basically an extension of Polycom RealPresence platform which allows users to use browser with web-based interface for high quality visual collaboration with anyone around the world. All you need to do is choose, drag, and drop contacts from UC applications or social media to start collaborating in high quality and high security video conferencing sessions. That aside, users can also share contents across both computing and mobile platforms with RealPresence CloudAXIS software. Together with other attributes of Polycom RealPresence platform, RealPresent CloudAXIS helps users to move toward the future of collaboration within a click of browser.

Polycom Universal Video Collaboration

Polycom Universal Video Collaboration comes with a range of RealPresence Collaboration Server which enables comprehensive collaboration in video, voice, or contents with practically anyone anywhere anytime. Face to face collaboration remains relevant and universal as people start to move toward the future of collaboration with Polycom RealPresence platform.

Video Resource Management

Collaborating is impossible with good network management and so Polycom RealPresence platform presents Video Resource Management to help users keep an eye and easily manage devices with networked video system. Next, it also makes maintenance tasks less challenging thanks to the centralized management.

Virtualization Management

Polycom RealPresence Virtualization Manager is designed to help delivering high quality visual collaboration experience to every user within the network. It allows you to set bandwidth, priority, and class of service for both voice and video calls.

Firewall Traversal & Security

Polycom Firewall Traversal & Security solution in Polycom RealPresence platform ensures a secure connection and visual collaboration to internal parties as well as external ones such as clients, partners and customers. It can connect to diverse VC application, computing and mobile systems with full support for various network and communication protocols. Secure connection is an important piece of puzzle in the future of collaboration.

Video Content Management

Sharing is at the heart of collaboration but it does not means users can easily share contents to multiple users with multiple systems using multiple devices. Polycom Video Content Management in Polycom RealPresence platform offers instant access to contents stored in your network without much fuss. It consists of RealPresence Media Manager, RealPresence Capture Station, and Recording and Streaming Server which all works to create, manage, and share contents from your preferred devices anywhere, anytime.

Now that you are ready to move toward the future of collaboration, it is wise to learn a bit about VPN (Virtual Private Network) Services which you rely on to do the collaboration over the Internet. VPN are commonly used in public places to enable extra security that of private network when accessing Internet in public places. A good VPN service will assign dynamic IP address to prevent tracking cookies and other security threats peeping into data within your network. It also stops website from locating any personal information as you browse through web by using encryption. You can either use private independent VPN services or choose from various VPN products tailored for business users from major VPN providers such as Cisco, Juniper or Barracuda.

All in all, collaboration has grown further into a lifestyle for many people, instead of working tool as there are more and more technologies supporting remote distance communications and collaboration. While all of them aims to increase productivity, only very few that promotes the real face to face visual collaboration which is a move toward the future of collaboration takes shape of. Among them are Polycom RealPresence which offers you the opportunity to collaborate with anyone with any system from any devices anywhere, anytime.