Client Training


In-house Training

Here at ESCO, we believe in delivering not only quality products and installation but also excellent final results and thus customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are always committed to assist customers from the beginning until the very end of every project. To ensure overall satisfaction and full experience with your audio visual systems, ESCO provides in-house training to help customers make the best out of their newly-installed audio visual systems. ESCO in-house training offers to provide customers with both technical knowledge and skills so they can manage to solve any technical issues with their AV systems easily, quickly and effectively. The in-house training will cover extensive product knowledge including the basic operational guidelines, myriad of features available with or without additional equipments, as well as troubleshooting tips and any precautionary actions need to be taken. That aside, there will be also some exercises to let customers try out their audio visual systems from basic operation to further features utilisation. It is essential to see if the customers gain full understanding and insight on the product knowledge or to what extent they have familiarize themselves with the the audio visual systems. Such exercises for in-house training also comes handy to show customers some examples of real-world usage scenarios with their audio visual systems. Customers are given options to define the length and scope of the in-house training as well as the attendees from the internal of company. Usually, the attendees will consist of both IT technical supports and end users. However, there is also some cases where the company wants to give general product knowledge for every department. There is no limit to how much people can attend the in-house training and we will leave it for the company to decide. The companies also get to decide if they will have the in-house training in several sessions or dividing it into the product knowledge and exercises sessions. Basically, we offer three different level of in-house training, depending on the target users and the area it covers.

End User

End users are generally the one who will deal with the systems relatively often beside of IT supports. They are normally middle-level employees in companies which are responsible for preparing the AV systems for company meetings or use the AV systems themselves for work purposes. The in-house training usually include all the basic navigation and operational topics. Initially, we will start with the manuals and understanding of the basic main components of the system. Then, it will continue with setting up AV systems for use. This is pretty important as you practically cannot get the systems started, save for exploring features if you did not get the initial setup right. Of course we already do the necessary setup for you as part of the projects. Nevertheless, the in-house training aims to provide end users so that they at least know how things work in their systems. As for the navigation, it can covers guideline on panel controls, buttons and layout, interface, or simply remote controls and its functions. At the end of the in-house training, end users are expected to have enough basic product knowledge as well as technical skills to get the systems up and running without a hitch.

System Administrator

With the system administrator, the in-house training has a relatively different objectives because the attendees is not only expected to understand basic product knowledge but also feature optimization and basic troubleshooting. The basic product knowledge and exercises will be pretty much the same as the end users with additional training in system configuration aspects. The system configuration will be closely related to how the users intend to use the audio visual systems in real-world application. The most common examples of system configuration may involve network configuration or general setting or tuning up. What's more, the in-house training also help the attendees which can be the same as end users (depends on customers) or IT supports to better utilize the system features. In this stage, there are usually more technical exercises since it covers basic to advanced product features. With projector for instance, it can include customization of projection mode or how to project from different input sources or from networks. It can be also some quick tips for optimal projection results by leveraging on handy products features such as keystone correction or auto-image adjustment. In different notes, basic troubleshooting in the in-house training will be very useful whenever end users is faced with minor issues such as blank screen.

Technical Maintenance

Technical Maintenance is the highest level training we will give. The attendees comes especially from IT department of the companies. Unlike the other two level of training, we will provide the attendees with more comprehensive product knowledge on operation, features, and most importantly advanced troubleshooting. The in-house training at this level covers more exercises than product knowledge since it really goes down to thorough understanding and insight of the AV systems which requires hands-on experience than merely theories. Out team of AV experts will guide you through different stages from system installation, configuration, operation, features optimization, to maintenance and troubleshooting. This includes simple component replacement such as replacing lamp in projector. Aside of hardware aspects, there is high possibility that the in house training will also extend to the software aspect where attendees will be expected to at least be able to perform software update or upgrade on their own.

All in all, ESCO seeks to ensure the best audio visual experience for the customers with the in-house training. The audio visual system will be equipped by manuals or product guide for each and every product. Sometimes, the product manufacturers are also very helpful by providing quick setup guides, FAQ sections, built-in troubleshooting tips to online technical supports. However, when you do encounter any problems with your audio visual systems, our team at ESCO will always be at your services because we cannot help but to care about our customer satisfaction. After all, it is our job to deliver excellent audio visual experience to you while also protecting your investment.