Installation and Testing


Build with Excellence

Here in ESCO, we are committed to bring an end-to-end AV system solution to you - every time and we help you build with excellence. From conceptualization to implementation, we got your back with professional AV teams consisting of experienced engineers, skillful technicians, and project managers with adept AV expertise. Dream of your ideal audio visual room and we make it come true for you.

A solid teamwork is equally as important as individual work of excellence. Therefore, ESCO always strives to ensure flawless and strong collaboration between project managers, interior designers, technicians, and other professionals to meet client requirements and objectives. Together, they help you build quality custom audio visual system without a hitch.

  • Need Identification and Analysis
  • Consultation Service
  • Project Planning, Customization, and Engineering
  • Implementation, Installation, and Testing
  • User Training
  • Review and Documentation
  • Maintenance

How We Do Projects:

Preliminary Analysis

For every project, be it new construction or adding new equipments to existing facility, we always start with a 'heart to heart' talk with you - the customers. It is essentially important because we have to get the same ideas as you do in order to deliver solution of excellence. The first step in this stage is need analysis. You can either fill out our need analysis form or talk directly to us about your requirements and expectations. Afterwards, our team will do a site survey for further identification and data gathering. The data may include the kind of AV facility you want to build, type of users, user level experience, usage scenario, space availability, complementary applications, and allocation of budget. Finally, we will do preliminary testing to see if all of your needs are correctly identified.

Design, Customization, and Engineering

With your needs addressed, now we will move into the next step which is to plan and design the AV solution. This second stage will start with us offering proposal and recommendations to customers based on the preliminary need analysis. The recommendation usually incorporates design planning, AV equipment shopping list, and AV system layout and cabling aspects. Users then are welcome to review, and make suggestion for changes as well as modification to suit their requirements. Whenever possible, customers are also encouraged to submit their own design especially if they intend to build a room from scratch and have to deal with third parties such as architect or interior designers. This stage surely can take a quite substantial time with more parties get involved and often, customers coming up with sudden changes of concept or adjustments. But fret not, with ESCO, we offer flexibility, efficiency, and excellence at the same time. Should you need to install additional AV equipment or apply any changes after the proposed design is agreed, feel free to let us know so that we can make necessary modifications.

To deliver excellence in every project, we work closely with clients from conceptualization to implementation. We assure you regular communications and continuous follow-ups to build the ideal custom AV solutions within the time frame defined as well as resources allocated. Customization is applicable in every aspect to match your requirements. We also provide consultation and design of custom AV solution and its components including bracket, wall/ceiling/mount plus cabling work of required. Other customization options includes a range of audio visual products for various kind of AV settings such as video conference room, board room, meeting room, training room, and many more. As such, you can easily choose the right solution that fits your needs.

With everything settled and agreed upon for the design plan, what is left is to build it. But it will still to have wait for your approval on budget proposal. Similar to the design plan itself, budget is subject to changes to give you the best value AV solutions. Or, if you have defined the budget limitation ahead of time, you certainly can make appropriate adjustments.

Implementation, Installation, and Testing

The length of project implementation can vary from one to another, depending on the pre-defined schedule as well as external decisive factors such as the level of design customization. The more complicated the plan design, the longer it take to get them engineered. Also, in theory, the implementation should be able to start right away once the AV equipments and components are ready. However in most cases, there will be extra time to get the room and interior finished before we can actually begin the installation. In the mean time, we will ensure on time delivery and preparation of the custom equipments including the corresponding components such as switcher and cabling. Then of course, we will constantly monitor the progress of the implementation once it is started to ensure interior, electrical mechanical, and AV solutions have seamless integration with each other and create a perfect audio visual room. In case of any problem arises during the installation, we will notify you immediately for alternative changes while not diverging too much from the original concept.

Next on the line is the programming. As with any other hardware, the AV systems will also need some software setup to get it up and running. For this matter, feel no worry as we will handle all the technical aspects and you could just sit at the back conveniently. All you need to is to give us pointers on the settings required or kind of presets you wish to make available. We will set all up that the system is easy to use and understand. Once the installation done, we will conduct a complete testing on the system for both you and our team to review. Included is the quality testing to ensure high quality build and thus consistent user experience. That aside, we will also provide in-house trainings for your internal IT supports on general system administration and management as well as basic troubleshooting. This way, not only you can optimize the use of the system for your business but also prevent unnecessary delay in work due to minor technical issues. Of course we are ready to offer on-site technical supports and maintenance services upon request.

Project Documentation

In regards to quality excellence, we keep proper documentation for each and every project from the very beginning stage of conceptualization all the way down to installation and testing. Even, we will still update the documentation after installation, for example if there is maintenance. We will provide details in AV design plan, project schedule, components used and installed, CAD shop drawing, TNC reports, and other relevant files. The comprehensive handover is not only meant for ensuring excellent services and quality installation but also crucial references for future expansions.


Finally, we also provide a various kind of maintenance service to help you keep the systems in shape and functions at its peak. Customers can sign up for preventive maintenance visits which covers hardware check up, software upgrades, cleaning and other general maintenance on regular basis, But if you have unexpected breakdown, you can also count on us for 24/7 technical supports or on-site repair.