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Because We Care

In business, any investment is fundamental to overall company value and AV system is no exception. After all, you are willing churn out that substantial amount because you want the company to become more productive and competitive. At ESCO, we understand your priority and we care. Therefore, we always do our best to protect your investment. With ESCO Care program in global managed services, we provide service of quality and maintenance services any time, whenever and wherever you need us. Reach us through various kind of different channels from telephone or teleconference call, email inquiries, or request for on-site support. We are ready at your services 24 hours a day, seven days a week because we care. We have a broad range of maintenance services to solve your issues within your requirements as well as budget allocation. You can choose a comprehensive full day service which covers general check up of your entire integrated systems. Or, you can simply inquire for regular preventive maintenance visits at lower cost, only to ensure your system at its peak performance. More like a routine maintenance care, the preventive visits may include hardware check, firmware upgrade, component cleaning, cabling management, and other minor maintenance. If you urgently need a replacement while your devices on repair, we also provide loaning services of equipment for free. With the flexible options of service care, companies can easily do mix and match of maintenance programs to suit their requirements and budget.

Our Scope of Work

While maintenance is more likely a routines, a lot of customers seek for maintenance services and technical care only when they got problem with AV systems. As expected, it is because many of them wishes to cut on costs and save both resources and money. However, the irregular maintenance care often causes system breakdown or even worse hardware failure if not dealt seriously. At ESCO, we care so we provide both on-site and off-site support. If you lack competent internal resources for critical applications or important events, we can have our technicians standby for quick troubleshooting and on-the-spot repair. In case of any urgent inquiries, we guarantee immediate responses to your problems within a day time. Or, ask for priority services with out of office hours coverage.

Basically, there are two type of maintenance visits based on its purposes: preventive or corrective and remedial. As suggested by its name, preventive or corrective maintenance c mainly caters to general service care such as calibration, cleaning, parts/component replacement, cabling management or lubricating. For more serious issues, we also run diagnostic system test and performance test. Not only hardware, sometimes this type of maintenance also include software upgrade. Customers can opt to do preventive maintenance on monthly to quarterly basis. In this scheduled preventive maintenance program, we provide the regular maintenance with or without any identified issues, call-to-services visit, coverage on labor and transports, loan of equipments (assuming you need back up), and service activity reports. The former is especially useful to monitor the condition, overall performance and life span of your AV systems. To further extent, it can also help you to calculate its total cost of ownership and define whether it is a worthy investment.

As for remedial maintenance, our experiences team will conduct any necessary remedies on the damaged parts, with or without any changes of components, to get the systems back in its top performance. In other words, this type of maintenance care can include either modification, upgrade, or replacement and usually results in extra charges on your side. The charges will greatly depend on the part or component it needs and not necessarily for the services we do for you. Because we care, customers can enjoy free maintenance services within a period of a year since product delivery and installation. If you only need help on minor technical issues, reaching our help desk support on telephone or teleconference call would not hurt either.

Benefits of Maintenance

If you ask us, maintenance can also be considered as part of your investment for the systems installed. Among other things, you will definitely benefit from a robust reliable system and thus perfect user experience with systems at any chance. Very much like our body, systems (both hardware and software) also needs nutrition or medication if suffer from damage or malfunction, and maintenance is exactly your general check up to doctor or hospital. As we've mentioned, maintenance is also one way to protect your investment because it helps you to prevent critical damage to your systems such as breakdown or even hardware failure. With preventive maintenance for example, you can identify any minor error and technical issues faster so that it does not get serious and end up causes fatal damage to vital parts of system. On the other hand, it also helps to make better allocation for operating costs because you can spend less on unexpected costs of system replacement or new purchase. Then in long term, you can obviously plan and manage a more cost effective budget plan for additional or new systems whenever required.

Imagine your projector suddenly stop working and your screen just goes blank in the middle of presentation with this important clients. After checked out, it turns out that the lamp needs replacement and the server also suffer from severe breakdown because the lack of maintenance care. The potential client does not get what you proposal is all about and they decide that they are not ready to invest in your company. You lose your chance of getting million dollar fund at a sudden incident within minutes. You certainly does not want it happen, at all costs and we care about it. Routine maintenance is effective at minimizing downtime in the first place because it keeps your system healthy, allowing customers to have a peace of mind during their business activities. In a longer term, regular maintenance also ensure system reliability for extended usage and most importantly, functioning at its optimum performance.

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