Before Buying Lcd Screen

Upfront technology has become a common use in financial institutions around the globe in order to improve the quality of services offered. LCD screens are prime contributors for quality maintanance and improving the overall look and feel of various financial offices such as banks and stock market trading centers. read more

Video Wall; Data Wall; Media Wall

Video walls easy to be found in control rooms, stadiums, and other large public venues such as airports where patrons are expected to observe the display at long distances. Video walls can also benefit smaller venues when patrons may view the screens both up close and at a distance, and respectively necessitating both high pixel density and large size. read more

Samsung LFD Monitors In The Digital Signage Market

Digital signage or also known as digital information displays, refers to a large format display for business purposes installed in public spaces such as: airports, shopping malls, government organizations, as well as big buildings to deliver information and commercial messages. read more

SHARP: The "Former" Leader in the LCD Panels

Ever since introducing the world’s first 14-inch color FT LCD TV in 1998, Sharp has led the industry’s LCD panel technology. Sharp newest manufacturing plant located in Sakai Japan has started operation in 2008 and now has been admitted as one of the top ten most advanced LCD panel manufacturing facility in the world. read more

End Of An Era: CRT Technology In Large Format Display

Like its name, a large-format video display is a large display with purpose to show full-color moving images to a large crowd of spectators. The program material is usually some combination of image magnification, it could be sports instant reply or advertisements. read more

Polycom Video Conference Unit Qdx6000

Around ten years ago, video conferencing system were complicated and erratic. It also ran on expensive, closed high-speed phone lines. But over the last decade, video conferencing system –like perhaps everything else in the field of technology—migrated to the internet. read more

EPSON Projectors, The Leaders In 3LCD Technology

3LCD technology named after the three LCD panel chips used in its image generation engine. A major LCD projection color image generation technology used in modern digital projectors. That is 3LCD technology, the technology developed by Japanese imaging company Epson since the 80s. read more

Artificial Intelligence With True Intelligence

Deep Learning is a method of Artificial Intelligence that could be generalizable to many kinds of applications. Artificial Intelligence is finally getting smart. read more

Color Light Output: What Every Projector Buyers Should Pay Attention To

It is not easy to find the ideal projector for every needs. The finding process might takes time because you will need to do some research before deciding which type you should buy. But if your needs mostly involve the use of PowerPoint, PDFs, pictures or any application related to presentations, brightness should be your main priority. read more

For A Stunning Visual Clarity Use Extron Video Wall

Words can be made so beautiful and moving, yet it is not always easy to deliver the message with words. Since it usually takes different approaches to communicate with people from various background and education and in order to be taken as expected, words often need to be chosen carefully. read more

Microsoft Smartglass App For X-Box One

Before discussing the latest version of Microsoft Smartglass’s Xbox One, the successor of Xbox 360, let’s first define what a Xbox Smartglass is. It is an app that can easily download and install onto a compatible mobile device. read more

Sony Video Conferencing Desktop

Video conferencing is often used to serve company meetings, organization conferences and virtual classroom or long distance learning. Videa conferencing is meant to connecting people in several different locations together anywhere, anytime. read more

Creston Mobile App: Control Everything With One Single Touch

As expensive and dynamic as it is, we know that technology offers practicality. That’s why we are willing to put up with the cost and its never-long-lasting dynamic usage. Well, Creston Mobile App is main sample of what technology could offer. read more

Bosch Microphone For Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is a two way interactive communication that allows people at different location to come together for a meeting. A lot of benefits can be offered by video conferencing. Firstly, it saves time and money. read more

Near Field Communication Technology for LG Pocket Photo Printer

NFC (Near Field Communication) Forum was founded in 2004 by Nokia, Phillips, and Sony that promotes the use of NFC and other certifies device compliance. What is this Near Field Communication? With its function to establish radio communication between two different devices into close proximity (no more than a few centimeters distance). read more

LFD From Panasonic: A Large Solution For Business

When it comes to visual, or in particular a display, bigger is always the better since people will definitely see easily from a big screen display than a small one. It all comes to the use of Large Format Display itself, such as: products promotion, brand bulding, institutional campaign, public information center to customer-oriented services. read more

The Use Of Oled For Efficient Technology

Digital display might have different sizes, type or names, but one thing they must have in common is their function to deliver visual pleasures to one’s eyes. Many types of digital display in the market today and every each of them may serve different purposes as well. read more

Digital Signage: The Future Of Public Communication

Most people don’t have a clue what digital signage or signage system is. If the digital signage system is mentioned, people rarely know what it is look like or what it can be used for. But if you go to the mall and try to find in which floor a restaurant or a shop is, you will look into a large display screen near the escalator. read more

Lutron Dimmers to Enhance the Room´s Light

Lighting is often viewed as a minor necessity for a room. But as an office tool, lighting is necessary since it can enhance a presentation and influence people’s concentration. Dimmer is a device which works to regulate brightness level of light. read more

Bose Bluetooth Portable Speaker For Connecting The Dot

Bose SoundLink Wireless Music System ( ) was first created as a simple solution for pople who wants to listen to music yet don’t want to be around the source of those music all the time. read more

August Smart Lock Reinvents Home Security, Integrating Mobile App

These days everything seems to be smarter than we ever imagine including the home and office where we spend most time in. Apparently, technologies are intruding to every corner of modern homes and offices; bringing over automation here and there for good as it makes things easier and more convenient. read more

Philips DesignLine Features Both Impressive Design and Stunning Images

To date, there is countless products out there which claims to manage a perfect blend of impressive design and stunning images. However, so far there is no definite measurement of how far they manage to do that and if consumers really benefits from the "ideal" products. read more

Eye+ TV Window Combines Multifunction Display and Scenic Window

Be it at home or offices, there is always constant need to create the most convenient atmosphere for the environments we've been around most of the time. in any case, convenient atmosphere can also improve mood and boost productivity. read more

Penveu Interactive Display System Introduces Instant Mobile Collaboration

With interaction growing to be the center of any collaboration from time to time, interactive display system sees a promising future for both manufacturers and users. However, things are not that simple on the users end since there is a lot of challenges to face including high cost installation. read more

CubeSensor Designed to Improve Smart Living with Real-time Monitoring

Welcome to smart living. Apparently, technology today does not only exist to help people doing their activities easier or more conveniently but also enhance the entire living itself. If you do not believe it, think how life is much more easier and technology drive these days as compared to several decades ago when you are still kids or in the era of your parents. read more

Smart Power Interfaces Promotes High Flexibility and Easy Installation

Power interfaces may only be small components in your systems but come to think about it, your devices and system would not be able to be up and running without them. To keep up with today's cutting edge technologies and devices, it is only natural that power interfaces gets smarter too. read more

The Good-looking Transparent Speaker Features Sustainable Design

Speaker is probably one of the most ubiquitous devices in audio visual landscape. You can easily find it at home, work, and even on the go. But while the question of sound quality usually come first, our question is that whether it looks good as it sounds? read more

Home Automation Made Effortless with Ubi Connected Computer

In today's well-connected world, just how easy for you to connect with both other people and systems or devices? While you may still wonder if you could survive a day without touch-enabled mobile devices and all of other smart devices you've taken for granted all these times, smarter living is coming at you faster and larger that you ever anticipated. read more

LightPack Ambient Lighting Enhances Visual Experience

Despite the advanced technologies which power today's display, there seems to be a constant need for more brightness and the rest of image-enhancement features than ever to ensure optimal visual experience. read more

Digital Signage Trends See Interactive Features and Smart Technologies

Perhaps one of the most common depiction in sci-fi movies is the appearance of some sort of smart displays which turn out to be interactive digital signage. To be honest, such future is not far-fetched especially if you consider how analysts on digital signage industry has predicted that digital signage trends will see more interactive features and smart technologies among others. read more

ModelBox 3D Pulls Off 3D Visualization Out of Any 2D Models

Previously, we have hit on 3D printing and how the technology is one of the strongest candidate to help creating your future smart office. While 3D printing obviously makes a very promising technology with infinite possibilities of three dimensional object creation in the first place. read more

Microsoft Set to Redefine Interactive Surface and Touch Interaction

Future is unpredictable as ever and remains to be seen as it is but vision and imagination is simply limitless for anything including technology. Microsoft describes its latest vision for future of post-PC world where everything surrounds you can turn into some high-tech in an instant including the static dull wall. read more

Document Extractor Makes a True All-in-One Monitor

Say what do you think of those all-in-one crowd of devices? Versatile, all-rounder or simply too good to be true? Although it is not always the case, some all-in-one devices offers incredible advantage for users which look for both functionality and convenience or ease of use. read more

Kymera Magic Wand Redefines RF Controller Like Never Before

In a way, technology works like magic and there will be the day where you get to do things by speaking out some commands (instead of casting spells) over your devices to perform tasks or swinging some wand to control objects. read more

Geist Pico Projector Features Unique Design and Ultimate Flexibility

Appearances is not necessarily important but unique design has been always enticing to most of the techno-geek crowd. This time, it is some young talents from Brazil and Italy which come up with what they called Geist Pico Projector. read more

Future Technologies to Empower Smart Office: What to Expect

Imagine a day on your office where the lights, laptops, and other computing peripherals are turned on on their own the moment you step inside. While you are browsing through emails, the coffee machine makes your favorite double espresso and an office robot assistant asks if you need any help. read more

Why 3D Printing Open Up to Infinite Possibilities

3D technology seem not only interest in display industry but also printing with 3D printing is likely to take off to the mass market in the next few years. However, unlike 3D visual which hits consumer market in the first place, 3D printing is paving its way to industrial application for mainstream products while also offering cost-effective personal manufacturing for custom creative products. read more

Leap Motion Controller Changes the Way of Interaction Forever

If you think touch screen and gesture controls is life-changing technology and how you may not be able to survive a day without them, think again as Leap Motion bring something which can truly changes your life. And by changing life, they are meant to change the way you interacting with your devices forever. read more

PanaCast Redefines Videoconferencing with Panoramic Video Experience

Anywhere in the business environment, videoconferencing is almost identical to something serious than fun, save for spontaneous action. Most of the time, videoconferencing is where you sit around to talk with people miles away using a full array of complicated system which can cost very dearly depending on the various capability and features. read more

NanoLight Green Light Bulb Offers Ultimate Energy Saving

With recent advancement in lighting system landscape, there is many ways for you to save energy. Yet, still many people are sticking with the conventional light bulbs which offers very little to moderate energy saving for the sake of getting enough brightness. read more

Quantum Dot Technology Set to Breath New Life into LCD Display

LCD display has been around for sometimes by now and their shines are no longer that enticing as compared to before. Likewise, both display manufacturers and consumers do not really expect any surprise or advancement in terms of technology. read more

The Next Big Thing: Holographic Projector and Virtual Touch Screen

Back in 2010, 3D was a booming phenomenon right after the big hit of the popular 3D movie entitled Avatar. A lot of analysts and technology futurists even consider 3D to be the next big thing as it starts to see a new light in display industry despite the not very successful development in early stage. read more

OLED Wallpaper to Transform Lighting System and TV Displays In the Near Future

In recent years, LED is increasingly popular among both lighting system and display devices manufacturers thanks to their incredible performance in almost all aspects. LED technology has been favored to power lighting system and display devices because they simply offer lower power consumption while keeping high performance for extended use. read more

Quick Guide to Building Your Ideal AV System

Compared to information technology, AV system may not be that enticing. There are simply more people and companies which believes information technology will help them boost productivity than those decide to go with building AV system for the same reason. read more

Samsung LFD Packs Up Advanced Features to Enhance Business Applications

Whenever display is mentioned, Samsung is likely to be the first brand popped in our mind. While entering the display industry not that early as compared to some Japanese and Taiwan display manufacturers, Samsung has been paving its path of success pretty early and get top the top rows in no time. read more

Mobile Presentation Made Easy with New Epson Portable Projector

In theory, a projector should be able to offer both high brightness and longer lifetime. Here comes the challenge as it is still an ongoing battle for a lot of projector manufacturers around the globe. However, they indeed come closer to that ideal portrait of projector from time to time with so many inventions in the projection landscape. read more

Polycom SoundStation Conference Phone Offers High Quality Audio

Effective communication begins with active participation from every participants. For that reason, it is simply essential for everybody to have the same chance of speaking up their ideas, be heard, and provide feedbacks in any meetings or discussions. read more

Tips on Buying Microphones: Getting to Know Type of Microphones

Have you ever wonder how exactly the thing called microphones can make sounds of different qualities over long distance? It will be troublesome to go through all the technical geeky things about how a microphone work to produce sound. read more

Extron Input Switcher Simplifies Signal Switching for Fiber Optic Cabling

In theory, a projector should be able to offer both high brightness and longer lifetime. Here comes the challenge as it is still an ongoing battle for a lot of projector manufacturers around the globe. However, they indeed come closer to that ideal portrait of projector from time to time with so many inventions in the projection landscape. read more

New Yamaha AV Receivers Deliver Ultimate Flexibility

Digital entertainment is not only more enhanced in terms of sound performance and quality these days but also to the extent of flexibility. In fact, a lot of recent AV receivers allows users to connect to multiple platform and services or stream their favorite multimedia contents from anywhere any even wirelessly. read more

Chiayo New Wireless Portable Amplifier Integrates Mixer Function

For those working with professional sound amplification, amplifier is no stranger. In fact, amplifier has been part of professional sound amplification all along in various installation including corporate, education, retail, and leisure. read more

Latest Sony Public Displays Promotes Engaging Visual Experience for Digital Signage

Generally speaking, visuals seems to be the most effective way to capture attention and deliver your message. Particularly in digital advertising/marketing industry, visual sometimes can be more effective than words alone and it is even more with the invention of public displays as medium of digital signage. read more

SMART Board Latest Interactive Surface Enables Effective Collaboration

When it comes to communication and collaboration, it is not only about getting your ideas heard or listen to other's ideas. Instead, we often have to really interact with each other and gives feedback over the shared ideas to actually understand each other perfectly or produce real solution. read more

Sony Announces Its Laser Light Projector Featuring High Brightness

In theory, a projector should be able to offer both high brightness and longer lifetime. Here comes the challenge as it is still an ongoing battle for a lot of projector manufacturers around the globe. However, they indeed come closer to that ideal portrait of projector from time to time with so many inventions in the projection landscape. read more

Revolabs Hybrid HD Microphones to Enhance Meetings and Conferences

For effective meetings and conferences to happen, there are simply several variables involved including microphone system. After all, what you do in meetings and conferences is communicating and sharing idea with other participants. read more

Lutron GRAFIK Eye 3000 Simplifies Single-Room Light Control

In recent independent reports, it is said that lighting system takes up at least 40% to 60% of the power consumption in workplace. With lighting takes center stage in your workplace from time to time, finding the right light control is a must before the electrical costs gets inflated to the extent of affecting your business growth. read more

SMS Wall Display Bracket Slim Series Comes with Increased Flexibility

Beauty is indeed in the eye of beholder. However, increased flexibility often can bring beauty to any devices. SMS Wall Display Bracket Slim Series is built to provide any displays out there with increased flexibility like never before for seamless, optimized installation read more

Delta Videowall Cube Display Provides Right Solution for Control Rooms

Control rooms is one of the more critical application these days and probably the most potential market for videowall installation including videowall cube display. However, pay attention that the videowall installation for control rooms is different from those of other application because of its mission-critical characteristics read more

Crestron Expands its Control Solutions with Wireless Touch Screen Model

In most cases, there is always a room for improvement. Crestron seems to have the same belief and thus continuously refresh its product line and make new innovations to deliver best user experience. This time, Crestron expands its control solutions by introducing a new entry for wireless touch screen model read more

EAW Two-way Loudspeaker System Introduces Flexible Installation

Either portable or permanent applications, users these days may prefer loudspeaker system which can easily fit the any requirements or room configuration. In other words, it is best for sound solution providers to create loudspeaker system which offers flexible installation read more

Draper Fixed Screen for Videoconferencing Promotes Effective Communication

Few years a go, you may still have an ongoing battle with face-to-face meetings, telephone and other conventional communication tools to collaborate. But with the arrival of videoconferencing system to the communications, things changes in the way you never imagine read more

LG Large Format Display Built to Deliver Seamless Visual Experience

To create seamless visual experience can prove easy as long as you find the right solution, in this case the right display, to deliver your message as it is meant to be in full glory. Standing high as of of the most recognized display manufacturers in the world read more

Sony IPELA Introduces HD Videoconferencing for Effective Collaboration

In business realm, every second counts and effective collaboration is hardly possible without going through much hassle and forking out significant sum. Videoconferencing has been one way to make the most of your valuable time but today you also get to know that HD videoconferencing is an even more powerful tool to ensure effective collaboration thanks to the superior image quality read more

New Panasonic i-PRO HD Network Cameras Packs Advanced Processor

Where video surveillance or HD network camera is concerned, Panasonic may not be the first brand you will think of. However, it does not change the fact that Panasonic is among the best in industry to provide extensive network camera solutions to cater to diverse kind of applications in home or business read more

TOA Microphone System Ensures High Quality Wireless Communication for Conferences

For those born between 70s and 90s, the name of TOA may sound very familiar despite the fact that only few really know about it at all. In our country alone, a lot of people often addresses person which talks very loud as having "TOA" quality of sound read more

Crestron Enhances Room Scheduling with Advanced Touch Panel

While room scheduling system is proven to be one effective solution to increase productivity in business environment and other applications, it is only recently that people actually consider using it. In fact, there are still many offices, schools, or other organizations which suffers from underutilization of space with manual room scheduling read more

Samsung Latest Smart LED TV Set to Transform Entertainment Experience

Believe it or not, TV is different from other consumer electronics devices in your home or offices. It is very powerful to the point to drive you smiling, laughing, crying, or pondering at different times. And just think how many people spending their time with TV in their lifetime read more

New Cambridge Azur Amplifier Offers High Fidelity Sound

Whenever Cambridge is mentioned, the first thing popped out in people' mind is likely to be one of the famous universities in the world. Ever since, a lot of people seems to associate the first rate quality and world-class presence with Cambridge name including Cambridge Audio read more

AXIS Network Camera Introduces High Quality Video Surveillance

With the world grows insecure from day to day, you cannot afford to slip out on anything even when you cannot keep the look out by yourself in extended period. As such, comes the network camera which is especially built to help you do surveillance job almost effortlessly read more

Barco Rear Projection Video Wall Brings Immersive Experience with 3D Contents

Say, what it takes to get stunning visuals and life-like, immersive experience? Ever since James Cameron took out Avatar for the whole world to see, 3D technology has considerably assumed new posiitoning in technology industry, especially display landscape read more

InFocus MondoPad Transforms Work Collaboration

When it comes to visual and a lot of display products, the bigger generally means the better. But as InFocus introduces their new collaboration system, Mondopad, bigger also means more effective work collaboration read more

New JBL 2-way Speaker System Delivers Best Audio Performance

Whenever best audio performance is concerned, JBL comes forward. The US-based company has been into creating innovation for sound professionals as well as music enthusiasts around the globe read more

MimioTeach Redefines Interactive Whiteboard Functionality

To create effective presentation, there is a lot of ways. Interactive whiteboard is one way. But then interactive whiteboard is often costly and not to mention all the additional equipments you will require to extend the functionalities read more

Electro Voice Surface Mount Speakers Aimed At Commercial Installations

As vibrant as any information and technology industry, sound industry has seen a lot of improvements for the past decades. Even, it is not surprising anymore to learn that some of the sound specialists or audio solution manufacturers actually have been around for decades without you noticing them. read more

Stewart Electric Screen Easily Accomodates Various Applications

For the occupants of workplace around the globe, projection screen may or may not be a familiar sight. As its name, projection screen is designed to enhance projection in the first place. read more

AMX New Tabletop Touch Panel Enhances Control Experience

With technologies these days, nothing seems to be impossible to the extent that one day you can get everything or control any devices from below of your very own fingertips. Believe it or not, such future is nearby. read more

Lutron Improves Hyperion Solar Shading Solution with New Features

When it comes to energy saving issue, the first thing to cross most people mind is probably the lighting system. They tend to think that the only, if not the most effective way to save energy is to optimize the lighting system which is only partly true. read more

Samsung Smart Signage Rules Digital Signage Market with Open Platform

Digital signage market has never been less challenging in any sense. In fact, both manufacturers and integrators are often going through hard times to cope with their digital signage applications. Digital signage is basically a system that consists of an array of hardware and software to get tour contents delivered to the audience on extended time usage scenario. read more

Bosch Microphone Solution Makes Effective Meetings and Conferences

Keep innovating for around 100 years now, Bosch has been associated with best quality where communication products and audio solutions are concerned. In fact, they always strive to provide the customers with the best solutions for their requirements. read more

Kramer Introduces New Multi-Format Presentation Switcher for Multimedia Applications

In a lot of professional multimedia applications, the need to display both video and audio signal from multiple sources remains high concern for users. In the first place, they have to ensure that all the devices can be accommodated for both output and input. read more

Green Projectors: LED Light and Laser Technology

While display industry seems to see vigorous development for the past decades with its continuously growing applications for mobile devices , the projection scene is no less entertaining, if not dynamic. read more

Casio Business Projector Features Hybrid Light Source and Dual Projection

It is a common fact for everyone in the projection industry that resolution and power consumption seem to be the main highlight of technology development these days. A lot of projector manufacturer either rolls out new lineups with higher resolution or advanced energy saving features. read more

Radvision Scopia XT Telepresence System Drives Effective Collaboration

With the ever-changing business environments, getting effective collaboration is one tricky business. On one side, you may be able to easily collaborate with anyone from anywhere anytime thanks to the advanced technologies these days. read more

Crestron Green Light Commercial Lighting Promotes Smart Building

All these times, you may often heard of smart building being the talk of the town without really have any idea about it at all. In its basic deployment, smart building can be defined as integrated systems to drive better energy management with the right commercial lighting solutions. read more

Panasonic Smart Viera LED HDTV Gets Refreshed with Advanced Features

By nature, home entertainment system is a tricky subject and with the higher adoption of smart living for the last few years, it becomes much more complicated matter as you build your dream home entertainment system. read more

Awind Wireless Presentation System Enhances Business Projection

Albeit the dozens of technologies invented to help you delivering excellent business projection, finding the right solution for your requirements is not that simple. Things are especially tricky if you have to struggle with the technologies themselves before the business projection in the first place. read more

Clockaudio Boundary Microphone Offers Smart Design for Business

Backed up with 19 years of experience and expertise of developing innovations for professional audio market, Clockaudio continuously keep an eye on what customers need along with the ever-changing professional audio applications as well as various room configurations. read more

PLUS Wireless Interactive Panel Enhances Business Meetings

With high mobility becomes a must for today workforce, business meetings no longer took place only your office or the client's office. In fact, a lot of business meetings are also conducted along with lunch break or dinner time in some multi-function room. read more

IBASE Embedded System Packs High Performance in Slim Build

What it takes to ensure your digital signage applications work wonder? While some people consider the increasingly popular content management system crucial, powerful hardware is equally important as ever. read more

Daktronics Outdoor LED Video Display Provides Superior Images

Particularly in commercial applications, the first and foremost goal with video display is to catch audience attention. If you want to capture attention, you will definitely need some impressive visual experience. And it goes without saying that one most effective way to create impression is through a good LED video display. read more

A. & H Meyer Netbox Focus Table Top Mount Features High Flexibility

Today workplace is more or less of a battle scene for most of people. They leverage on a wide range of technologies to makes their life easier yet things often get out of control. In group collaboration for example, you have to work with many devices, input sources, and people. read more

Chief FUSION Expands Freestanding Video Wall Mount for Large Display

To support large display as in video wall installation or digital signage, you will be needing a mount or standing depending on your requirements and applications. Not only it help to ensure secure installation, there are many examples of how the right mount or standing delivers best result for you large display installation. read more

New AMX Digital Switcher Promotes Power Saving via DXLink Controller

With growing number of both multimedia contents and rapid development of technologies as well as AV products, media distribution remains challenging as ever. It is a big scene which needs something powerful to deliver the best experience for its users. read more

Cloud Monitor Improves Energy Consumption in Business Applications

Being around for some time in the diverse IT industry, cloud computing technology seems to finally take off from time to time with higher adoption rate in multiple devices including monitors. The first development of cloud monitor concept itself took place back around 80s but not necessarily saw significant deployment until recently. read more

BenQ Projector Boasts Full HD Resolution for Business Projection

Presentation is an every day routine within business environments. In fact, there is no single day without presentation. And apparently nothing can beat a good laptop and projector as your best companions to go through those endless presentation safe and sound. read more

Vaddio Unveils New Robotic Cameras, Offering Professional Quality

In a smart living and smart offices, you hardly find anything that is automated or at least leverages on technology to make the whole process easier, more handy, and more convenient for the users. The same automation system also applies to camera, in this case, surveillance camera or CCTV system you may find in a lot of buildings and workplaces. read more

Extron New Video Wall Processing System Features High Scalability

Say you finally find the right and most ideal video wall solution for your applications but then it turns out you will need to setup a multi-display video wall installation. For this, you have two options. If it is more of one time applications, you can use video wall controller. read more

Cisco TelePresence Brings Immersive Experience to Video Collaboration

With the vast development of technologies these days, there is hardly anything you can call impossible. To connect to different people in different places, for example, you have dozens options to choose from including the increasingly popular video conferencing system. read more

Christie Video Wall Display Cube Packs Wireless Networking Capability

With mission-critical commercial applications such as control room, compromise is a taboo word to say, save for happen at all. For that reason, Christie takes their chance as one of the leading video wall display providers to deliver the best video wall solution for control room applications with their new LED-based video wall display cube which is also the first to feature wireless networking capability. read more

New Yamaha AV Receivers Boost Audio Performance and Connectivity

Been churning out sound innovation for decades now, Yamaha has no intention to stop polishing its broad range of audio visual solution including the AV Receivers. This time, they goes with the RX Series which not only features superior audio performance but also enhanced connectivity options. read more

Exterity Enterprise-Class IPTV Application Promotes Extended

Security In various applications including business environment, effective communications are essential to improve productivity and thus overall business. One way to do that is using building IPTV application. read more

InFocus LiteShow III Wireless Adapter Foster Collaboration

One day you come across wireless presentation technology. You get to pull, stream, and share contents without the messy wiring or any complicated. You think life is wonderful and wireless presentation is the best thing could happen to you. read more

Professional Audio Goes Portable with Bose L1 Compact System

Most people will agree that ideal sound subjects to personal taste and preferences. But how if someone told you that your ideal sound comes compact? "No way" or "Impossible" is perhaps the first thing popped up in your mind. read more

ClearOne Wireless Microphone System Offers Crystal Clear Audio Quality

So what if your microphone system sounds good? After all, you must have been through quite a hassle to get it up and running. No? Think again how much time do you spend on preparing the microphone system for the meetings. read more

New Sony Bravia HD TV Enriches Audio Visual Experience

Sony is no stranger to the consumer electronic scene. In fact, the Japanese giant has go through thick and thin to make itself as it is now as a premium brand in a lot of product categories including television. read more

Better Understanding of Video Wall for Commercial Applications

Be it indoor or outdoor applications, setting up an effective video wall for commercial applications has never been easy. There are many factors you have to consider before choosing the core components and building one. read more

New Crestron Touch Screen Panel Offers Intuitive Automation Experience

Life is already complicated on its own and you would not want to add more problems with complicated technologies. For that reason, integrated control system is then invented; delivering a smarter life with automation experience for every aspect of your life like never before. read more

Get the Most Out of Your Video Wall with Management Software

It takes two to tango and it takes a powerful management software to get the most out of your video wall. While it is just a common sense, many users did not realize this fact until they get into troubles in managing the overflowing content. read more

How To Improve Business with Video Wall

With rapid advances in technology, there are simply many ways to improve your business without forking too much effort as well as fortunes. The key is to do it right and video wall is one of the better option. read more

Beyerdynamic Wireless Microphone System Offers World-Class Quality Audio

Backed up 88 years of expertise and experience in audio industry, beyerdynamic simply keep innovating and makes better sound every time with their audio system including their newly introduced TG 1000 Wireless Microphone System which offers world-class quality audio for various applications. read more

NEC Expands Public Display Solutions with LED Modules for Video Wall

NEC Display Solutions has been one of the leading name in digital display industry. Six years since its first establishment, NEC Display Solutions has rolled out countless innovations in a wide array of display products for diverse applications, ranging from desktop display, large format display, medical display, public display, color accurate display, to projectors, and many more. read more

Video Wall in Digital Display Landscape: A Short Review

Recent updates to the digital display industry has seen many new trends and advanced technologies. One of the biggest challenge to date in digital industry is the getting the display to do the job minus the fuss and with lowest investment possible. read more

Panasonic Panaboard Empowers Visual Communication in Business Meetings

Business meetings are simply not everyone's cup of tea. Just admit it. Think how many times you spot other colleagues dozing off in the middle of business meetings? Or just how many cup of coffees you drink during the long product presentation session. read more

Samsung Video Wall Opens Up New Visual Experience with Square Display

In a lot of public places and workplaces, there is a growing trend that the wall is adorned with some multi-displays stacked together like a giant puzzle showing different contents at different times. The most common thing you may have seen is what looks like recorded videos about public services or company profiles. read more

Draper Portable Projection Screens Redefine Portable Meaning

When you are going places a lot, portability matters most of the time, especially for those devices you carry around. Speaking ideally, they must be light and compact so that easy to bring along. If possible, they should also be space saving and easy to install. read more

Toshiba New Ultra HDTV Packs Dozens of Smart Technologies

Life goes on, people grows, and technologies gets smarter than you can ever imagine. When it comes to display, the industry just recently hold a grand party for the newly established ultra high definition standard with major manufacturers rushing out with their Ultra HDTV propositions at the CES 2013 event. read more

Polycom RealPresence Group 700 Improves Group Collaboration

Getting together with your friends and families have been always fun. You get to talk and see them face to face. You share a lot about anything so naturally and understand each other perfectly. Take the same idea and picture your group meeting. read more

Scala Digital Signage Engage Audience Like Never Before

Reaching your audience and getting through your message are important in communication process, including in corporate communication and commercial applications. However, with today's information technology advances, they are not enough. read more

Planar LED-illuminated Video Walls Designed for Energy Efficiency

Nothing lasts forever but at least we expect some things did last longer than it should be if possible. A lot of lighting solutions, for example, are build to last long even though they are practically used around the clock without any break in some applications. read more

InFocus Announces New Business Projectors for Large Venues

The bigger the better is usually what people would expect for projection, especially in large venues such as convention hall or auditorium. Thing is the audience will fill the whole room with many sitting or standing positions and look to the images in a variety of viewing angles. As such, you want to make sure that everyone got well covered can clearly see what is on the highlights. The new InFocus IN5550 business projectors not only introduce bigger pictures for large venues but also better ones with stunningly brilliant projection, versatile connectivity, and easy-to-use controls. read more

Condenco Booking Solutions Transform Workspace Management

Space, especially in workspace and commercial applications, can bring either bless or disaster depending on how much you are able to make effective use out of it. And this is just not only the matter of getting right people in the right place at the right moment, but also ensures that every inch of the space really is adequately utilized or at least not underutilized. However, workspace management is no simple things. It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources and things becomes tougher if you are doing it without the right solutions. read more

NEC MultiSync Display Elevates Entry Level Public Displays

Value for money is what everyone is after when it comes to investing in electronic products. However, most products just do not live up the their promise of providing the best value for customer's money. Digital displays, among others, are one of the more common hardware investment in every applications. read more

Extron New SDI-to-HDMI Video Scalers Ensure High Quality Images

When working with many different contents and resolution, incompatibility issues often arise especially if you use various platform and devices. A lot of computing and audio visual devices have different kind of standards and interfaces to begin with. Some of them are compatible and inter-operable but most of them need you to use additional "bridging" devices such as scalers, switchers, or converters. read more

SMART Board Interactive Flat Displays Elevates Visual Collaboration

In today's connected era, collaboration is simply essential. As such, you need a powerful tool to not only enable you to collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime but also versatile enough to make it an effective collaboration. While visual, is among the most decisive element, interactivity also indicates growing applications in both classrooms and business environment. read more

Shure PGX Digital Wireless System Delivers Superior Sound Performance

When it comes to audio, only very few can stay in the same level as Shure does. 85 years a go, they start to make wonderful audio solution of all kinds including digital wireless system. Fast forward to present, Shure is still very much into it; continuously looking to deliver the true superior sound performance for diverse applications. read more

Lutron Shading System Makes an Ideal Lighting Solution

Ideally speaking, the existence of windows in buildings has a lot of benefits for the users from providing natural lighting, improving air circulation, to merely enjoying outside view. However, sometimes those same windows can also cause you quite a headache when you does not really need so much lights around. read more

Planar Offers Ultra High Resolution Display for Commercial Applications

As the next generation digital video format in display industry, Ultra HD or ultra high definition is here to stay for diverse applications including commercial applications such as digital signage and custom video wall solutions. Practically offering a mind-blowing resolution which is four times higher than Full HD or around 3840 x 2160 pixels, ultra high resolution is predicted to see increasing deployment in commercial applications. read more

LG LED TV Transforms Living Space with Breath-taking Viewing Experience

When it comes to visual and display, nothing seems to be more important than the picture quality and thus viewing experience itself. It is a De facto one for all kind of rule including for TV. Say, what will make the best TV for you? Breath-taking picture quality, stylish design, advanced technologies and features or seamless complete connectivity options? LG LED TV has just all it take to become your dream ideal TV, transforming living space with breath-taking viewing experience. read more

Da-Lite Electric Projection Screens Get Refreshed with New Features

To get the best results, it is only natural that you need the best tool. When it comes to projection screen, Da-Lite is just the right answer to deliver the best projection with their broad range of projection screen for different applications. read more

Panasonic Introduces Its First Lamp-Free LED Projectors

Every device including projectors have their own strengths and weaknesses. But with all the projectors, there is one single common problem that have plagued them and the users all these times: the lamp. While it is the core component which gets the projectors up and running, it also becomes the source of all evil to bring down the projectors. read more

LifeSize Offers All-in-One Solution for High Quality Video Conferencing

While video conferencing systems do solve your problem with traditional means of communication, it often requires effort to get it installed, save for running and all the extra troubleshooting issues. Of course, you can easily turn to AV professionals to get things done without much fuss. read more

Extron Flat Field Ceiling Speakers Deliver the Best Audio Quality

A sound reinforcement is a must have in a lot of applications these days including conference room, meeting room, board room, and classroom to achieve best audio quality. The basic reason is because those rooms just have poor sound characteristics like uneven sound field and thus result in less favorable sound amplification and distribution across the room. read more

Steelcase RoomWizard II Room Scheduling System Fosters Collaboration

If you are to conquer any workplace, there are commonly two phenomenon to watch out. The first is time flies so making the best of your time is crucial. With the rise of mobile devices and cloud-computing, this problem becomes less challenging than ever. read more

Sharp Announces New LED Large Format Display for Digital Signage Market

Big is beautiful. It is indeed a true statement when we come to know Sharp latest ultra-large LED large format displays which is aimed at digital signage market. The latest large format display lineup from Sharp foes not only feature gigantic screen sizes up to 90 inch but also magnificent image quality, superb energy efficiency, and advanced connectivity as well as plethora of nifty features to make it more appealing to the growing digital signage market. read more

Revolabs Executive HD� MaxSecure Wireless Microphone System Ensure Secure Communications

Exceptional audio quality is a must have in diverse applications and even more critical when it comes to workplace and business environment. But is there all to it? As time goes by, flexibility also becomes essential because people are no longer wishes to face all the cluttering cable and complicated setup commonly found with wired audio system. read more

Dnp Supernova Flex Retractable Screen Transform Conference Room

With today's highly competitive business environment, getting your messages through is often not enough. You need to make impact and most importantly, convey it in a way that ensures the audience really gets your point. In order to do it right, you are deeply mistake if a single projector and any white surface will do. read more

Crestron Refresh its Advanced Control System, Promoting Smart Building

Going green is not that difficult and so do saving energy. Using smarter lighting system or automation system in home or offices is only a small piece of the bigger picture. In fact, government and environmentalists have started to encourage smart building as one of the feasible solutions to large-scale optimum energy saving as well as greener Earth. read more

AMX Commercial Automation System Enhances Business Productivity

Be it or home or workplace, technology takes an important role for most people in their daily life. It is because technology make their life easier or at least it is supposed to be in the first place. But things seem to be not as simple as it seems when it comes to technology. read more

Extron Introduces First Secure Tabletop Mount For iPad

Among the overflowing current of mobile devices, Apple iPad is one of the most popular ones. it is literally ubiquitous. You can find it almost everywhere with a lot of applications, from home, offices, retails, hospitality, to government. In a sense, you can use iPad for many purposes. read more

Epson New Interactive Projector Turns Business Meetings Alive

Presentation is probably an ongoing battle for business users. Going around and about rooms and places to hear and be heard. And often, you are not only expected to present but also take notes and share the presentation over to colleagues or clients in real time. read more

Bose Freespace Speakers Give Boost to Your Business Music System

Often said, being good is not enough and that good is the enemy of great. The same rule applies for sound system regardless of its applications. From personal solution, home entertainment, business, to professional stage, there is always room for improvement. read more

Samsung MagicInfo Brings Infinite Possibilities to Large Displays

Big, stunning, and immersive visuals is a dream of many users in business and advertising landscape to deliver their contents and messages. Samsung takes the responsibility and makes it true with the latest Samsung MagicInfo which brings infinite possibilities to your existing Samsung video wall, large format display, and digital signage solution. read more

Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensor C.L Dimmer Provides Hands-free Control

When it comes to light, most people often behave in their business and offices like they do in their very own home. Turning off lights where not in use is an easy yet challenging chore for them. They turns the light on to do something and then leave it just like that. read more

ClearOne Introduces Beamforming Microphone for Pro Audio Industry

What is an excellent audio to you? It is a tough question and until now there is not exactly anything as perfect sound for everybody. Sound often subjects to personal taste and preferences and thus may vary from one person to another. But it is hardly the case for audio in business or professional applications. read more

Choosing the Right Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboard, which also known as IWB is a common sight in today modern classrooms in schools and campuses. All around the globe, interactive whiteboard sees high installation in educational establishments with interactivity and enhanced learning being the most featured benefits. read more

Panasonic Interactive Display PB1 Series Offers Effective Communication

Large format display (LFD) has been around the commercial display market for a while. They are widely deployed in public facilities, education, corporate, entertainment, advertising, and many more. But while its bigger size remain the main highlight, the integration of interactivity features such as touch and gesture capability proves to be essential in driving higher sales of large format display. read more

Digital Signage Trends in 2013: What to Expect

Over the past few decades, digital signage has grown into one of the major digital platform in global advertising landscape. Featuring a new way of content delivery with easy management and customization, digital signage is increasingly found in a lot of applications including public facilities and businesses. read more

Polycom SoundStation Connect Offers HD Quality Audio Anywhere Anytime

Today people can practically from anywhere with various kind of devices. They work individually or collaborate with colleague, clients, partners, or customers. Most of the time, they are engaged in collaboration and communications seem to take the center stage above all things. read more

Mitsubishi Cloud Projector Promotes Easier Learning

Teaching today is indeed made much easier with the application of technology such as projector. However, it remains challenging with teachers battling with learning modules and additional contents all the time. read more

Smart TV: Do You Need One

For the past decades, television or TV is probably among the most popular icon of mass culture. You can see it almost everywhere in the past, present, and most likely still that way in the future. Even with the invention of Internet, PC, and most recently smarpthone and tablets, TV remains huge existence for everyone. read more

Why Ultra HDTV is Not the Next Big Thing Yet?

If you have been following major tech events and showcase such as the annual Consumer Electronics Show which took place early this year, then Ultra HDTV may not be any stranger. read more

Crestron New Wireless Dimmers Promote High Energy Saving

While LED lighting and lighting system may prove very viable solutions to energy saving issues in commercial building as well as residences, they miss out a thing - dedicated control wiring. read more