A. & H Meyer Netbox Focus Table Top Mount Features High Flexibility

Today workplace is more or less of a battle scene for most of people. They leverage on a wide range of technologies to makes their life easier yet things often get out of control. In group collaboration for example, you have to work with many devices, input sources, and people. With so many cables and connectors but poor cable management system, you may spend hours of setting up only to make sure no one gets accidental electrical shock because of the tangled cables and connectors. A. & H Meyer simplifies your work life and group collaboration with Netbox Focus table top mount which features high flexibility installation for various room configuration; accelerating the entire work flow.

Unlike other electrification table top mount solutions, Netbox Focus is not only engineered to gear up your working environment but also deliver ideal connecting and collaboration experience with easy and convenient access to your power, data, and input sources every time. Users can also feel reassured that this sleek table top mount can fit easily in any working space thanks to its clean, versatile design. Boasting a streamlined array with two gang boxes, two USB ports, and two Ethernet RJ45 jacks in a row, this table top mount is definitely a perfect match for many applications such as office, schools, home, or hospitality industry.

While the table top mount has a different concept from those of standard electrification boxes, the high flexibility remains the same and even better. You can easily move it to sit anywhere on the tablet when necessary. If you want to have larger work space and hides the cluttered cables and connectors, this table top mount can simply parked at the edge of the table. Equipped with smart and secured fitting options including Powerstrips, Netbox Focus table top mount is surely to stay attached to its place for the rest of the time. That said, you also do not have to worry over any mark or damage to the furniture as Netbox Focus virtually traceless. Finally, users also get to customize the table top mount with a host of module selections up 250 different types for ultimatelly high flexibility in your business applications. Regardless of the size, style, furniture, or configuration of your working space is, Netbox Focus features high flexibility to cater to any electrification requirements.

Be it home or office, the wall sockets alone are rarely sufficient to help you with the electrification requirement because of huge amount of devices, not to mention the impossible distance. Then, you also have to consider about connecting some type of devices which not only require power connection but also data connection. In brief, you have to be ready with cluttered cables and connectors all the time. Enter the electrification standard box solutions. They may be good enough for general electrification requirements; offering relatively high flexibility with customized cables and various gang box configuration. However, they just do not not live up to high demanding environments such as conference room, training room, and other business environments. A. & H Meyer Netbox Focus table top mount comes to your rescue; helping to create the most ideal working environment. Backed up by enhanced sleek design to fit any working space, the tabletop mount also offers high flexibility with hassle-free installation, module customization, and smart fitting options; accelerating the whole work flow without a hitch.

Limited space and poor cable management system are two big issues in today workplace. And yet nothing seems to be able to figure it out. A. & H Meyer Netbox Focus is one viable option which allows you to optimize your working space by significantly reduce the clutter of power, data, and input connection to make more rooms for other equipments. On the other hand, the table top mount also makes it easier for you to share the desk space as well as modules with other colleagues in group collaboration. No longer you have to sit in a crowd only to get access to the connectors. Netbox Focus table top mount introduces high flexibility for various room configuration and work space. The table top mount can be positioned either around the grommet or it flush on the edge of table. The choice is yours but Nextbox Focus table top is built to ensure high flexibility for any electrification requirements. As for power, users can choose between connector cable with various sizes or fixed starter.

High Flexibility

Where demand of electrification sources is not only enormous but also varied, table top mount may be just the right solution, especially if you are also concerned with effective utilization of working space. These days, a lot of people are sharing working space for the sake of efficiency in terms of cost. However, it is often the case that the shared working space is the root of all evil since people keep fighting for connectors and end up with clutter most of the time. In other case, people are stuck with electrification standard box which only comes with electric gang boxes while they require data connection, network connection or got USB-powered devices. A. & H Meyer introduces Netbox Focus table top mount to solve the problem and even offers high flexibility for any electrification requirements, combining power, data, and input source electrification in a single versatile package.

Designed as a table top mount electrification solution, this contemporary table top mount really delivers "plug ang play" promise of A. & H Meyer to enable high flexibility connection for seamless work flow when and where needed. Along with its goal to simplify electrification, this table top mount also offers easy installation. All you need to is to get the table top mount sit flush anywhere on the table, set the right fix with smart fitting options, and connect the power. End of the story. You can start to connect multiple devices for power, data, or input sources to the table top mount and start working right away. That aside, you are also welcome to add in dedicated switch for all the connectors in the table top mount. Alternatively, A. & H Meyer also provides a wide range selection of custom modules up to 250 different types to configure your table top mount suit to your electrification requirements. All in all, A. & H Meyer Netbox Focus table top mount not only able to meet various electrification requirements but also features high flexibility which is essential in business applications to improve work flow and efficiency.

Versatile Design

Look is not the most important aspect but it does matter. In terms of design, there is barely anything different with most electrification solution. They got gang boxes and cables. Nevertheless, A. & H Meyer also takes consideration to build a table top mount solution which got good looks, versatile functionality, and most importantly high flexibility. Their latest table top mount offer, Netbox Focus comes in a sleek enticing design with aluminum finish which makes it an easy fit with today contemporary interiors in business environments. The table top mount is all set to make your work space more convenient as ever because you can literally move it anywhere you want. For fixed installations, users can easily choose from three available smart fitting options: Powerstrip, screw, or aluminum wall. However, those looking for high flexibility will go best with the Powerstrip fitting for their table to mount because it allows you to fix the table top mount for temporary installation without causing any damage to the furniture. In fact, the table top mount using the Powerstrip will not leave any single mark on your tables.

(Date: 26 April 2013; Lidya)

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