AMX Commercial Automation System Enhances Business Productivity

Be it or home or workplace, technology takes an important role for most people in their daily life. It is because technology make their life easier or at least it is supposed to be in the first place. But things seem to be not as simple as it seems when it comes to technology. In fact, try to remember how many times you get puzzled by all those sophisticated technologies. One one side, they do come handy but on the other hand, they can really give you some real headache. However, there is no way that people could live without technology, regardless of the problems they pose. And when it comes to business, technology simply becomes the key to improved business productivity. So then automation system is invented to solve all the problems with technology. AMX, in particular, takes the responsibility to simplify technology with commercial automation system, making your work life less stressful while enhancing overall business productivity. With AMX commercial automation system, no matter what kind of business application you got, everything will just be taken care of in a push of button.

Imagine a day in your workplace. You got a meeting and presentation. The meeting room is booked ahead from your smartphone or tablet. The attendees has been informed earlier by emails. And when the time arrived, you only have to enter the room and everything is all set and ready for you in a click of button on the user friendly control pad. Welcome to the world commercial automation system where everything is under control. AMX commercial automation system allows you to gain control over a broad range of audio visual system, lighting system, and interfaces in a single, centralized control system. No more wasting time or headache from troubleshooting issues with all those handy but complicated systems. With AMX commercial automation system, you can now focus more on your work and business productivity instead of the technology. While it does well in preventing any disastrous scene in workplace, the commercial automation system also optimizes the use of all those systems and thus saving your money as well as resources in IT support.

The last thing you want in your business or in workplace is dealing with is technical issues with system or devices. Projector screen which comes blank all of the sudden, laptops stop working in the middle of presentation, or even system failure. The nightmare has just begun. As technology becomes more advanced and diverse, you will need to learn dozens of technical jargon, standards, and know how to use different control for different devices. And so in the end, you will keep calling for the technical support all the time or wasting enormous time trying to work it out by yourselves. Here is where commercial automation system comes in. A commercial automation system, at its core, is a control system which will automatically control the behavior of devices, be it computing devices, audio visual system, or lighting system, inside a room or a building, accordingly based on pre-defined scenarios or presets or manually in a push of button. Or, you can also imagine commercial automation system as a super all-in-one remote control which can be used to control every devices installed in a room or a building. In a way, you can definitely can accelerate work flow and save time as well as assigning resources for more critical issues than basic troubleshooting; enhancing overall business productivity. What's more, commercial automation system also offers users full control over customization over what to control, from where, and with what kind of control. In a typical commercial automation system, users simply to tap the touch panel to activate the desire control preset. Even, there is also possibility to actually do the control from your mobile devices. In some cases, the commercial automation can also be integrated with other IT and audio visual infrastructure, further improving your business productivity and driving cost-effective system management. In terms of security, commercial automation system will work wonder to help minimizing security threats with centralized network management and standardized configuration for computing, audio visual, and lighting system. In short, an automated business environment is the best investment to enhance your business productivity.

Why Commercial Automation System?

A light that dims and shade that goes down on its own. A LED display which powers on on its own. Or speaker volume which becomes louder on its own. They are all some examples of automation. As you may have guesses, automation system is an array of control system to trigger technological devices to do certain behavior on its own at pre-defined configuration. As such, commercial automation system is basically the use of automation system in commercial or business applications to enhance business productivity as well as efficiency and cost management.

Particularly in corporate environment, you can see commercial automation system applications in conference room, meeting room, or boardroom. In most cases, the commercial automation system is deployed to eliminate any possibilities of disastrous during important collaborations. With commercial automation system, users can feel reassure to collaborate without much fuss because everything work on its own, automatically. No complicated setup. No troubleshooting issues. No life and death drama moment. while commercial automation system offers the handy control over any system or device in the room, it also enables instant control to execute series of action with series of systems and devices in a push of button. That way, scheduling and configuration practically becomes habitual

Now that you got all the idea of this commercial automation system and its benefits in terms of business productivity and cost management, how does exactly it happens in real-life scenario? In a word, a perfect meeting is just one of many dreams coming true with commercial automation system. Think of how many steps and time you need to prepare for a meeting. Ten or even fifteen steps and around 45 minutes? You do not even count all those frustrating moment when trying to get the IT support. With commercial automation system, all the job is done in seconds, in a snap of button on a very user friendly touch panel. Enjoy the true how technology could be so effortless with commercial automation system. AMX has a broad range of solution for commercial automation system for various kind of requirements and room configurations.

(Date: 05 April 2013; Lidya)

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