AMX New Tabletop Touch Panel Enhances Control Experience

With technologies these days, nothing seems to be impossible to the extent that one day you can get everything or control any devices from below of your very own fingertips. Believe it or not, such future is nearby. At the closer application, just look at those ubiquitous smartphones and tablets and their deeper integration with multiple devices and systems including room automation for enhanced control experience. Highly recognized as a leading pillar of global automation solution, AMX expands its tabletop interface range with the brand new tabletop touch panel which enhances control experience with the ever intuitive touch controls and a host of extras including NFC support. Developed under the name of Modero X Series, the new AMX tabletop touch panel allows users to control their integrated system across the room almost effortlessly via a spacious touch screen.

Previously, a lot of system and devices simply mean that you have to deal with multiple remote controls and clutter of wiring. But with the invention of integrated control system, your life then becomes much more easier. Now there is a way to actually put every control of the system at your fingertips with AMX Modero X touch panel. Now it only takes you some flicks, swaps, or taps on the touch panel to get your systems do as you wish with the new AMX Modero X Series. Working in a very similar fashion to your favorite smartphones and tablets, the table touch panel also supports multi-touch capabilities as well as multi-tasking feature for a truly enhanced control experience. Next, the Modero X Series touch panel boasts AMX proprietary UI which is dubbed as Panoramic Control Surface with visually striking visual elements as well as dynamic animation features. By featuring both visual and kinetic elements on the same interface, this touch panel allows users to do more and enhances overall control experience in the end. Other interesting features in the new touch panel include latest Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and HD video chat capability. One of the hottest stuffs in mobile industry, the technology allows the touch panel to communicate with other supported devices for extended functionality such as sharing data. On different note, it is indeed surprising to learn that the tabletop touch panel actually can actually be used to do video chat if it incorporates cameras.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the touchscreen is the natural interaction it offers to users. AMX new tabletop touch panel offers the same natural interaction to enhance your control experience. By integrating all the controls of your system in a single screen, the tabletop touch panel also simplifies the entire control experience. And because the very essence of the touch screen technology in the touch panel is the smooth interaction, AMX new tabletop touch panel packs capacitive screens with multi-touch supports. In the Modero X Series alone, users can choose from wide selection of screen sizes, ranging from 4,3 inch for more personal control experience to the extra big 20 inch for seamless control experience.

Touch-capability aside, the new AMX tabletop touch panel also uses superior IPS panel technology to ensure the optimal viewing experience from any angles and thus enhanced control experience. In terms of aesthetics, the touch panel will also makes a better match for most modern room setups including meeting rooms, board rooms, or conference centers because of the minimalist unobtrusive design. AMX Modero X touch panel is designed to sit flush on your tables while still maintaining the robust build. While the touch panel is generally meant for either landscape wall mount installation or sitting flush on the table, you can configure it for portrait wall mount when necessary. That aside, users also do not have to concern over any clutter commonly happened with conventional control solution. AMX new tabletop touch panel relies on single cable connection for both power and networking functionality. Finally, it is also possible to use this touch panel to enhance audio or video conference thanks to the built-in microphones and cameras in some models of Modero X Series. In summary, the new AMX Modero X touch panel can definitely bring new breeze into the automated control solution landscape with enhanced and more intubate control experience.

Intuitive Control Experience

The first and foremost thing you could not afford with touch-based control is the lack of intuitiveness and sluggish dull interface. After all, most of us grows to believe that touch screen translates to better interaction with devices or system as a result of improved user interfaces. As such, user interface also takes center stage in AMX new tabletop touch panel under the Modero X Series. Introducing Panoramic Control Surface, the touch panel now enables users to interact and control with their system like never before with multi-tasking capabilities. With the improved user interface, users not only get to enjoy more spacious room for easier control but also manage different system simultaneously for overall more effective control experience. But most importantly, all the interaction goes smooth and speedy thanks tot he built-in advanced processor. As expected, the new user interface in the touch panel also packs gesture capability and enhanced graphical elements including animation to offer better interactivity. In fact, mobile devices users will find the new touch panel has a lot of similarities with their mobile gadgets.

On the other hand, the new tabletop touch panel boast stunning visuals which is a match for high end panel displays on both computing and mobile devices. It is because the touch panel leverages on In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel technology which is highly popular for wide viewing angles and thus optimal viewing experience. Such quality visuals is definitely an added value for those looking to use the tabletop touch panel for purposes other than control alone such as video conference or simply quick presentation.

Other Features

Unlike other manufacturers, AMX always seeks to raise industry standard with their innovation and their new tabletop touch panel Modero X Series is no exception. Apart from the enhanced control experience with the intuitive controls, the touch panel is also equipped with a multitude of extra features including USB playback, HD video streaming, and NFC support. For a quick look at your presentation, the touch panel features Picture View functionality which basically allows users to view and any JPEG images saved in your USB flash drive only by plugging in the flash drive to the rear USB port on the touch panel. Or, you can use the touch panel to transfer to and from other NFC enabled-devices when and where needed.

(Date: 05 May 2013; Lidya)

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