AXIS Network Camera Introduces High Quality Video Surveillance

With the world grows insecure from day to day, you cannot afford to slip out on anything even when you cannot keep the look out by yourself in extended period. As such, comes the network camera which is especially built to help you do surveillance job almost effortlessly. Video surveillance is perhaps the most common type of surveillance been used all these times and there is no better candidate for the task than network camera. However, quality and installation seem to be high concerns among network camera users from time to time. To recover the main functionality of the network camera as major video surveillance tool, AXIS introduces new network camera which offers high definition quality for video surveillance. Dubbed as world's smallest HDTV bullet-style network camera, the latest AXIS network camera allows users to enjoy high definition video surveillance in 720p quality.

Also known as AXIS M2014-E, the network camera consists of a main unit and camera unit which can be installed away from each other with distance up to 8 meters for more flexible installation of the video surveillance system. After all, the network camera itself adopts a small and very compact bullet design which can be easily mounted on hidden corners of any environments. Another features that makes the network camera easy to install and to use is the PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology. With this technology, it means that the network camera only need single cable for both power and network connection. What's more, the network camera integrates SD card slot which serves as storage option and support for the bundled software companion. Those with demanding video surveillance scenarios will also be glad to find this AXIS network camera actually provides high durability with full compliance with IP66 protection rating. IP66 protection rating means that the network camera offers some level of protection towards dust and water, making it equally versatile performer for outdoor environments. Still to the extent of flexibility, the new AXIS network camera is equipped with support for AXIS Corridor Format which essentially enables to set video surveillance stream in portrait orientation when and where needed.

In any camera landscape including network camera, quality images becomes the first highlight among other things because it is exactly what they are made for. In case of new AXIS network camera, it is engineered to deliver high quality video surveillance in the first place. Technically speaking, the network camera counts on 1/4" progressive scan RGB MOS with relatively high light sensitivity up 1 lux to deliver high quality video surveillance stream. Albeit the fixed focus, there is an option to improve angle of view of this network camera via the open source software from Open SSL Project. Generally, the quality of network camera is also identifiable through the number of the camera resolution. To put it simple, higher resolution translates to high quality video surveillance stream. As such, the new AXIS network camera boast high definition 720/30p quality of images for best video streaming. That aside, the network camera also leverages on H.264 video compression to deliver high quality video stream in video surveillance system.

Other appreciated features from the new AXIS network camera includes support for Motion JPEG, tampering alarm, and motion detection. As for the networking aspects, the network camera comes with quite many options to choose from. For example, users can opt to transfer the video surveillance stream to external storage via the built-in memory card slot or network-attached storage via local network. To ensure optimal video surveillance, users also welcome to equip their network camera with AXIS Camera Application Platform or AXIS Video Hosting System (AVHS). The former hosts a selection of third-party camera applications available to enhance the functionality of the network camera or simply optimize the video surveillance system. On the other hand, the latter is video surveillance solution developed by AXIS which basically allows you to do more with the network camera such as advanced remote management. All in all, the new AXIS network camera M2014-E is one viable option to build high quality video surveillance system.

High Quality Video Surveillance

Above all things, perhaps the best thing about network camera is that you get to watch everything from anywhere at anytime. In other words, the network camera really makes the video surveillance easy and very convenient. No matter where and when, you can now monitor and capture any single moment with the network camera. However, then comes the hitch. Some of the network camera just do not live up to your expectation for video surveillance because they lack of quality images. The things is that with poor quality images and video streams, you cannot really call it as video surveillance. AXIS comes up with their latest HD network camera, M2014-E, which not only features high quality video surveillance but also versatile flexibility for various applications. Unlike other network camera, new AXIS network camera relies on advanced image sensor with high definition 720p resolution to deliver high quality video surveillance every time. With the support high resolution on par with HDTV, users can be sure to enjoy high clarity images and videos with accurate details which is the main goal of network camera. In case of motion image, the network camera supports full frame rate up 30 fps to ensure smooth movement recordings. Other advanced image enhancement setting options in this network camera includes compression, backlight compensation, and mirroring of images.

Living up to its nature as network camera, there is also options to apply certain security features including IP address filtering and password protection over the video streaming as you do with other contents on network. On different note, being network-enabled device does not make AXIS network camera less capable in terms of connectivity. Aside of the RJ45 connection port which uses PoE technology to reduce clutter, the network camera is also fitted with memory card slot for alternative storage option.

Extra Flexibility

Performance and high quality images may come first for network camera but flexibility also plays important role. Touted as the world's smallest HDTV network camera, the new AXIS network camera sports an ultimately compact build with small form factor, making it very versatile for various applications. Aesthetic-wise, the network camera will also definitely be an easy fit for video surveillance requirements in any environment such as offices, retail stores or hotels thanks to its unobtrusive design. What's more, you actually can install the main unit and the camera unit separately for flexible installation. To top thing off, AXIS network camera comes with AXIS Camera Companion which provides added functionalities such as network-based video management features for optimized video surveillance.

(Date: 08 May 2013; Lidya)

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