August Smart Lock Reinvents Home Security, Integrating Mobile App

These days everything seems to be smarter than we ever imagine including the home and office where we spend most time in. Apparently, technologies are intruding to every corner of modern homes and offices; bringing over automation here and there for good as it makes things easier and more convenient. From smart sensors which can helps to improve indoor environment, a literally virtual assistant, to integrated control system. Be it homes or offices, everything seems to turn to be better places from time to time. And exactly when you cannot wait to see the next surprise for your smrter homes and offices, August introduces their latest smart lock innovations. Nothing like any smart lock on your mind, August Smart Lock aims to reinvent home security like never before by integrating mobile app.

The problem with traditional lock is that you often have constant worry that someone can break in easily with some special tools. Then, they invent digital lock to elevate office and home security; boasting cutting-technologies such as smart cards, fingerprint reader, or detection sensor. Even so, the inconvenience remains as you are not home or in office all the time to open the door and decide who can get in. August Smart Lock features improved digital lock which lets you to manage access to your home and office more conveniently and effortless via mobile app. Acting more like a virtual doorman to receive guests and guard your homes or offices, the smart lock offers full control over who can enter and when from anywhere, anytime. Comes with integration with mobile app, users now can easily manage precise access for people or guests other than themselves to enter their homes and offices via social invitation. Bringing an entirely new concept of home security management, August Smart Lock uses invites instead of codes, keys, or any inconvenient system to provide access to your homes and offices. Similar to any smart lock, August Smart Lock also comes equipped with automatic lock and unlock functionality. Only this time, it does it in smarter ways thanks to the integration of mobile app. For example, August Smart Lock will intelligently unlock the door for you as soon as detecting your presence with the phone and lock it back after you enter.

No matter how you see it, uninvited guests is a bother to your personal space or your routines in most cases. On the other hand, family and friends which drops off spontaneously during holidays can be such pleasant surprise too. Distributing the keys to several people or hiding extra key in secret places around such as below the door mat is obviously not a good choice either. Despite the fact, you also do not have the resources to afford high end home security system with all those cutting-edge technologies. August comes up with an innovative smart lock to provide optimal home security in your homes and office while keeping the whole installation easy, hassle-free, and most importantly cost-effective. Boasting integration with dedicated mobile app as well as web-based interface, August Smart Lock enables you to provide right access to right people at the right time for people to enter your personal space even if you're miles away.

Armed by latest lock technology of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) to bridge communication between the door lock and phones, the smart lock gets rid of your traditional physical keys or any security code, offering complete home security without any hassle. Experience the true home security with no more cases of lost keys or hacked security codes, or even the unlocked doors because you forget to lock it. With the mobile app and web-based interface, users can seamlessly send invitations to grant conditional or full access for everyone. As it works with the mobile app, you can also easily invite people from phone contacts lists or even your social media circle. Not only that, you can also set the smart lock to display any messages or photos for the guests when they enter or leave your homes and offices. When the guests enter or leave, the mobile app will also notify the owners. All the entrance and exits through the smart lock will be recorded in details by the mobile app too. To provide optimal home security every time, August Smart Lock is equipped with advanced encrypted locking technology which minimizes the hacking possibility and allows you to remotely wipe all the virtual keys in case the phone itself is lost.

Perhaps the most common explanation for a lot of people for still sticking to the conventional door locks despite the high risks and vulnerability of burglars or other harmful acts is the simple installation. While it is a fact that most high end home security system and smart lock may require quite hassle setup and thus pretty high investment, August Smart Lock is definitely an exception. To begin with, the smart lock easily fit your existing deadbolt installation and the initial setup only takes some minutes. Aesthetic-wise, the smart lock sports full anodized aluminum finish to perfectly blend with any home and office decors. That said, you also do not have to deal with any wiring clutter thanks to the built-in batteries. To indicate lock or unlocked condition, owner and guests can simply glance at the LED indicator positioned at the center of the smart lock. In a way, the smart lock takes after the conventional door lock in terms of easy, handy installation while also integrates enhanced digital technology to provide better home security via dedicated mobile app.

Unlike a lot of smart lock which relies on Internet connection or Wi-Fi to power the system, August Smart Lock uses unique algorithm to generate specific keys which is synchronized with the phones through Bluetooth connection' virtually eliminating the risk of locked inside or outside your homes and offices when there is power outage. As for the power source which is none but the built-in batteries, August Smart Lock will automatically notify you by emails to get them replaced to prevent any unnecessary issues for the whole home security system. Of course, you can still use the regular key when and where needed such as the die-out batteries. Above all things, August Smart Lock helps you to enjoy optimal home security more effortlessly and conveniently by using mobile app to actually provide precise access to your homes and offices.

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