Awind Wireless Presentation System Enhances Business Projection

Albeit the dozens of technologies invented to help you delivering excellent business projection, finding the right solution for your requirements is not that simple. Things are especially tricky if you have to struggle with the technologies themselves before the business projection in the first place. Some most common battle with technologies in workplace is to project and present from multiple sources. You have to mess around with the wiring not to mention different input and compatibility issues across different platform or systems. Awind makes business projection hassle-free with their latest wePresent 9 wireless presentation system which features latest wireless draft n support, easy and quick installation, and versatile features including split screen projection, multiple user controls, and security supports.

Built with wide compatibility across platform and devices, Awind advanced wireless presentation system allows users to easily present and project data and multimedia contents from any input sources without much fuss. And yes, they really mean it about getting hassle-free business projection from all sources including your mobile devices with wePresent 9 wireless presentation system. Plus, everything is done conveniently without messy wiring or switching. All you need to is to connect the display output to the wireless presentation system device via VGA connection. After that, plug the provided token and voila! In two steps away, you are all good to go with the business projection. No further configuration is needed. What's more, wePresent 9 wireless presentation system also comes with full support for Full HD 1080p video playback; providing users with infinite possibilities to enhance their business projection with high quality images, videos, and any other multimedia contents. Users can also feel no worry over the quality of wireless streaming as Awind wePresent 9 wireless presentation system is fitted with full support for latest wireless standard. In fact, Awind claims that their advanced wireless presentation system can provide up to five times faster business projection from your Mac-based system. Business projection has never been easy thanks to the Awind latest wireless presentation system.

Functionality-wise, Awind wePresent 9 wireless presentation system is engineered to enhance your business projection like never before. Instead of switching between multiple inputs, the wireless presentation system lets you to display the business projection in four split screen setup. As such, you can work with more applications simultaneously and project more effectively. Other extra in this wireless presentation system that is especially beneficial to your business projection is the conference control function. Thanks to the multiple user access support, users can actually hold a virtual business projection with wePresent 9 wireless presentation system. In this case, multiple users can connect to the wireless presentation system to use the display device such as projector in turn. The function is hosted on the web-based interface of the wireless presentation system, which only makes it easier to enhance your business projection. Under the menu, you will find all the connected users and thus can easily switch between connected users or input sources and choose which one to display. Really, you can say goodbye to all the trouble and hassle with switching between users and input sources. Everything can be done conveniently in clicks of button and wirelessly from any web browser.

Should you have concern on security, there is also option to limit access to the contents or encryption method in this wireless presentation system. Finally, the wireless presentation system also makes it possible for users to do high quality video streaming across the connected devices in your business projection. In addition, note that you can work with multiple video and format such as H.264, MPEG1/2, Xvid, WMV9, DivX, WMA, and MP3. All in all, Awind wePresent 9 wireless presentation system can come handy for those looking to enhance their business projection like never before and without much fuss.

Hassle-Free Business Projection

Thanks to the wireless technology, a lot of devices is much more user friendlier than they used to be. By allowing users to either control or transmit contents over the air, wireless technology virtually eliminates the messy wiring and incompatibility issues. Awind is thoughtfully deliver the same convenience of wireless technology to your business projection with their latest wePresent 9 wireless presentation system. In fact, the wireless presentation system allow you to easily present and project wirelessly from multiple devices with multiple users instantly and almost effortlessly. Originally to project from multiple input sources or with multiple users involved as in conference meetings, you will have to go through substantial hassle and spend enormous time to make sure everything work. But with the wePresent wireless presentation system, you only need few minutes with a single VGA connection to the display output and supplied plug and show token.

If you want to access Internet or share the Internet connection while presenting during the business projection, the wireless presentation system is also well-connected with the built-in RJ 45 Ethernet port. After all, the wireless presentation system also comes equipped with extra security features such as session security login and wireless encryption screen. With the session security login system, users have to insert unique login code in order to get the presentation or any contents displayed on the display output and shared in the business projection. That said, users can also extend protection for the contents in business projection with Gatekeeper function which limits or grants access to local network and Internet based on the assigned mode.

Above all things, Awind wePresent 9 wireless presentation system also ensures optimal result with your business projection every time. The wireless presentation system supports various resolutions of input from SVGA (800x600) to QXGA (2048x1536) and output up to WXGA (1280 x 728). But then, you can get the contents to be enlarged with the provided Magnifier feature which stretch contents to full screen while ensuring smooth playback. On different note, the control of this wireless presentation system is also made hassle free with the web-based management tool. After connecting your PC to the wireless presentation system and installing the required utility, you can access the web management tool via browser and start to work with advanced configuration of the wireless presentation system when and where needed. Among other, you get to configure the network and projection setup to better enhance your business projection with the wireless presentation system.

(Date: 30 April 2013; Lidya)

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