Barco Rear Projection Video Wall Brings Immersive Experience with 3D Contents

Say, what it takes to get stunning visuals and life-like, immersive experience? Ever since James Cameron took out Avatar for the whole world to see, 3D technology has considerably assumed new posiitoning in technology industry, especially display landscape. For the past three years, you may have seen for yourself that a lot of major TV and display manufacturers try their best to drive the adoption of 3D-enabled TVs and displays by the mainstream users both in consumer and commercial fronts. For that, they receive pretty good responses although a lot of survey establishments indicate less encouraging sales especially on the 3D TV front. But hey the display manufacturers seem to have better hope as they start to bring the 3D technology to commercial displays including rear projection video wall. Barco is among the early adopters to introduce their next-generation rear projection video wall which features 3D support for a truly immersive experience. Similar to general 3D-enabled displays, Barco new rear projection video wall is meant to bring any contents alive and deliver immersive experience to all the viewers and audience. However, the rear projection video wall is in fact far more superior than those displays thanks to the highly enhanced design and advanced display technologies to make the most out of the 3D technology.

Like any rear projection video wall designed for commercial application, Barco OverView OLSF series also boasts enhanced design to ensure optimal performance but low maintenance operation. Conforming to the common application of rear projection video wall for around the clock usage scenario, Barco latest innovation packs some tested and proven Barco proprietary technologies such as liquid cooling and advanced Sense 6 imaging sensor technology. Sense 6 technology, in particular, works like a integrated built-in calibration software to consistently monitor and adjust brightness, contrast, and color of the rear projection video wall for most immersive experience possible with any contents including 3D contents. As with other LED-based rear projection video wall, users can also expect energy efficient and reliable performance with this Barco rear projection video wall. In fact, Barco claims that all of their LED rear projection video wall including OverView OLSF series consumes less 33% of power albeit offering 33% more brightness thanks to the latest LED technologies.

With most of display type including rear projection video wall, physics is equally important as image quality although not necessarily so. Barco new rear projection video wall under OLSF series is a good example of where great looks meet immersive visuals. While rear projection video wall used to be less popular than their LCD/LED video wall solution because of their bulky form factor, it is no longer true with recent entries of rear projection video wall. In the first place, there is an increasing trend to use LED for rear projection video wall because of the superior visual quality and power saving quality. However, it turns out that manufacturers also benefits from LED in terms of design since it allows them to design a smaller and more compact rear projection video wall. But of course there is more to Barco new rear projection video wall design which helps to bring immersive experience for your 3D contents. For one is the unbelieavably slim depth at only 45 mm. In fact, this rear projection video wall can proud itself as the slimmest rear projection video wall among similar products at the market today. Sleeker figure of the new rear projection video wall will especially come handy for users with limited space or simply look for perfect blend with existing system and environments.

That said, the OLSF series also becomes the most user-friendly rear projection video wall solution around because it actually comes with front access panel. With the front access panel, it means users can easily do routine maintenance, replace components, or upgrade components of the rear projection video wall installation when and where needed. For the innovative design, Barco OverView OLSF Series has been awarded Red Dot Design Award which further highlights remarkable accomplishment of this stylish rear projection video wall. Barco OverView OLSF series of rear projection video wall will come in two screen sizes: 50" and 70" to cater to different applications while serving the same mission of delivering immersive experience with 3D contents.

High Performance, Immersive Experience

One of the biggest advantage with LED-based rear projection video wall solution is the absence of any consumable parts which usually becomes the root of all evils. The LED bulbs which makes up the rear projection video wall is also more reliable in terms of performance. Barco new rear projection video wall under OverView OLSF series, for instance, offers extra long lifetime up to 60.000/80.000 hours (normal/eco mode). Not only because LED is a capable performer by nature, in fact the superior lifetime offered by Braco new rear projection video wall is thanks to the Barco's proprietary liquid cooling system which works wonder in driving away heat from main LED components despite full brightness or high performance which is required to deliver immersive experience with 3D contents.

On visual aspects, it is also good to know this rear projection video wall boast Full HD 1920 x 1080p resolution which is just the best match for 3D contents in delivering immersive experience. As if it is not awesome enough, Barco OverView OLSF Series is actually powered with the refined Sense6 imaging sensor to enhance displayed image quality. When combined together with all the aforementioned visual qualities and the stereoscopic contents, users can definitely expect this rear projection video wall to provide highly engaging and immersive experience for any target audience in commercial applications.

Enhanced Design

For a lot of rear projection video wall installation in mission-critical and commercial applications, design seems to significantly affect the entire performance. To begin with, rear projection video wall aimed at commercial applications should be robust to survive both 24/7 kind of operation as well as weather bumps if necessary. Barco new rear projection video wall under OverView OLSF Series not only boasts high quality build for 24/7 scenario but also packs it in a visually enticing and functional package. Unlike the older rear projection video wall. Barco new rear projection video wall is much more slimmer and sleeker with shorter depth of 45 cm. Next, it also features front access panel which virtually reduces space for overall video wall installation and allows easier maintenance. To conclude, 3D technology is here to stay in the scene of rear projection video wall since it makes visually immersive experience effortless.

(Date: 08 May 2013; Lidya)

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