BenQ Projector Boasts Full HD Resolution for Business Projection

Presentation is an every day routine within business environments. In fact, there is no single day without presentation. And apparently nothing can beat a good laptop and projector as your best companions to go through those endless presentation safe and sound. They play important roles to such extent that you can either soar up to the sky or fall miserably to the bottom of the ground. As such, you have to always make sure to pick out the right projection for your business projection. As a leading projection solution provider, BenQ is committed to deliver only the best projector for your applications including business projection. The latest BenQ projector SH940 boasts Full HD resolution and a suite of powerful features to ensure optimal business projection for you every time.

Along with today growing contents with multimedia-centric contents dominating the lot, your old projector may not be able to keep up. They may still be good enough for simple business projection but when there is too many colors, graphics, or other rich visual elements are involved, they just do not live up to your expectation. The new BenQ projection SH940 features native Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) to cater to your high demanding scenarios of business projection for example in large venues or very bright rooms. With support of Full HD resolution, users can expect to indulge in breath-taking business projection with incredibly high brightness, contrast, and clarity. There is no need to keep those rich multimedia your contents to yourself with the new BenQ projector. The possibilities is infinite. You can easily project multiple image and video format in various resolutions to light up your business projection.

Albeit the business-centric tag, the BenQ projector offers wide compatibility with Full HD resolution contents with both progressive and interlacing signals from 480 to 1080 formats. To ensure best business projection for your versatile applications, SH940 also comes equipped with improve Hollywood Quality Visual (HQV) processor which works to upscale and convert your standard definition and high definition contents into the Full HD resolution contents for optimal business projection. What's more, this BenQ projector also offers flexible business projection thanks to the comprehensive range of connectivity options including dual HDMI, D-Sub, LAN RJ45, and 5BNC. To top things off, BenQ projector SH940 is backed up with BenQ's latest energy saving innovation, Eco Blank Mode. Employed in a large portfolio of BenQ projector since last year, this feature drives higher energy efficiency by automatically blank screen when not in use.

Apart from Full HD resolution, the new BenQ projector also makes ideal choice for those who look for effective and hassle-free business projection. In truth, general business projection these days are more of bittersweet stories just like your relationship. One day, you could not have been more happy to find your projector working perfectly so the business projection end up with big success. The next day, you spend half day to figure out what on earth that causes the projector to display crooked projection from time to time. With BenQ projector, you can feel peace of mind in your everyday business projection. This time, BenQ comes up with new business projector SH940 which is fitted with a suite of nifty powerful features.

For one is automatic keystone adjustment and lens shift. With this feature, you can finally say goodbye to long hours installation and crooked projection. Regardless of how you place the projector, you easily get the best business projection in a push of a button with BenQ projector. You can opt for automatic keystone adjustment by hitting Auto button in the BenQ projector or adjust the keystone and lens shift manually until you get what you want. The new BenQ projector provides horizontal lens shift up to 40% and vertical lens shift up to 125%. Specification-wise, you may also want to note that the BenQ projector boast a high brightness of 4000 lumens as well as equally high contrast ratio at 50.000:1 to ensure excellent business projection in any lighting condition including well-lit rooms in a lot of business applications. In summary, there is no doubt that BenQ projector SH940 is a perfect solution to help you deliver best business projection with Full HD resolution in full glory.

Superior Image Quality

What it takes to get excellent business projection? A capable projector is a definite answer. But then what makes a capable projector? While a lot of people comes to find high brightness in the top list of their consideration when looking for projectors, they miss another important aspect -- resolution. In most optic-driven devices, resolution is one of the important but not necessarily the crucial parameter. In a simple logic, the higher resolution equals to higher image quality because there are more pixels used to make an image. Despite the logic, projection technology and processing engine also play significant role when it comes to projectors. In the first place, BenQ projector leverages on the tested and proven DLP technology to deliver best image quality and text for optimal business projection. But most importantly, the new BenQ projector actually offers Full HD resolution to allow you enjoy the superior business projection every time. With the native Full HD resolution, users can expect breath-taking business projection regardless of the room size or distance since all they got is the superior image quality with lifelike details. Compared to the traditional projector with WVGA resolution, BenQ claims that the new SH940 projector can deliver five times more clearer details and thus high quality business projection.

Powerful Features

Image quality may come first but handy features can also help you to get perfect business projection. BenQ projector SH940 is all set to provide you with trouble-free and effective business projection with a bunch of nifty features. Among them is the bigger 1,5 x zoom capability which enables you to have big screen and improve viewing experience for all audience in your business projection. When combined with the Full HD resolution images, capturing your audience attention is really a piece of cake. The relatively short throw ratio of 2.43 offered by this BenQ projector also allows you to work with different throw distances for more flexible installation in various room configuration. As a final touch, the new BenQ projector SH940 also supports PIP (picture-in-picture) mode to help you project from different sources in one screen. If you got a networked system, this BenQ projector also comes with support for remote control and management systems with various brands including Crestron, AMX, and PJLink. All in all, you can always look to BenQ projector for high quality business projection.

(Date: 25 April 2013; Lidya)

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