Beyerdynamic Wireless Microphone System Offers World-Class Quality Audio

Backed up 88 years of expertise and experience in audio industry, beyerdynamic simply keep innovating and makes better sound every time with their audio system including their newly introduced TG 1000 Wireless Microphone System which offers world-class quality audio for various applications. Being the first wireless microphone system from beyerdynamic to cover 319 MHz UHF bandwidth, TG 1000 is designed to deliver the most reliable and flexible wireless audio performance, in world-class quality. Operating on frequency range of 470 to 789 MHz, users can enjoy up to four times wider UHF bandwidth than with competing products. No longer users have to worry over conflicting frequency with multiple devices running on the same frequency range, beyerdynamic TG 1000 wireless microphone system also makes it possible for you to use the system around the world without a hitch. As such, it is not exaggerating at all if this new wireless microphone system is touted to be the most ideal wireless microphone system for professional audio in every application including the demanding ones like professional musicians and large scale meeting rooms.

In terms of audio quality, TG 1000 also packs 24-bit converter and wider dynamic range of 128 dB to live up to its label as professional wireless microphone system; indicating no compromise on quality. For unrivaled world-class quality audio, it also comes with a broad range of microphone capsule options to suit to different requirements. Be it the dynamic or condenser types. Even, beyerdynamic also include the magnificent TG v90 ribbon type on the herd to ensure excellent performance. But this is just the beginning since TG 100 also transforms wireless microphone system like never before; delivering wireless audio performance in world-class quality thanks to a host of nifty features such as extended wireless range, fast easy sync features for smooth digital transmission, and low latency times. To cut it short, TG 1000 wireless microphone system is ready to makes you sound good anywhere and anytime for any requirements – wire-free.

The most crucial aspect of wireless microphone system is the quality of its wireless transmission. In most cases, general wireless microphone system do not have any issue but when they are used in environments or rooms with multiple devices and solid objects coming in the way, everything changes. The audio signal gets disconnected or distorted along its way to the output device. Or, they did get transmitted in lower quality than expected. With the introduction of beyerdynamic TG 1000 wireless microphone system, such things never happen. Users can be sure to enjoy world-class quality audio regardless of the room configuration or if many other devices are inside the same room as the wireless microphone system. Leveraging on 24-channel cascading mechanism, TG1000 wireless microphone system can be paired up with up to 12 receivers without need for dedicated antenna splitters. That aside, the wireless microphone system also extends wireless audio range pickup as far as 300 meters away; making users to move around easily while still enjoying the reliable wireless transmission and thus world-class quality audio performance. And since it is meant for the professional crowd, beyerdynamic takes a step ahead by adding in their proprietary TriplePlay Codec technology to drive low latency possible at 2,1 ms for consistent, flawless world-class quality audio. TG 1000 wireless microphone system also put forward ease of use by featuring Fast Sync functionality where users can easily have the transmitter and receiver unit synchronized automatically in less than a second. To top things off, TG 1000 wireless microphone system also get some extras such as data encryption functionality and Chameleon software which allows users to enhance the audio output further from any connected devices regardless of the platforms.

Impressive Larger Bandwidth

With more and more wireless devices coming to the market, things can get pretty tough if you happen to have a lot of wireless devices installed in the same room. The somewhat mixed frequency range of those devices tends to overlap each other and get in between the audio signal. As such, you may often find how the sounds coming out from speakers or microphone gets distorted or indicating a lot of noise. To solve the problem, beyerdynamic comes up with TG1000 wireless microphone system which operates on wider 319 MHz UHF bandwidth to ensure crystal clear world-class quality audio when and where needed. With frequency range extends from 470 to 789 MHz, this wireless microphone system allows greater frequency field for audio signal to be transmitted perfectly without any interference despite the conflicting frequencies from other devices. What's more, the wider bandwidth also indicate its universal compatibility with radio frequencies around the globe. In other words, you can easily take the world-class quality audio with you anywhere you go with the new TG 1000 wireless microphone system. No matter how cluttered the radio frequencies become, you can always rely on TG 1000 wireless microphone system to deliver world-class quality audio for now and in the future.

Intuitive User Experience

So you got a new wireless microphone system. It sounds excellent. It is hassle free. And it is versatile for various applications. Everything seems to be perfect. But you miss out on one important thing. User-friendliness. The wireless microphone system may makes thing easier than wired since you do not have to deal with wiring mess or complicated setup but there is no point if you have a tough time to use it, save for get the most out of it. beyerdynamic TG 1000 wireless microphone system is loaded with dozens of nifty features to keep you focus on the speaking or singing itself, not the device. To navigate around menus and switch between menus, for example, users can easily use the OneButton Navigation feature. They do not have to waste time to find and meddle with each button to find the right function. Even better, beyerdynamic actually slots in an OLED display to show information and status of the wireless microphone system regardless of the lighting condition. For more intuitive controls, user can also opt for web-based control via Chameleon software which is integrated in the receiver and offers wide compatibility for multiple platforms and devices. As for information-critical applications such as private business meetings, this wireless microphone system is also equipped with digital encryption functionality. Finally, it boasts user friendly design with transmitter lock function to prevent accidental switch off.

World-Class Quality Audio

When it comes to sound system, what else matters most but the audio quality. TG 1000 wireless microphone system ensures world-class quality audio for every applications with advanced 24-bit converter and support for ultra low frequency range up to 20 Hz. That aside, users will also appreciate the additional 12 db of analog output boost.

(Date: 18 April 2013; Lidya)

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