Bosch Microphone Solution Makes Effective Meetings and Conferences

Keep innovating for around 100 years now, Bosch has been associated with best quality where communication products and audio solutions are concerned. In fact, they always strive to provide the customers with the best solutions for their requirements. Especially for microphone solution, Bosch has developed a number of system aimed at meeting and conferences purpose in business environments including CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System. Continuing the achievement of its predecessors, CCS 800 Ultro System, this microphone solution is back with the patented "Possible-To-Speak" technology, improved design, and a variety of new features to enhance your meetings and conferences such as MP3 recording functionality.

In typical meetings and conferences, there will a main speaker (can be the chairman or simply moderator) and several participants (sometimes addressed as delegates) with each need independent microphone to be able to participate. The advanced Bosch microphone solution features two separate units for chairman and delegates to allow seamless discussions in meetings and conferences. By providing two different units for the main speakers and participants, this microphone solution makes it easier to give equal opportunity to everyone in the room to be heard when and where needed. However, note that CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System microphone solution equips the two units with different capability and functionality to ensure effective meetings and conferences. For example, the Possible To Speak is always enabled for the chairman unit for the person with highest priority easily guide the meetings and conferences accordingly to agenda including call for attention or giving opportunity/stopping the participants to speak. On the other hand, the delegate unit in this microphone solution only packs the functionality to speak or take the floor if allowed by the chairman or whenever the LED indicator of Possible-To-Speak is on. While this functionality is also available in the previous CCS 800 Ultro Discussion System, the improved microphone solution introduces support for up to four participants to take floor and speak from their delegate units simultaneously. Interestingly, the microphone solution also include three LED indicators with different colors to indicate the availability of "Possible-To-Speak". Other extras which comes handy to enhance meetings and conferences are MP3 recording functionality to capture all the information shared during meetings and conferences in audio file for up to 64 hours. Moreover, this Bosch microphone solution makes it very convenient by allowing instant save and playback of the recording file with SD memory card.

For many devices, look may not be that important as opposed to the functionality or performances. But when it comes to some systems such as microphone solution for meetings and conferences, design and installation can mean a lot. Bosch CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System is the latest microphone solution to cater to meetings and conferences which features the improved design for optimal usability. Like the former CCS 800 Ultro Discussion System, this new microphone solution consists of an array of several microphone units and a single control unit. The control unit serves to connect, manage and control all the microphone units, both chairman unit and delegate units. On the control unit of this microphone solution, users can easily check the availability of "Possible-To-Speak" opportunity via the LCD screen displays. With the LCD screen display on this microphone solution, both main speakers and participants can also easily access playback menus and settings. Or, it is also possible for users to record the entire conversation in meetings and conferences to be saved in SD memory card via the SD card slot on the control unit.

In terms of scalability, the control unit of this Bosch microphone solution can support up 150 microphone units. Aesthetic-wise, the advanced Bosch microphone solution comes in a contemporary elegant design which will easily fit any room configuration for meetings and conferences. Finally, users looking to have effective meetings and conferences will be glad to find that this microphone solution is easy to install and use. You hardly to learn the rope with this microphone solution as it is more of the plug and play type of installation. As for general usage in this microphone solution, you can make do with the LCD display and soft-touch dials which features intuitive user interface for truly seamless meetings and conferences. All in all, Bosch microphone solution remains a powerful and versatile performer as expected; packing excellent performance for meetings and conferences.

Bosch Unrivaled Quality

Bosch has hold long life tradition for producing quality innovations and their latest microphone solution, CCS 900 Ultro Discussion System is one answer to effective meeting and conferences thanks to the host of Bosch advanced technologies. Among the major ones is the proprietary Bosch DAFS (Digital Acoustic Feedback Suppressor) which works wonder to minimize both audio feedback and noise by applying unique algorithm to process audio signal inputs. As such, this microphone solution is capable of delivering superb audio and crystal clear speech every time. That aside, the innovative technology also allows the microphone solution to amplify the sound with the balanced sound pressure level.

Optimal Usability

For effective meetings and conferences, you not only need unrivaled audio performance but also a versatile microphone solution which offers a multitude of features to enhance the entire discussion. The new Bosch microphone solution, CCS 990 Ultro Discussion System, boasts a host of new features to improve meetings and conferences in most effortless way. To begin with, this Bosch microphone solution is back with the patented "Possible-To-Speak" technology to facilitate seamless meetings and conferences with the visual indicator of the opportunity to speak. An improved version of the former microphone solution, this time it can accommodate up to four participants to turn on their microphone units and speak. Another new feature introduced in this microphone solution is the recording plus playback feature to make an audio notes for the meeting and conferences. With the control unit of this microphone solution, you can easily record and save the conversation to SD memory card. To users advantage, the microphone solutions actually also packs built-in recording buffer as long as 60 seconds to prevent any loss when replacing or changing memory card. If necessary, users are also welcome to back up or transfer the saved recordings into PC by connecting the control unit of this microphone solution to the PC. To the extent of versatility, users can add in up 150 microphone units with any configuration to this microphone solution to enhance meetings and conferences when and where needed.

(Date: 03 May 2013; Lidya)

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