Bose Freespace Speakers Give Boost to Your Business Music System

Often said, being good is not enough and that good is the enemy of great. The same rule applies for sound system regardless of its applications. From personal solution, home entertainment, business, to professional stage, there is always room for improvement. While personal audio and home entertainment may expect highest quality audio for the sake of ultimate listening experience, other applications such as business also take quality sound as equally important. Imagine a clear loud sound in public lecture or conference is certainly more appealing and adds to overall message delivery and insight as compared to muffled indistinct voices. As a word-class sound specialist, Bose is committed to give boost to your business music system with Bose Freespace speakers. Featuring smart flush-mount design, Bose Freespace offers excellent audio and speech reproduction in business music system and other commercial environments such as retail, hospitality, banking, and transportation facilities. Engineered primarily as background/foreground speakers, all the lineups of Bose Freespace speakers seek to amplify your business music systems while maintaining easy installation and reliable performance. Apart from excellent sound, Bose Freespace speakers also ensure flexible installation and easy fit for various different room configuration with multiple setup such as surface, flush-ceiling, pendant and in-ground mounting, both for indoor and outdoor deployment. If you are looking for a hassle-free speaker solution to give boost to your business music system, Bose Freespace DS 16F could be a viable option with virtually invisible flush mount concept and frequency range up to 80 Hz. To enrich overall experience, Bose Freespace DS 16F speaker also allows additional installation of high-pass filter, equalizer, or bass and subwoofer module.

In terms of design, Bose Freespace DS 16F comes in wide conical sleek design and textured black or white finish and steel grille on the top of it. Interestingly, both the grille and enclosure can be customized further with paints to better suit your requirements or environment. And if you happen to got a spacious room, it will not be any problem since Bose Freespace DS 16F supports ceiling installation up to six metres high while also provide optional pendant-mount kit. Then, there is also an integrated thumb wheel multi-tap transformer to help you quickly adjust tap in a snap, which is located just under the acoustic grille. In case of air handling installation in buildings, business users can feel no worry as the versatile Bose Freespace DS 16F also comes with some accessories such as plenum cover to cater to different kind of deployment and room configuration. Specifically, Bose Freespace DS 16F is claimed to be ideal speaker solution for any business music system with its smart flush-ceiling design. For one, by mounting speakers to the ceiling, it will blend naturally if not virtually to the rest of the design interior and elements, instead as standalone performer. On different light, the flush-ceiling installation can definitely save some significant space as compared to standing floor speakers. Finally, it is widely acknowledged that mounting installation tend to get the speakers to sound better because the sound have enough space to be reflected perfectly and distributed more evenly compared to if they are positioned among other devices. To enable more enhanced acoustic setting, Bose Freespace DS 16F also can be used in combination with other Bose family speakers such as DS40, DS100 in one single system or with variants of Bose Freespace 16S (indoor) and DS 16SE (outdoor) to give boost to overall system. All in all, the versatile design and high sound performance in Bose Freespace DS 16F is more than enough to give boost to your business music system, delivering the ultimate sound of perfection every time.

High Performance

Bose Freespace speakers are well-known especially for its versatility, high performance, and easy installation and Bose Freespace DS 16F is not any different. Powered by 57 mm full-range driver, it can output powerful sound of 16 watt with high impedance level of 8 Ohm. While the actual coverage of the speaker may vary depending on application, mount height, and listener height, Bose Freespace DS 16F offers 140 degree of conical pattern coverage in quite uniformly amount to the whole room; reducing the possibilities of unwanted noises and echoes for high clarity audio and speech reproduction. In terms of performance, business users can also expect high fidelity sound from Bose Freespace DS 16F speaker with relatively high sensitivity at 84 dB-SPL and various output tap selection of 70V or 100V. To give boost to your business music system, Bose Freespace can also pair with extensive range equalizer solution or bass and subwoofer unit including Bose Freespace DS16S, DS16SE, and Freespace 3 Acoustimass.

Versatile Applications

For those looking for a reliable background speaker solution, look no further with the introduction of Bose Freespace 16F speaker which delivers the best audio quality for your business music system and give boost to overall business productivity. In terms of versatility, only very few can match the 16-watt speaker when it comes to give boost to your business music system without much fuss or forking out some considerable fortune. In the first place, the Bose Freespace 16F, like any other Bose Freespace family speaker, offers flexible installation options of flush-ceiling or pendant-mount to perfectly fit your room configuration and requirements. That aside, Bose also equips the contemporary-styled speaker with several optional accessories such as square grille, ceiling-mount bracket, pendant-mount-kit, and adjustable tile bridge as well as plenum cover for air handling installation. What's more, Bose also throws in some complementary components such as ceramic connector and thermal fuse in the sales package. While offering high claririty and high quality audio in a standalone setting, Bose Freespace DS 16F can also give boost to your business music system when integrated with other Bose Freespace lineups sych as DS 40 and DS100, creating an immersive listening experience with consistent top notch quality. If you intend to use them in multi-function room for both business and entertainment purposes, adding a separate unit of Bose Freespace Acosutimass module will certainly deliver more pumping bass to your business music system. Apart from corporate and business settings such as meeting room, board room, or multi-function room, Bose Freespace DS 16F speaker will also make ideal speaker choice for various different application in retail, house of worship, restaurants, and hospitality establishments.

(Date: 04 April 2013; Lidya)

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