Casio Business Projector Features Hybrid Light Source and Dual Projection

It is a common fact for everyone in the projection industry that resolution and power consumption seem to be the main highlight of technology development these days. A lot of projector manufacturer either rolls out new lineups with higher resolution or advanced energy saving features. While such projectors fit easily into any applications including business and education market, Casio tries to stand out from the crowd with their latest business projector, XJ-SK600 which features hybrid light source and dual projection as their major attractions. With Casio projector, hybrid light source is no stranger. In fact, it is Casio which introduces projector which leverages on hybrid light source instead of standard lamp like other projectors back on 2010. Fast forward to present, there has been quite a huge number of Casio projectors that features the hybrid light source thanks to its various benefits.

For one, users can expect the high performance low maintenance projection from this business projector. By using hybrid light source which consists of LED light and laser technology, this business projector practically eliminates common issues with the standard lamp-based projectors such as shorter life span, high maintenance, and improved performance in the first place because no lamp is used. With no lamp, the business projector will not require users to clean any filter or replace lamp after some time. Where performance is concerned, the hybrid light source also ensures that Casio latest business projector can deliver optimal projection with high brightness and superior color. In fact, Casio claims that all of its projectors which is powered by hybrid light source including XJ-SK600 boast wider color gamut and thus perfect for both business and multimedia projection scenario. That aside, hybrid light source technology planted in this business projector also offers significant improvement on operating cost department as a result of more efficient power usage and longer lifetime. Casio XJ-SK600 business projector is touted to capable of deliver best projection up to 20.000 hours or approximately three times higher than competing products with lamp sources. For users with need for higher brightness, this business projector also comes with another configuration of 6500 lumens in XJ-SK650 mode which features the exact same specification and differ only in terms of brightness level.

However, XJ-SK600 business projector does not only rely on the hybrid light source technology alone to deliver the best projection for business users. The business projector also introduce dual projection concept to deliver super bright projection for your business applications without breaking a bank. So instead of a single expensive high brightness business projector, Casio XJ-SK600 allows you to enjoy the same high quality and super bright projection with dual projection system via two more affordable business projectors. That said, it is also possible to use the combo as independent business projector when and where needed.

By dual projection system, Casio XJ-SK600 is actually made by stacking one business projector over another. Each of the business projector will project from the same source and to the same screen with images. Because there are two light outputs in the dual projection system, the business projector then is able to deliver super bright projection up to 6000 lumens (or 6500 lumens for XJ-SK650 model) for optimal projection in all lighting conditions. In a way, the dual projection is a very viable solution for projection applications in well-lit environments or larger venues. To break it down, the dual projection system of the business projector is built using two Casio XJ-M250 from Signature series which boast brightness level of 3000 lumens each. These two projectors is stacked for dual projection on a single rack and features ceiling-mount installation. With the dual projection concept, users can benefit from XJ-SK600 in two different ways: performance and flexibility. On one hand, users get to enjoy super bright projection thanks to the multiplied brightness from the dual projection system. On the other side, they can save cost with the more affordable business projector and easily configure it as independent single business projector for other applications where necessary. In summary, Casio may just lucky enough to pinpoint a niche gap in business projector market with XJ-SK600 which features the best elements of projection scene: hybrid light source and dual projection system.

Dual Projection

As number of pixels in display, brightness is the most common indicator to choose projector. Simply put, there are many people out there who thinks the brighter the better. While it holds true in most cases, there has been a high concern in the expensive price tag as well as operating cost in relation to higher power consumption. Casio latest business projector XJ-SK600 features hybrid light source and dual projection to deliver super brightness projection within reasonable budget. Hybrid light source is among the main highlight in Casio projectors including business projector lineups for its positive impact on both projection performance and operating cost. Three years ago, Casio also becomes the first one to enter the market with projector which is powered by hybrid light source. Now, Casio is back to inspire the entire projection industry by introducing dual projection system. By stacking two identical projector in single cabinet to produces single projection.

Casio XJ-SK600 offers two times higher brightness for demanding environment such as business applications and large venues. And even with such super high brightness, the business projector indicate no concern for power consumption as both projectors are using hybrid light source. In fact, the business projector consumes power less than 1 watt in standby mode. On different note, the innovative dual projection system also offers higher flexibility with the ceiling-mount installation.

Convenient Features

For ideal projection every time, Casio XJ-SK600 business projector can also be paired with optional geometric correction bix YA-S10. As suggested by its name, the correction system works mainly to help the business projectors make necessary adjustment to image alignment when and where needed. What's more, this correction system also allows users to project into both flat and curved surface with XJ-SK600 business projector. But the best thing about this system is that users get to do this via convenient remote control. It is especially handy with the XJ-SK600 since it uses stacked configuration which is highly susceptible to uneven or crooked image projection. In a lot of ways, this system works similar to lens shift or auto-image features commonly found with higher end business projector.

(Date: 02 May 2013; Lidya)

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