Chiayo New Wireless Portable Amplifier Integrates Mixer Function

For those working with professional sound amplification, amplifier is no stranger. In fact, amplifier has been part of professional sound amplification all along in various installation including corporate, education, retail, and leisure. Basically designed to boost power/signal output of your electronic devices, there is simply dozens of amplifier out there with different types and quality to meet different requirements of diverse applications. While choosing the right amplifier may remain challenging as ever, mobility and versatility seems to be included as other important concern for sound professionals these days to determine the best amplifier for their applications. With that in mind, Chiayo introduces new wireless portable amplifier which integrates mixer function. Christened as Stage Pro, the new entry of wireless portable amplifier is particularly tailored for professional sound markets which demands high performance of power amplifier while keeping it compact enough for mobile applications.

Not only that, highly mobile sound professionals can expect the new wireless portable amplifier to come handy when and where needed thanks to the modular design which ensures hassle-free setup. What's more, Chiayo actually integrates mixer function in the new Stage Pro wireless portable amplifier for ultimate versatility. With the built-in mixer function, users can easily combine analog and digital sound signal for optimal sound output when necessary without forking out extra cash as it is part of the amplifier. Obiously, mixer function is also an added value if you work with multiple input sources. At its heart, Chiayo new wireless portable amplifier boasts an impressive Class D power amplifier capability with total output power up to 150 W. Despite the fact, users can feel peace of mind about power consumption as the new wireless portable amplifier keep the power consumption efficient as possible. Living up to its status as wireless portable amplifier, Chiayo Stage Pro offers up to 10 hours operating time when used with the rechargeable lithium battery or at least six hours with alternative Lead-acid battery. This way, users with mobile applications can definitely enjoy high quality sound amplification in extended time without a hitch. Even after you are running out of battery, the wireless portable amplifier is equipped with an easily-accessible battery compartment for instant replacement.

As mentioned earlier, new Chiayo Stage Pro wireless portable amplifier is not only built with performance in mind but also versatility aspect in consideration. To begin with, the new wireless portable amplifier offers a range of additional convenient features including dedicated control for volume, microphone, and instrument inputs. In particular, Stage Pro wireless portable amplifier is fitted with 3-band equalizer to allow users seamlessy adjust equalizer setting in three different frequency range from bass, middle range, and treble as well as master volume control to tune overall sound output. As for wired microphones, Chiayo arms their latest wireless portable amplifier with dual XLR/6.3 mm jack combo as well as dedicated volume control. Going extra miles, the wired microphones even got bass/treble and reverb control too for ultimately best audio performance. This extra functionality is certainly beneficial for sound professionals which happens to use wired microphones most of the time.

Still feature-wise, sound professionals who work with sound amplification for both voices and instruments will appreciate that this wireless portable amplifier also has voice priority function. With this functionality, you do no have to go through turn on/off hassle to make voices audible amongst the background instruments. Chiayo Stage Pro wireless portable amplifier does that for you in a click of button which is also switchable for effortless sound amplification on the fly. Or, if you feel dissatisfied about the sound output, there is always an option to manually tune the bass/treble performance with the loudness feature on the wireless portable amplifier. For ultimate versatility, the new wireless portable amplifier can be easily integrated with other digital devices via optional video player module to enable content playback or streaming from multiple external sources such as CD, SD card, or USB flash drive. That said, users can also use the supplied remote control to manage these external inputs from distance instead of directly on the main unit of the wireless portable amplifier. On different note, Chiayo Stage Pro also adopts very compact design with 8" speaker while providing full compatibility to use with wide selection of microphones, CD player, and accessories.

All-in-One Solution

With today advanced technology, it seems that nothing is impossible and even it is not possible, perhaps it is just the matter of time before it becomes possible. If you are still not sure, just look at dozens of all-in-one solutions been around all these times. In general, all those devices combines several functions together in a single device to makes things more simple and centralized. The new Chiayo Stage Pro wireless portable amplifier is a perfect all-in-one solution which integrates mixer function to meet and enhance sound amplification settings for sound professionals. With mixer function readily available through the built-in electronic crossover, sound professionals can seamlessly set audio signal from multiple sources to be delivered simultaneously in the same speaker output. In addition, mixer function in the wireless portable amplifier will also come handy to minimize distortion and audio feedback which is a commonplace for professional sound system involving multiple devices and input sources. As such, Chiayo new wireless portable amplifier is indeed a very viable, effective solution for some professional sound applications with such kind of sound amplification requirements such as public address system, radio broadcast, and live touring. After all, they really get to enjoy the all-in-one part and save resources.

Apart from convenient mixer function, the new wireless portable amplifier is equally excellent performer when it comes to its core functionality as power amplifier. While featuring compact portable design, the wireless portable amplifier actually packs immense power output of 150 W in total. Ranked as class D power amplifier, the new Chiayo wireless portable amplifier provides balanced power ouput for both low frequency and high frequency driver at 100 W and 50 W respectively for finest sound quality.

Enhanced Flexibility

If you are going places a lot or simply require a versatile amplifier solution for mobile applications, then look no further from Chiayo Stage Pro. The new entry of wireless portable amplifier redefines portability meaning of portable amplifier like never before. As expected, users can seamlessly switch between two power modes (battery and DC output) available in the wireless portable amplifier accordingly to your need. For battery mode, the wireless portable amplifier comes with two options : rechargeable lithium ion and lead acid, each offering different operating time. With rechargeable lithium battery users can enjoy extensive operating time up to 10 hours while the other option last a little shorter at six hours. When running out of battery, you can either replace the battery right away with the backup battery or switch to direct DC power.

(Date: 17 May 2013; Lidya)

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