Chief FUSION Expands Freestanding Video Wall Mount for Large Display

To support large display as in video wall installation or digital signage, you will be needing a mount or standing depending on your requirements and applications. Not only it help to ensure secure installation, there are many examples of how the right mount or standing delivers best result for you large display installation. Back in last year, Chief as one of the leading mount and rack solution provider, launched a range of video wall mount solutions under its FUSION series lineup. Aimed especially at video wall and digital signage installations, the new video wall mount features versatile ceiling installation with a suite of features including micro-height and level adjustments for perfect positioning of your large display. A year afterwards, they are ready to expand video wall mount solution in the FUSION series lineup with freestanding video wall mount for large display; enriching the whole FUSION portoflio for video wall mount.

With the new freestanding video wall mount, Chief are looking to cater to large display installation by offering them in both bolt down and portrait models. By featuring the new bolt down and portarit models for the video wall mount solution, Chief also expect to provide more flexible installation with large display as users can easily combines them to create a wider or higher multi-display setup. That aside, users can also easily works with different multi-screen layout of the large display such as 2x2, 3x2, and 3x3 in the bolt down video wall mount or 3x1, 2x2, and 3x2 for the portrait video wall mount. One of the most common problem with large display in multi-window installation is alignment. Often, users find themselves spend hours to figure out a correctly aligned multi-screen with large display or simply wants to create seamless look for their large display video wall installation. Similar to the previously introduced ceiling video wall mount of FUSION series, the freestanding video wall mount also packs the same ControlZone Leveling feature which allows precise tuning over height and plumb of your large display for optimal final result. Next, the freestanding video wall mount is also equipped with dedicated height and plumb adjustment to enable users manually adjust the alignment to suit to their preferences and requirements for the large display.

Backed up with more than 30 years of expertise and experience, Chief remains strongly commited to provide the best mount and rack solutions to diverse market segments including commercial applications such as video wall and digital signage installation. On that basis, they keep developing robust solutions for secure permanent installations and their latest freestanding video wall mount under the FUSION series lineup is no exception. Built specifically for video wall installation with large display, this video wall mount can accommodate large display with various sizes up to 56,7 kg per screen. In fact, Chief claims that its new freestanding video wall mount can sustain a large display of 60" at maximum with optional FCAX bracket accessory. What's more, the bracket accesries also comes in various length configuration for both the bolt-down and potrait video wall mount.

To ensure seamless and robust video wall installation, the new FUSION video wall mount also include built-in cable management system. This way, users can easily manage the cluttered cables commonly found with video wall and digital signage installation. With advanced vertical and lateral adjustments, users can also be sure to enjoy easy and perfect positioning with their large display with this video wall mount. And with the standing design, it does not make this video wall mount any less secure than its ceiling mount counterparts. It is because Chief also equip the new video wall mount with large lockable rolling caster which provides optimal mobility and smooth positioning while ensuring secure installations. The new Fusion video wall mount will be available in LVM and LBM series for bolt-down and portrait models respectively.

Flexible Installation for Large Display

One way to make sure hat your large display installation is succesful is choosing the right equipments. While the large display is the main highlight and thus most important piece, the mount to prop it up also requires careful consideration. Thing is because the large display is usually meant for commercial applications, durability and flexibility is a must. You cannot afford to have to replace the large display which cost very dearly just because the standing or mount broken. As such, Chief as the leding mount and rack solutions has no room for error when developing their solutions. Their latest freestanding video wall mount under the FUSION series is also built to perform. In terms of build quality, users can rely on the video wall mount to support large display with screen size up to 60" and weight around 56,7 kg at the maximum. In addition, Chief actually provides a range of optional bracket accessory to allow various combination scenarios with your large display with the new video wall mount. Believe it or not, this feature comes very handy to create larger array with your large display for greater impression. After all, it is the reason why users in the commercial applications choose to use large display for their multi-screen setup. And with the fact that the new video wall mount comes in both bolt-down and portrait models make it easier for users to enjoy flexible installation in various applications.

Robust build quality aside, Chief's new freestanding video wall mount also excels in terms of flexibility. In the first place and perhaps foremost feature in the video wall mount is the ControlZone micro-adjustable feature. As the name suggests, this feature enable users to easily adjust height and leveling of their video wall mount up to 19 mm both vertically and horizontally for precise positioning of the large display installation. If it is not flexible enough for you, the video wall mount also comes with dedicated knobs for plumb and lateral shift adjustment. In other words, the new Fusion freestanding simply got all you need to ideal permanent installation for your large display. What's better, all those smart adjustment features make the entire installation incredibly easy and effortless. In summary, Chief definitely goes extra miles to provide users with the best rack and mount solutions; featuring excellent build quality as well as versatile installation.

(Date: 26 April 2013; Lidya)

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