Christie Video Wall Display Cube Packs Wireless Networking Capability

With mission-critical commercial applications such as control room, compromise is a taboo word to say, save for happen at all. For that reason, Christie takes their chance as one of the leading video wall display providers to deliver the best video wall solution for control room applications with their new LED-based video wall display cube which is also the first to feature wireless networking capability. For long time, Christie has been known for their reliable video wall display cube solutions and thus always in the leading front to cater to high demanding applications such as control rooms. The new Christie Entero HB video wall display cube boasts all the best qualities of video wall display cube such as uncompromising performance and reliability with zero maintenance design.

However, it is only the beginning because this advanced video wall display cube also packs LED technology to drive lower energy consumption and thus lower operating cost. To ensure flexible installation for various requirements with different commercial applications, Christie Entero HB video wall display cube will come in several sizes of display cube ranging from 50" to 80" with different configuration with various resolutions and display formats for high brightness and standard type. Especially for mission-critical applications with expected 24/7 operation basis, zero maintenance design can mean either disaster if the video wall solutions did not deliver or peace of mind if it did delivers. With their Entero HB video wall display cube, Christie can assure you that the latter scenario is a sure thing thanks to the solid-state technology which means there is practically no whatsoever moving parts inside. Unlike traditional DLP-based video wall display cube, the new Christie Entero HB video wall display cube simply offers exceptional reliability because it has no color wheel to replace. In fact, Christie claims that the LED-based video wall display cube can survive extensive operation with no maintenance at all for five years at the least. Still on reliability aspect, users can expect up to whopping 60.000/80.000 hours (normal/eco mode) lifetime.

That said, there is no worry over compromised performance either because the new Christie Entereo HD video wall display cube features the highest brightness LED projection in its class up to 1100 lumens. At last, the video wall display cube also pack the proprietary Christie ArraySync optical technology which now has seen its third iteration and provides intelligent calibration function for both brightness level and color reproduction for the video wall display cube.

A lot of integrated system and devices have been equipped with wireless networking capabilities. The wireless networking capabilities are used primarily to allow seamless integration with other devices and systems such as for sharing purposes. Nevertheless, it turns out that second most common applications which leverages on wireless networking capabilities is control and management functionality. This way, users can easily control their network-enabled systems and devices from remote places. Even, it is also possible for them to perform simple maintenance routines or management functions in some cases via the wireless networking capabilities. Christie just does not see any reason why users with commercial applications cannot enjoy the same benefit of wireless networking capabilities for flexible control and management with their video wall display cube solutions. As such, they decide to add in the wireless networking capability into the new Entero HB video wall display cube.

Not only become the brightest video wall display cube on the market at present, the new Christie Entero HB is also the first to feature wireless networking capability. While other competing products still struggle with managing their video wall solutions from conventional wired centralized PC,Entero HB video wall display cube provides multiple options control including wireless networking capability which allows users to control and monitor their video wall from any wireless-enabled devices such as tablet. In other words, users now can have full control over their video wall display cube thanks to the wireless networking capabilities; exactly like a lot of system these days. At its heart, the integration of wireless networking function on this video wall display cube allows users to do the same control and management function as they find with traditional IR remote keypad or standard PC. Only, this time they can do it wirelessly, making it more convenient and flexible as ever. With the built-in wireless networking functionality, users can monitor and tweak their video wall solution from any wireless device, anywhere and anytime.

Uncompromising Reliability

Commercial applications these days seems to have tougher life with their existing video wall solutions. As data grows larger and larger, around the clock monitoring functionality is often a difficult chore and small errors in your system can prove disastrous. The new Christie Entero HB video wall display cube is engineered to such demanding environments and expectations; delivering uncompromising reliability and performance for ensured best experience. In the first place, the video wall display cube boasts an improved zero maintenance design by leveraging on solid state technology to process the source light. As such, instead of the motorized color wheel, the video wall display cube uses RGB LED units to process the lights. Not only able to run faster than the traditional color wheels to minimize artifacts, these LED units also offers wider color gamut and thus more vibrant color reproduction.

Next, the new Entero HB also relies on the energy-efficient LED technology which has proven record to deliver high brightness and great image quality while keeping the power consumption low. And as far as brightness is concerned, this Christie's latest video wall display cube practically has no competition with super high illumination up to 1100 lumens. But even with high brightness, users do not have to worry that Entero HB video wall display cube will consume high energy or has shorter lamp life on extended use. In fact, the Entero HD video wall display cube is touted to provide extra long lamp life of 80.000 hours when used in Eco mode. Again, the LED technology takes a key role in ensuring better energy management with this display cube. When combined with the next generation of Christie ArraySync wall management technology, the display cube can enjoy optimal performance every time and accordingly thanks to the automatic brightness adjustment and color calibration. To top things off, this Christie video wall display cube adopts modular design for easy installation as well as maintenance.

Extra Flexibility

While you can be assured of the reliability and performance of your video wall solutions, 24/7 monitoring and management task can be a daunting task. With that in mind, Christie decides to integrate wireless networking capability to their new Entero HB video wall display cube. The built-in wireless networking capability enables users to do simple monitoring or perform diagnostic task on the video wall installation from any wireless-enabled devices including mobile devices such as tablet. Of course, the traditional option of controls such as IR remote keypad and standard PC is also available with this video wall display cube. However, it is obviously more convenient and handy if you can have control over the video wall installation at your fingertips thanks to the wireless networking capability.

(Date: 24 April 2013; Lidya)

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