ClearOne Introduces Beamforming Microphone for Pro Audio Industry

What is an excellent audio to you? It is a tough question and until now there is not exactly anything as perfect sound for everybody. Sound often subjects to personal taste and preferences and thus may vary from one person to another. But it is hardly the case for audio in business or professional applications. Unlike personal audio which prioritizes acoustic tunes over anything else, quality and accuracy of the messages delivered becomes the top priorities in business environment. Simply said, it is a different kind of professional audio which is more of communication-oriented rather than acoustic-oriented. To deliver the right audio and visual communication solution for every market including business users, ClearOne is proud to introduce beamforming microphone array which is touted to offer the true pro audio like never before for corporate environment.

But make no mistake. The industry first professional beamforming microphone is not only equipped with beamforming technology for excellent audio pickup but also adaptive steering technology and the latest acoustic echo cancellation feature which both are especially tailored to enhance the quality of overall pro audio performance. Interestingly, the beamforming microphone is even smarter than you think it will be thanks to the 24 microphone elements which can actively detect and "tag along" the audio source instead of receiving the sound input passively. For those with concerns about ambient noise or rooms with poor acoustic characteristics, ClearOne new beamforming microphone also comes with special mic array with echo and noise cancellation feature to eliminate any distracting background noise.

While visual is generally considered the most important element in videoconferencing, audio is in fact equally important because if you miss either the audio or visual, misunderstanding can happen. How do you get excellent quality audio? There are basically two ways: design a room with good acoustic characteristic and install good audio system. You can pick up one or combine them if possible. Believe it or not there is such thing as room with good and bad acoustic character. The bad one is identifiable with a lot of echo and noises. In most cases, this type of room is a result of too much hard solid surfaces so that the sound is not able to be absorbed and reflected at its best. To solve this, you can do a little makeover to the room by adding some soft elements such as carpet or draperies. But again, it may took extra expenses. The second method to improve audio quality is installing a good audio system. In a long term, it can be more beneficial than redesigning the room itself.

Microphone is an essential component in a good audio system and there is a lot of microphone out there. Problem is, only few can deliver pro audio as you expected and the new ClearOne beamforming microphone is an ideal example. While the majority of microphone pay little attention to directional sensitivity, ClearOne beamforming microphone takes a step ahead with beamforming technology which offers enhanced omnidirectional audio capture system with 24 microphone element detecting sound from all direction accurately while also eliminating unwanted ambient noises. Not only that, the beamforming microphone actually features adaptive acoustic processing for high clarity pro audio pickup anywhere in the room regardless of any room configuration.

There may be not such thing as perfect audio but ClearOne just offers the best pro audio for your video conference and collaboration setups with their new beamforming microphone array. Expect high quality pro audio every time for effective communication in your business.

Next Generation Audio Technology

Have you ever talked to someone in the phone yet you can also hear yourself? Or in a empty room, try to speak and see how your voice reflected a little later than your actual action. They are both examples of echo phenomenon. While it may not have significant impact on daily life, imagine it happens during your big business presentation or million-dollar deal talk. The nightmare comes early and can happen at any chances. You certainly could not afford for that to really happen. So here is one clue from ClearOne: choose the right microphone for your audio system. ClearOne new beamforming microphone array boasts the latest beamforming technology as well as adaptive steering technology with 24 microphone elements to easily pick up audio from anywhere in the room while maintaining high quality pro audio for accurate communication and messages delivery. What is most unique from this adaptive steering technology in this beamforming microphone is that the array of 24 microphone can automatically adjust its audio capture based on the location and position of speakers or participants inside the room. Moreover, the speakers or participants also do not have to stick near the microphone all the time to ensure best audio quality. With the ClearOne beamforming microphone, they are free to stand, sit, or walk around the room and still get to voice out clearly and accurately while the other party can enjoy high quality pro audio reception. Apart from accurate audio pickup, the beamforming microphone actually extends pickup range up to two times higher than traditional microphone and the array is claimed to have the same capability as ten microphone installation.

People coughing, papers rustled, pens tapped or notifications from smartphones. There are simply a lot of distracting sound you often find in the meeting room. To solve the problem, ClearOne beamforming microphone is fitted with the latest acoustic echo cancellation which works mainly to eliminate echoes and noises from sound transmissions for optimum pro audio quality. In a way, the echo cancellation feature in the beamforming microphone is designed to filter audio from background noises and improve clarity and overall audio quality for true pro audio delivery. When you speak, you are generally to speak into or direct your voice at the microphone but there is not any real suggestion on how to do it right. Some people whisper as if they were discussing secrets. Others let the loudest voice of theirs even yelling or barking at the microphone with stirred emotions. As a result, the other participants get distracted, lose their focuses, and the meeting or presentation end up with less optimum results. ClearOne understands your concern and thus the new beamforming microphone is fitted with auto voice-tracking and intelligent gain adjustment feature. The former comes handy to automatically correct microphone gain, which is the measurement of how sensitive a microphone towards audio input, while keeping the noises down. All in all, ClearOne beamforming microphone which delivers pro audio quality is among one better solution to sucessful and effective video conferencing and collaboration.

Ultra Sleek and Flexible Design

As menioned earlier, the sensitivity of microphone also contribute to the overall audio quality and it is closely related to the position of the microphone itself. With ClearOne beamforming microphone, users do not have to worry as it comes with options for flexible mounting or ceiling. This way, speakers and participants can talk naturally without having to stay close to the microphone all the time. The flexible mounting or ceiling also makes it easier for the beamforming microphone to pickup audio accurately as they are up in the ceiling and have no whatsoever distraction from solid surfaces. Finally, the sleek minimalist design of ClearOne beamforming microphone will easily fit any business environment such as board room, conference room, courtroom, telepresence, training center and many more. Expect to enjoy high clarity and high quality pro audio with ClearOne beamforming microphone array.

(Date: 03 April 2013; Lidya)

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