ClearOne Wireless Microphone System Offers Crystal Clear Audio Quality

So what if your microphone system sounds good? After all, you must have been through quite a hassle to get it up and running. No? Think again how much time do you spend on preparing the microphone system for the meetings. Or, how the messy wiring drives you crazy all the time. Not to mention the mediocre audio quality and limited coverage. There's simply too much work. Now what if you can get rids of all those issues with a single system? ClearOne WS800 Digital Wireless Microphone System offers crystal-clear audio quality minus the troubling setup and wiring. Sounds too good to be true? Not quite since the WS800 wireless microphone system features the advanced audio processing and, wider frequency band, and a host of convenient extras including the 256-bit encryption.

Aimed for versatile professional applications such as board room, conference room, and training room, this professional wireless microphone system can support multiple linked microphones up to 32 channels and full compatibility with wide range of microphone types. To provide reliable performance and crystal-clear audio quality, ClearOne WS800 wireless microphone system actually leverage on three different frequency band: 902 to 928 MHz, 710 to 740 MHz, and 603 to 630 MHz. This ways, users will not really have to be concerned about any interference or conflicting frequencies with other digital devices inside the same room. When coupled with the advanced 24-bit audio processing engine, the multiple frequency band capability in WS800 wireless microphone system simply makes it effortless to enjoy crystal-clear audio quality throughout different applications. Not only do the wireless microphone offers ultimate freedom from the clutter with wiring as well as crystal-clear audio quality, users can also expect extended flexibility with the multiple power options. You can choose to use rechargeable batteries, off the shelf ones, or field-replaceable to power the wireless microphone system. Once the batteries are out, you can easily recharge via the optional docking station which also doubles as storage. Alternatively, users can turn to USB port if the microphone supports USB-charging. In fact, there is also option to get notified for recharging the batteries. Apart from that, the WS800 wireless microphone system also makes a viable option for high privacy and confidential communications because it comes with 256-bit AES encryption.

With professional audio and business communications, crystal-clear audio quality is a must and so does the the flexible installation. ClearOne provides just the right answer to those requirements through their WS800 wireless microphone system which is optimized for crystal-clear audio quality reproduction in professional applications. Often, you will need to go through a long tiresome setup with audio system for every single meeting because of different requirements. For example, you need to set the room with microphone for the main speakers but the participants will also need to speak out in the Q&A session. Using multiple microphones is one option but they do not really provide the consistent crystal-clear audio quality you expect to ensure seamless communication. ClearOne WS800 wireless microphone system works well with various kind of microphones including gooseneck, tabletop, handheld, and beltpack types. It also supports either four or eight channel system with up to 32 microphones linked together. You do not have to use multiple microphone system to cater to different requirements.

Since you are going wireless, you may worry about the coverage quality. However, ClearOne claims up to 300 feet of wireless coverage with this advanced wireless microphone system. Plus, it also comes with optional antenna kit to extend the coverage even further. Other extra include integrated CONVERGE Console configuration software to help enhance the audio quality by preventing redundant channels or applying preset configuration. As for integration and controls, WS800 is a relatively robust performer with several connectivity ports such as RS232, Ethernet, and USB. All in all, ClearOne WS800 wireless microphone system combines the crystal-clear audio quality and wireless versatility ;ensuring users to get the best of both world without a hitch for any applications.

Best Audio Quality

What makes best audio quality for professional applications? For some people, crystal-clear audio quality is a sure thing but the others expect them to be hassle-free too. So ClearOne comes up with WS800 wireless microphone system which features both reliable wireless performance and crystal-clear audio quality. To ensure reliable wireless performance, ClearOne WS800 wireless microphone system leverages on extra wider frequency band which extends from 902 to 928 MHz, 710 to 740 MHz, to 603 to 630 MHz. With the wider frequency, users can easily use the wireless microphone system with various applications and devices. More or less, it also leads to more quality wireless reception and thus ensured crystal-clear audio quality as it can operate on any of the three supported frequency range without risk of interference.

Even better, the wireless microphone system offers total freedom for users to speak out from anywhere in the room thanks to the extended wireless coverage up to 300 feet. Even participants which are seated far from the speakers will not miss out any information because they also get to hear the same crystal-clear audio quality. To top things off, the advanced wireless microphone system is fitted with the latest 24-bit digital audio processing engine to enhance the audio quality even further. And when you think if things cannot get any better than this, ClearOne adds in 256-bit AES encryption to this wireless microphone system. Currently, the 256-bit AES encryption is among the most advanced security standard to date which is fully compliant with US government FIPS PUB 197 specification. So now, users can enjoy a crystal-clear audio quality minus the hassle and security threats for effective and secure business communication every time.

Ultimate Flexibility

Now that WS800 wireless microphone system has made the impossible comes true by merging the best of both world of wireless technology and best audio quality, it still got some bells and whistles. Among them is the base receiver unit which can accommodate both four and eight channels to suit to your requirements while providing supports for 32 linked microphones per a pair of antenna. Users are also welcome to pair the wireless microphone system with various microphone configuration such as gooseneck, tabletop, beltpack, or handheld type. As such, you are not only able to have minimal clutter as possible but also save energy and additional cost. For power sources, the wireless microphone system can relies on both rechargeable batteries and standard AA batteries. In case of rechargeable ones, WS800 wireless microphone system also comes with optional charging/docking station which can provide full or extra juice for your rechargeable microphones when necessary for ultimate flexibility. It is capable to charge up to eight compatible microphones simultaneously.

(Date: 22 April 2013; Lidya)

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