Clockaudio Boundary Microphone Offers Smart Design for Business

Backed up with 19 years of experience and expertise of developing innovations for professional audio market, Clockaudio continuously keep an eye on what customers need along with the ever-changing professional audio applications as well as various room configurations. As such, they have a broad range of microphone solutions plus their complementary accessories kit to help deliver high quality for business and professional audio applications. With the comprehensive portfolio of microphones for business and professional audio applications, Clockaudio makes it easier for users to choose the right microphone solution for their business or professional audio application since different microphones works for different situations. Particularly in business applications such as in conference room, meeting room, or training room where there is high possibility of multiple speakers, for instance, you will need something which offers both high quality audio and versatile installation. Something like Clockaudio CRM 100-RF boundary microphone which boasts smart design to deliver the best quality audio for business applications while enabling versatile installation.

And by smart design, the boundary microphone actually adopts retractable style to make versatile installation. While being boundary microphone requires it to be fix-installed into the table or flat surfaces, users can easily raise it up for use and lower it back inside the capsule when not in use. In a way, such smart design helps users in business applications to effectively save space and ensure seamless aesthetic in your business environments while preventing it from unwanted damage. In fact, the boundary microphone looks similar to your tabletop electrification solution with the minimal protruding part of 3 mm. Apart from the smart design of Clockaudio CRM 100-RF, the boundary microphone itself is considered the best choice for business applications due to boundary layer effect. In boundary layer effect, sound is well reflected against flat surfaces with wider space to travel before reproduced in the output device and thus more well-dispersed audio. That aside, users can also enjoy uniformly high quality audio across the room thanks to the omdirectional polar pattern adopted by this boundary microphone which promotes better audio pickup since it has equal sensitivity level for sound coming from multiple directions. As such, everyone inside the room have the same opportunity to speak out and share ideas.

In terms of audio performance, Clockaudio CRM 100-RF boundary microphone got all it takes to deliver not only high quality audio performance but also natural sound for your business meetings. In the first place, the boundary microphone is built as condenser type which means it has greater frequency response and more sensitive in picking audio. In one way, there is smaller possibility that all participants in business applications have difficulty to share their ideas or give feedbacks. Then, the audio coming out from the boundary microphone will sound more normal as it is in normal conversation without the microphone.

That aside, users can also expect more refined audio quality with the CRM 100-RF boundary microphone because it comes equipped with integrated RF filter which filters out noise and unnecessary signal interference from other devices running in the same radio frequency range. On the down side, do note that the condenser nature of the boundary microphone can be prone to unwanted noise such as feedback from other sound output devices. Unlike dynamic microphone, boundary microphone in general may also require users to provide either batteries or phantom power source to get the sound polarized and amplified. To your advantage, Clockaudio boundary microphone is fitted with built-in phantom power module. Finally, this boundary microphone from Clockaudio also comes handy for business applications since it also supports remote switching. All in all, Clockaudio CRM 100-RF boundary microphone is definitely one of the better microphone solution for business application where quality audio and versatile installation are essential.

Smart Design

Like any other devices, microphones also comes in various shape, size, and type; each cater to different requirements and may or may not work in various applications. For business applications, you may find several type of microphones with various installation types. While handheld, gooseneck, and boundary microphone come as most common type of microphone used for business applications, there is hardly any certain criteria of installation for microphones in business environment. Problem is, the majority of business environment got different room configurations with different acoustic qualities. Nevertheless, boundary microphone is considered one the the better options for business applications thanks to the boundary layer effect which is believed to provide superior sound reproduction across the room while maintaining natural sound output. Clockaudio CRM 100-RF boundary microphone not only offers the same advantage for business applications but also improves it by introducing smart design to pair with its low profile. Unlike standard boundary microphone, Clockaudio features smart design for CRM 100-RF with retractable capsule build. This way, users can easily push down and lock up the boundary microphone when not in use but maintain the fixed installation for long term use. Of course, the smart design of the boundary microphone also contributes to overall improved aesthetics of business environments since it virtually disappears the moment you push down the capsule. That aside, this boundary microphone also offers extended reliability which is essential for business applications thanks tot he robust brass construction.

Quality Audio

Above all things, audio quality comes first for all audio solutions including microphone. And the Clockaudio CRM 100-RF boundary microphone does not make any compromise on audio quality for business applications. Boasting omni-directional polar pattern, users can also expect a uniform best audio quality for every participant across the room regardless of their position. It is because the boundary microphone is able to pick up audio input from multiple directions as equally strong. Next, the boundary microphone also counts on the built-in RF filter which is attached to the phantom power module which power the condenser. If any, the built-in RF filter works flawlessly to minimize, if not eliminate possible signal interferences from other devices which runs on the same radio frequency range. Finally, the boundary microphone sports relatively low THD level at 20 db and high sensitivity at 42.5 dB. In summary, Clockaudio CRM 100-RF boundary microphone makes a decent choice for business applications which look for versatile flexibility without compromising on audio quality.

(Date: 30 April 2013; Lidya)

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