Condenco Booking Solutions Transform Workspace Management

Space, especially in workspace and commercial applications, can bring either bless or disaster depending on how much you are able to make effective use out of it. And this is just not only the matter of getting right people in the right place at the right moment, but also ensures that every inch of the space really is adequately utilized or at least not underutilized. However, workspace management is no simple things. It takes a lot of time, energy, and resources and things becomes tougher if you are doing it without the right solutions. Condeco is committed to help you transform your workspace like never before; offering a hassle-free workspace management with an advanced booking solutions.

How exactly hard it is to manage space in workplace? Think this. You clients called for a sudden meeting in your office because they have something important to discuss. Alas, all the meeting rooms seems to be fully occupied and you have no idea when they will be available. In short, it is one of those disastrous days at work. With Condeco booking solutions, such thing will never happen. Users can easily track and book meeting rooms or any spaces in workplace in a snap, almost instantly and effortlessly. Even, the intelligent booking solutions will take care of the invitees for you by sending out notification via emails or text messages about the planned meetings.

Not only that, Condeco booking solutions also go extra miles by allowing users to order additional services and equipments needed for the meetings. All the business with getting space and make the best of it is made easier with Condeco booking solutions which simply turns workspace management into an easy fuss-free task. To enhance the convenience for the users, these advanced booking solutions also include integration with existing calendar or scheduling system such as Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes. And for those needing more than just booking solutions alone, Condenco also offers additional softwares such as Advanced Reporting Solution to provide detailed and comprehensive reports on room and space utilizations as well as resources and pattern usages for more eefective workspace management.

With Condeco booking solutions, they really meant it when saying about effortless room-booking system. All the workspace management including booking, adjusting, and managing rooms can be done quickly and easily through a web browser from any networked computers. This way, it means that anyone in the workplace can do it regardless of their position or status compared to administrators-restricted in traditional booking systems. Conforming to today's diverse workplace, Condeco booking solutions also comes with multilingual support for up to eight different languages including English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. And for those with differen time zones, they will be also glad to know that these advanced booking solutions also makes it possible for users to book rooms in adjusted local times in video conference setup for example. In many ways, it really lives up to its commitment to enhance workspace management like never before.

To avoid any space and room underutilization possibilities, the booking solutions actually send reminders to both host and invitees one day prior to the planned meetings. And if any invitees should arrives earlier than the host, it will also notifies the host; enabling an effective use of the time and rooms. The same goes for no show and extended cases. Condeco booking solutions allows for instant cancellation and extension of the rooms and spaces. All the information on rooms, occupancy, and other detials will be displayed and accessible to any one in the workplace in real-time for a truly effective workspace management. It is also convenient that these advanced booking solutions actually arranges rooms in priorities so in case the primary room is not available at the defined time, it will automatically switch to the second options while notifying both the host and the related attendees. All things considered, Condeco booking solutions simplifies workspace management with its nifty features, centralized management, and seamless integration with existing systems.

Increased Productivity

Just how many times wasted to struggle with managing your workspace and at the worst case all of your efforts did not really show any significant results. Employees make frequent trip to other places to have meeting instead of your very own offices because no rooms available. They make you forking out extra costs for travel expenses than it should be. In the mean time, some meeting rooms in the workplace are underutilized because they are not used that often or simply occupied for short time. Take actions now and switch to Condeco booking solutions. Every staff in the workplace can plan a meeting and book room ahead without any worries. With the advanced booking solutions, there will be no such thing as double-booking, first come first serve, or simply losing the booked rooms to other parties because of miscommunication. As such, they can save time and energy for more important activities such as the work or meetings itself than the place.

With Condeco booking solutions, room booking can be made, monitored, and modified from a convenient web browser or calendar system where necessary. All of the Condeco booking solutions offer seamless integration with commonly-used calendar and scheduling system such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Lotus. In one way, they get to manage their meeting schedules more effectively in that there will be no double appointments with internal and external meetings at the same time. On the other hand, users will not have to move between different system to make sure they can secure the room thanks to the advanced booking solutions from Condeco. Condeco booking solutions simply saves time and make things easy for increased productivity and better workspace management.

Scalable Solution

At some point in your company history, you may think workspace management is not big issue because everyone know what each other is into or will use which room. But sooner or later, your companies will grow and have to deal with higher number of people and of course rooms and spaces. It becomes very unbearable as nobody really pay attention about workspace management � at all including yourself. They just take up any rooms which they find when going around the office while some others leave the room without saying anything the moment they see a single presence of human inside. Condeco booking solutions offers full scalability and simply grows along with your companies without much fuss. Condeco software solutions can be customised accordingly to your business needs. You also do not have to really install any software in each and every computer system in the workplace, which is definitely a tiresome job. With the Condeco booking solutions, the employees can easily access all the data and information about room and bookings through a web browser. If you look into making the workplace a better place, Condeco booking solutions is a viable options to smarter workspace management.

(Date: 12 April 2013; Lidya)

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