Creston Mobile App: Control Everything With One Single Touch

As expensive and dynamic as it is, we know that technology offers practicality. That’s why we are willing to put up with the cost and its never-long-lasting dynamic usage. Well, Creston Mobile App is main sample of what technology could offer. With Creston Mobile App, users will be able to control everything with one single touch. The good news is, you can use it everywhere: at home, at work, at school, at play.

Crestron Technology, the young brand that founded in 1968 (not yet an experience adult for a technology company), has proven itself a reliable provider for automated solutions and provider. As well as a great sense of innovation. Creston has perfected wireless, Web-based and mobile control even longer from its competitors. The company’s personalized touch panel control is known and user-defined backgrounds are amongst the best of its kind.

Now, Creston has created Creston Mobile Apps so users can enjoy the magical iPad experience with the power of Creston touch panel control. The smartphone app “The Creston Mobile Pro G iPad app” is designed with beautiful graphic templates and selectable backgrounds. Creston also made possible for customization. As most users would want a personalized look and feel on all their touch panel interfaces. Therewith, a client can enjoy the same artistry and functionality on each touch panel gadgets. Creston Mobile Apps is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, PC and MacBook connected to the Creston control system. But not only Apple products, Creston Mobile Apps is also good to use with other devices using Android 1.6 and higher.

Since the smartphone app is engineered for scalability and open-platform compatibility, the system can also work with Android. So every member of the family enjoys the same quality user experience. Creston Mobile Apps also lets you add or replace phones, or switch mobile carriers whenever you want it. Android and Apple devices combination can be used on the same Creston smartphone app system with no extra programming is required. In fact, most new devices can be added into Creston smartphone app’s control system without requiring a service call from your installer.

By using local Edge networks or 3G network, even in a distance location users will always have total control at their fingertips. You can easily stay connected to your home or office when you are on different location.
That way you can view alarm status, adjust lights and room temperature while sitting in traffic. Even more, you can pre-set audio and lighting scenes, and Home Entertainment at your home. By simply touch the phone to select movies, music and TV in any room. Including adjust volume, light levels and room temperature with only one touch. At the end of the day, while you sitting tiredly on the couch watching television, it is pretty convenient to use Crestron Mobile Apps and adjusting the dimming lights.

Being away from home? The Crestron Mobile Apps also made possible for video streaming, a perfect way to keep an eye on your home while away. See who is it at the from door or catch a glimpse of the baby’s room to make sure the nanny is doing her job properly. Crestron CEN-NV200 in particular, enbales the viewing of live video within the Crestron Mobile Apps interface that letting you simultaneously see and control what’s going on in your home. Life is certainly already complicated as it is, so why not use Crestron smartphone app to make things a little easier.

But unlike homes, the role of control systems in business areas such as office can be even more critical as they are basically needed to increase work productivity and efficiency. People often spend a substantial time and energy setting up an array of devices only to do video conference, group presentations, or internal trainings. Causing electricity and maintenance bills soared up pretty high. Here the Crestron Mobile Apps can be used as automated solutions. The smartphone apps come with intelligent energy management with a centralized automated control system. So users can easily manage, control, and monitor every room and all the systems inside including their energy consumption. That way, workers can save time from hustle and bustle with the office’s system setup and the company can definitely cut down on some electricity and maintenance bills.

As for hospitality areas such as restaurants or hotels, Crestron understand well that most important aspect in the hospitality industry is convenience. Which is why Crestron Mobile Apps equipped with programs that can be used to monitor, manage and control lighting system, including Audio Visual in every spots in the building. Enables central simplified management and control with automation concept of a touch panel.

With its ultimate automated and control system, Creston engineers scalable system which allows Creston Mobile Apps to seamlessly expand and tweak the whole system for various kind of needs other than homes and offices. Matter of fact, Creston Mobile Apps can be very useful in places such as schools and campuses.

With Creston Mobile Apps users can add as many audio visual systems, lighting systems, shading solutions to thermostat and sensors and even user interface while manage everything to be simple under one roof. Creston Mobile Apps facilities such as remote management and configuration software can come handy in schools to help eliminating hassle and resources for maintenance routines. While Crestron RoomView can be used to link every projectors in every rooms inside the building and control them all from single computers. Making troubleshooting and device management are no daunting tasks anymore because the can easily be done remotely without having to interrupt classes. Moreover, teachers and students can also take advantage of network sharing features to access common learning materials and work together in group projects.

Creston Mobile Apps is a perfect integration of content and technology to create the perfect home entertainment system. At this moment, there is no other Mobile Apps that can offer greater power and flexibility to control your whole house in one single touch panel. Oh, the Creston Mobile Apps “understand” several languages too. The smartphone app can take commands in English, French and Chinese.

It is a no wonder the Creston Mobile App is one of the top grossing apps in the world and the only Smartphone App in the industry to reach the top 100.

(Date: 12 June 2013; Frida)

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