Crestron Enhances Room Scheduling with Advanced Touch Panel

While room scheduling system is proven to be one effective solution to increase productivity in business environment and other applications, it is only recently that people actually consider using it. In fact, there are still many offices, schools, or other organizations which suffers from underutilization of space with manual room scheduling. Troublesome operation and high investment is among two most common reasons which are said to impede the adoption of automated room scheduling system by a lot of those people and companies. Crestron is all set to break the myths and promote automated room scheduling with advanced touch panel; offering easy to use and effective solution in a single package. Introducing TPMC-4SM, it is an advanced touch panel for room scheduling solution with Crestron Fusion RV Remote Asset Management Software. By featuring touch panel for room scheduling, Crestron strongly believes that users can better manage their space and monitor its utilization for increased efficiency as well as work productivity.

Pretty similar to room scheduling solution in general, the touch panel can be installed outside any room or space for instant access to the availability of rooms and spaces. That said, the touch panel can also be integrated with Crestron GLS Series occupancy sensor to further enhance room scheduling functionality. With the occupancy sensor, not only users be able to check out room availability but also know right away whenever any room or space is released from the no show up participants. Bur most important fact is that users get to book rooms almost effortlessly thanks to the touch interface featured by this new touch panel. In fact, there is also option to make room booking with this room scheduling solution from any web browser with the web interface of Fusion RV Remote Asset Management Software.

What's more, the advanced Fusion RV applications actually comes with support for integration with existing common calendar system such as Lotus Notes, Microfot Outlook and Google Calendar for a truly seamless room scheduling at the tip of your fingers. As for general navigation and operation, the room scheduling takes a step ahead from other competing solution which touch panel and Smart Graphics touch-based interface. Packing a rich easy to use interface, Smart Graphics makes room scheduling with TPMC-4SM touch panel very intuitive experience. Other handy elements include customizable buttons for room scheduling functions.

Central to Crestron room scheduling solution this time is the touch panel. In the first place, it is obvious that using touch panel for room scheduling purpose is a very good decision as it ensures simple and intuitive user experience. With Crestron TPMC-4SM, booking rooms for your crucial meetings only take some slicks of fingers on the touch panel and you are all good to go. To enhance room scheduling functionality, TPMC-4SM is equipped with up to ten programmable buttons which can be customized to suit your preferences or requirements. You can opt to customize the button for any room scheduling functionality such as day or time indicator.

As for room availability, the touch panel is fitted with dual color backlit buttons which works very similar to other room scheduling solution. When it comes installation, this touch panel based room scheduling solution is also very versatile. Sporting a small compact form factor, you can mount Crestron TPMC-4SM on any kind of surface including less common ones for touch panel such as marble, glass, or granite. You can either install the touch panel with standard electrical box or combined with table top enclosure for more permanent clean room scheduling installation. Especially for less common surfaces, there is also optional Multii-Surface Mount Kit available to mount the touch panel. Finally, the touch panel simplifies room scheduling with the Power over Ethernet technology which unifies control and power connectivity within single connection. No matter what your applications are, Crestron TPMC-4SM touch panel is obviously a better solution for room scheduling with versatile installation, easy-to use interface, and most importantly hassle-free room management system thanks to the Fusion RV Remote Asset Management Software. Room scheduling is now made simple for once and all.

Room Scheduling Made Effortless

If any, the best thing about room scheduling system is the convenience to find vacant rooms or spaces and make bookings anywhere, anytime and in several cases, from any devices. However, Crestron new TPMC-4SM touch panel with room scheduling solution go extra mile by enhancing room scheduling functionality with touch-based interface. To begin with, users can enjoy easy instant access to all information of room inside the offices or buildings to check out any available space or room. Next, of course they can make reservation or cancellation with the same touch panel. But the point here is that all of the room scheduling tasks are made much easier because Crestron chooses to pair the solution with a touch panel; offering full control of rooms under your fingertips. With the intuitive touch panel, you can now say goodbye to messy wiring, remote controls, or any conventional input options. Crestron TPMC-4SM, in particular, boasts 4,3" touch panel with 800 x 480 resolution which is decent enough to give you the perfect glance of room availability or occupancy from some distance.

Not only that, Smart Graphics, which is advanced touch-interface by Crestron, actually also provides options to customize the whole touch panel for more intuitive experience. When put in Room Scheduling mode, the touch panel will work seamlessly with Crestron Fusion RV Remote Asset Management Software out of the box for enhanced room scheduling functionalities. For one, you can gain better understanding and sigh of space and room utilization with the monitoring and reporting function. Or even more convenient, Fusion RV can help to schedule shutdowns based on certain parameters; truly living up the meaning of room scheduling itself. What's more, this Crestron room scheduling solution is also an ideal choice for multi-room management as you can practically monitor and control multiple networked rooms from centralized place or web-based interface. With the rooms connected and managed from one system, it is possible to view available rooms and make reservation in real-time. If you happen to use other calendar or scheduling system such as Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Google Calendar, this room scheduling solution is compatible to use along with them; preventing redundant reservation as well as conflicting appointments outside the offices.

(Date: 10 May 2013; Lidya)

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