Crestron Expands its Control Solutions with Wireless Touch Screen Model

In most cases, there is always a room for improvement. Crestron seems to have the same belief and thus continuously refresh its product line and make new innovations to deliver best user experience. This time, Crestron expands its control solutions by introducing a new entry for wireless touch screen model. Christened as TST-600, the new wireless touch screen is the direct successor to the former legendary TPS-6X model, which also leverages on both touch screen and RF wireless technology, However, Crestron claims that their latest entry of the control solutions will be able to deliver more intuitive and more powerful control experience for your automation systems thanks to the enhanced touch screen technology.

Previously, TPS-6X wireless touch screen comes with Isys Color Touch screen and canvas style interface with custom control screen. On the other hand, the new TST-600 wireless touch screen adopts different approach by featuring latest Smart Graphics user interface which powers a lot of recent models of Crestron control solutions. With Smart Graphics, it means users can easily and seamlessly control their automated systems through gesture-based controls, rich animation, and intuitive on-screen buttons as well as kinetic-enhanced toolbar for ultimate touch screen experience. But with TST-600, things are much more simple and effortless since you get to do all the controls from your fingertips wirelessly. No messy wiring or piles of remote control. Like its predecessor, the new wireless touch screen model will also boast the spacious 5,7 inch capacitive touch screen as well as backlit pushbuttons to allow easier navigation and control of your automated systems. As for wireless capability, users get to indulge in extended wireless coverage thanks to the dual-mode RF/Wi-Fi wireless capability in the new wireless touch screen. Now you can conveniently roam around and still get full control over your automated systems without having to worry any cabling or getting disconnected. Crestron new wireless touch screen TST-600 is definitely one of the better control solutions for those wishing to keep their automated systems manageable and do away with conventional wired control solutions.

With the rapid advance of technology these days, nothing is impossible. Initially, they come up with automation system in which you get the devices or systems to intelligently work on its own. You think life is beautiful but then you have to deal with multiple control solutions like remote controls and switches. Again, technology come to your rescue with the invention of centralized integrated control solutions which offers instant controls to multiple systems under single interface. Finally, you smart living gets better at the arrival of touch screen technology which puts practically anything at your very own fingertips and wireless technology which enable you to do away with the clutter of wiring. Life is perfect or at least it is before you realize that the nightmare is not over yet. New Crestron wireless touch screen TST-600 is designed to deliver ultimate hassle-free touch screen experience for your integrated automated systems.

Compared to the former legendary TPS-6X wireless touch screen, the new TST-600 model receives some significant improvements in terms of usability, features, and most importantly wireless capability. The latter aspect is the main highlight of the new wireless touch screen since it plays a great role to enhance overall control experience. Unlike the older TPS-6X which goes with ER and IR wireless capability to offer wire-free control experience, the new wireless touch screen uses ER and Wi-Fi instead. While general control functionalities is powerful enough with the ER wireless technology alone, the integration of Wi-Fi makes the new wireless touch screen great for delivering graphical-critical function such as video streaming. In fact, the dynamic duo of wireless technologies in this new wireless touch screen is able to provide users with wireless coverage up to 50 feet in indoor environments. That said, there is also option to match this control solution with other Crestron product range such as CEN-ERFGW-POE Extended Range RF Wireless Gateway to optimize the wireless coverage and ensure strong signal transmission.

One of the most commended feature of touch screen for control solutions is of course the touch capability which makes control experience more intuitive and the same goes for Crestron new wireless touch screen. In fact, Crestron takes a step ahead and make the entire touch-driven control experience better with their new wireless touch screen by adding in Instant Waking feature. As you may have guessed, the feature allows users to control their automated systems right away at a light tap on the wireless touch screen to the point it almost feels like an automated action. As fast as it wakes up, this feature can also be used to turn the screen of when not in use. In a way, it actually helps users to save power and extend battery life. Nevertheless, you may want to note that the new wireless touch screen is also fitted with built-in Lithium Ion rechargeable battery to ensure flawless control operation. Down to the physical attributes, TST-600 is as flexible and robust interface as any other Crestron control solutions. You can let it stand on its own or mount it on TableTop Docking Station for extra functionalities such as wireless charging or optional wired Ethernet connection. Users with limited working space will also find it beneficial that the tabletop solution is space-saving to easily fit any rooms and tables.

Other than dynamic intuitive touch controls via Smart Graphics user interface, Crestron new wireless touch screen is also equipped with other type of controls including tactile pushbuttons and on-screen keyboard/mouse. Despite the wonder of touch capability, Crestron seems to see no harm can come from providing some additional pushbuttons which is equally responsive. Also featured on the former wireless touch screen model of TPS-6X, the pushbuttons is designed to provide instant access to frequently accessed or core functions of the wireless touch screen such as on screen menu, volume adjustment, and channel selection. Or, users can easily assign different functionalities to the eight customizable pushbuttons positioned around the wireless touch screen when and where needed. To top things off, the new wireless touch screen TST-600 also supports Rava SIP Intercom functionality. For those familiar with Crestron control solutions, this feature is no stranger and obviously comes handy to enhance your video conference or unified communication system. With this technology, users can easily use the wireless touch screen to communicate with their colleagues, clients, or other people via VoIP-based telephony function. However, do note that the functionality only works for touchscreen or interface which also supports Rava SIP Intercom technology.

(Date: 14 May 2013; Lidya)

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