Crestron Green Light Commercial Lighting Promotes Smart Building

All these times, you may often heard of smart building being the talk of the town without really have any idea about it at all. In its basic deployment, smart building can be defined as integrated systems to drive better energy management with the right commercial lighting solutions. But then what define the right commercial lighting to help you creating smart building? Introducing Integrated by Design concept which embodies integration of commercial lighting with building management system for highest energy efficiency, Crestron is committed to bring the best solution to every lighting needs. And this time, they seek to up the ante with Green Light commercial lighting solution which is especially engineered to achieve optimal energy efficiency as well as smart building application. Featuring a wide selection of commercial lighting control including dimmable LED driver, wireless dimmers, and switches, Crestron Green Light solution helps users in high-power consuming environments such as office buildings in every way possible.

With the more personal custom solutions under Green light commercial lighting portfolio such as dimmers and switchers, users can better control lighting system and thus energy consumption in certain room or spaces. On the other hand, Crestron Green Light commercial lighting solution also include more scalable option such as Green Light Power Pack which works together with other commercial lighting solutions and offers seamless integration with other systems in the building for a truly smart building. For instance, you can set for Green Light Power Pack work in collaboration wit occupancy sensors and photocells to maximize energy saving. In particular, the Green Light Power Pack also comes with power monitoring feature which allows users to monitor, analyze, and optimize the power consumption of any integrated commercial lighting solutions in the entire building when and where needed. With the optimized energy consumptions, users can definitely save cost too. When combined with powerful Fusion Global Enterprise management, all of Green Light commercial lighting solution also offers longer life span thanks to the advanced energy management. Within a bigger picture of smart building, Crestron Green Light commercial lighting solutions simply makes energy saving effortless.

The thing with all those energy saving effort and greener environment really gets down to the matter of control. The greater control you have over the high-power consuming system, the more you can do to save energy. In a lot of ways, it is what exactly a smart building is since it basically consists of an array of energy-saving elements including commercial lighting. Imagine if you can easily control and manage the power usage of the entire building from a centralized source. Crestron Green Light solution makes it happen by leveraging on Crestron Fusion EM energy management software.

Fusion EM is Crestron proprietary software solution help better manage energy consumption in rooms or entire building via dedicated monitoring, analysis, and diagnostic tools. In fact, you can integrate it with all Green Light commercial lighting solutions to track energy consumption in real time for further optimization planning; delivering the very essence of smart building in the first place. Some handy functionalities offered in the software are automated and scheduled powering on/off and responses for certain spaces. Other monitoring option from Crestron Green Light portfolio include Green Light Power Meter Control Unit which can also be integrated with other Green Light commercial lighting to get real time power usage data. For those wanting to get rid the messy wiring, Crestron Green Light Commercial Lighting also comes with some wireless solutions which enables users to create smart building without clutter. As for controls, Green Light commercial lighting solutions provide multiple options for users convenience. They can go with the more conventional wall keypad or IR remote to manually manage and control the installed commercial lighting. Or if they prefer a centralized management, the Fusion EM software lets you conveniently take full control over the commercial lighting solutions via web interface.

Better Energy Management

With all Crestron commercial lighting solutions, it is not necessarily about saving energy for certain rooms or spaces. Instead, Crestron is commited to deliver the greener workspace and if possibly smart building with a total high-efficiency lighting solution such as their Crestron Green Light solutions. More enhanced than its standard commercial lighting counterparts, Crestron Green Light solutions drives higher energy saving with greater control and monitoring over the lighting system. Green Light Power Pack, as an example, can be integrated with occupancy sensor and photocell for more optimized energy saving. With this, users can have the lights in the room goes off when the sensors detect no presence inside the room.

What's more, it includes power monitoring functionality to gain better understanding of the power consumption pattern and possible energy-saving points to optimize the power consumption. Another great feature of the Green Light Power Pack is adaptive zero-cross switching where it works to minimize or even prevent electrical current where possible with the recurring act of switching on and off. With the minimal electrical interference, the ballast and lamp inside the commercial lighting system will also last longer. On different note, users with multiple rooms and lighting systems may go better with Green Light Integrated Lighting System which offers support up to eight channel of fluorescent and LED dimming. All in all, Crestron Green Light commercial lighting is a great alternative for those with green finger and look to a true smart building application.

Integrated Solution

The best thing about Crestron Green Light commercial lighting solution is that they work flawlessly with integrated building control system. As such, users have total freedom to either have it as single standalone solution to manage lighting system in a single room or connect it to centralized building management system. Whichever users see fit for their requirements and space configuration. The same flexibility goes for control which provide two options: wired Cresnet databus and wireless infiNET EX technology. Integration aside, users can also expect that the Green Light commercial lighting solution will work for both new and retrofit applications without any hassle. This way, not only users in business environment can reduce power consumption effectively and optimize the commercial lighting installation but they are also able to save substantial amount of maintenance and electricity costs.

(Date: 01 May 2013; Lidya)

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