Crestron Refresh its Advanced Control System, Promoting Smart Building

Going green is not that difficult and so do saving energy. Using smarter lighting system or automation system in home or offices is only a small piece of the bigger picture. In fact, government and environmentalists have started to encourage smart building as one of the feasible solutions to large-scale optimum energy saving as well as greener Earth. In its very basic concept, smart building can be defined as an array of integrated systems to optimize energy saving in a building by using automation system. But how exactly can you come up with smart building in real-life applications. Crestron new 3-Series advanced control system helps realizing smart building by offering complete control solution which integrates all building systems including AV, lighting, HVAC, security, BMS, and other systems under single control system interface.

With its new 3-series advanced control system, Crestron look to connect and manage all the systems installation in every room inside the building through centralized platform, saving business users and building owners the hassle with conventional energy management system and huge effprt to make smart building comes true. Not only ensuring optimized utilization of all building systems, 3-series advanced control system is also designed to deliver excellent performance in all systems and thus lower overall operation costs. As the latest successor to Crestron advanced control system, 3-Series platform packs a number of improvement over former 2-series control system such as increase in power, speed, and memoryi, native SNBMP and BACnet/IP support, multitasking capabilities, and dedicated control subnet. The robust advanced control system which promotes smart building features three new variants: PRO3, AV3, and CP3N. All the three models will boast the same key features but differ in some hardware specification such as memory and connectivity to cater to different target market and applications. That aside, Crestron 3-Series advanced control system is also designed to work seamlessly with Crestron Fusion software to redefine building energy management with the green, smart building concept.

At its heart, Crestron 3-Series advanced control system is powered by Core 3 OS which packs enormous processing power, speed, and memory as well as unique modular programming architecture for reliable performance. What's more, it also allows multi-tasking which means users can do upgrade or maintenance to individual control sub-system independently and simultaneously. Even better, it also means that any breakdown on single system will not affect the entire system. In terms of connectivity, Core 3 OS inside 3-Series advanced control system actually allows users to easily connect to their mobile devices anywhere anytime thanks to the built in infiNET EX wireless feature. To deliver intuitive user experience, Core 3 OS also comes with graphically enhanced and dynamic user interface including animations to easily control your systems.

Another worth-mentioning feature from the new 3-Series advanced control system is e-Control Remote Access which extends your control over the systems to mobile devices via wireless whenever and wherever needed. The e-Control Remote Access comprises of Core 3 UI Xpanel, Crestron Mobile app, and myCrestron Dynamic DNS Service for a complete remote control experience. Core 3 UI for example, allows you to adjust or add controls to any system through a virtual screen in a web browser. Or, feel how convenient it is to control your system from remote places with various Apple or Android-based mobile devices. All things considered, the new Creston 3-series advanced control system helps to elevate energy management system into higher smart building era where every system is optimized and deployed efficiently. Crestron 3-Series advanced control system is the essential key to current and future smart building.

Refined Performance

Crestron 3-Series advanced control system is build to perform. Packing up blazingly fast speed up to 10 times higher compared to the former 2-Series, users now do not have to worry about system slowdown when running several program at once. In fact, the next generation advanced control system allows up to 10 programs to run simultaneously and independently. You hear it right. Unlike the traditional control system architecture where you can only operate a single program at a time, the new 3-Series advanced control system makes it possible for each program in individual sub-system to be accessed separately from other programs in the entire system. As such, IT supports may easily perform routine maintenance or upgrade for one single system from the centralized advanced control system. Also, in case of breakdown in any sub-system, they are welcome to do repair without having to restart and affect the entire system. The other good news is that all the process can be done either directly or remotely over the network. Users now will not have to deal with regular down time thanks to the enhanced modular programming architecture in 3-Series advanced control system. Apart from that, all the three models of 3-Series advanced control system also supports external storage options up to 1 TB via USB mass storagge device while equipped with expanded RAM memory up to 1 GB ( for AV3 and PRO3 model).

On different note, the centralized programming architecture in 3-Series advanced control system also facilitate seamless connection and compatibility with third party network management system thanks to the built-in native support of BACnet/IP adn SNMP. This way, the advanced control system can be easily integrated with the existing management software system from on the network without much fuss such as additional equipments. With multiple systems being able to run independently under one roof in the advanced control system, users can now indulge in a truly smart building like never before. In summary, the new Crestron 3-Series advanced control system really offers a new way of controlling connected systems without comprimising on both performance and versatility while making smart building possible.

Get Connected

An extension to the standard LAN function which is accesible through the LAN port, Crestron 3-Series advanced control system comes equipped with Control Subent port which enables individual connection to corporate LAN system from any integrated systems via IP address. That said, the control port may as well support parallel control to existing IT network. For those who have security concern, there is also an option known as Isolation Mode to hide Control Subnet from LAN network. With full interconnectivity with multiple devices and multiple systems, the whole control and management systems indeed becomes much more faster, simple and efficient. As an entire advanced control system solution including the Crestron Fusion, Crestron 3-Series really lives up to its promise on delivering innovative control network management and making smart building as real as ever with a simple interface.

(Date: 05 April 2013; Lidya)

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