CubeSensor Designed to Improve Smart Living with Real-time Monitoring

Welcome to smart living. Apparently, technology today does not only exist to help people doing their activities easier or more conveniently but also enhance the entire living itself. If you do not believe it, think how life is much more easier and technology drive these days as compared to several decades ago when you are still kids or in the era of your parents. To put it simple, every convenience you;ve taken for granted all these times is more or less thanks to the rapid advance of technology. Now, technology are likely to penetrate deeper into our life to improve living like never before. One among the first ones is smart sensors which works to provide real-time detection and monitoring over any environment so that users can improve their living effectively. CubeSensor join dozens of smart sensors out there to improve smart living with real-time monitoring for every aspect, ranging from light, sound, humidity, noise, air, temperature, and many more.

Be it in home or office environments, there are simply plenty of smart sensors to help you improve smart living with all those real-time monitoring functionality. But why bother to deal with multiple sensors if you can enjoy the same comprehensive, real-time monitoring with a single device? CubeSensor makes it possible to do real-time monitoring for every bit of your environments with integration of various sensors inside a single package. Featuring tiny two-inch cube. CubeSensor comes with barometer, thermometer, accelerometer, sound meter, moisture sensor, light meter, and organic compound sensor to help measure a variety of conditions within your indoor environments for smart living application. In fact, the CubeSensor does not stop only at measuring and providing details about your indoor environment. It goes extra mile to analyze and provide data insights about effective ways to improve your indoor environment. For example, the CubeSensor may recommend you to keep the shades open and dim the lights because there is high possibility of daylight harvesting. In extended time, users can also display history of their environment conditions from time to time to better plan changes for improvement.

Best of all, CubeSensor sends out all the data result of the real-time monitoring from CubeSensor to the cloud to offer you instant access anywhere, anytime with any devices. All you need is a browser with Internet connection and you're all good to go. Even better, there is also an option to check out the condition of your environment with iOS mobile app in your iDevices. If needed, you can also set for the real-time monitoring data from CubeSensor to be shared over local networks for everybody reference.

Despite the fact that CubeSensor is built to help you to improve smart living in the first place, it also simply makes it effortless for users in home and office to do it with the wireless, self-contained solution. CubeSensor consists of the cube unit and base station which serves as wireless receiver to bridge wireless transmission between the cube and wireless network. So basically, CubeSensor will intelligently detect the condition of your indoor environment and stream it out to the cloud server constantly for the sake of real-time monitoring and improved smart living. In general, the CubeSensor boasts plug and play type of installation without the need for prior software or driver installation. That said, you may want to note that CubeSensor literally offers real-time monitoring functionality as it will update the data about your indoor environment every minute. As such, should anything goes wrong or CubeSensor identify any urgent condition within your indoor environment, it is able to send you notifications right away. However, feel no concern if CubeSensor will overflow you with alerts as there is also options to set the alert to fit your requirements or preferences.

Built as handy solution to improve smart living, CubeSensor comes in small wireless design to keep clean and hassle-free installation. This way, you can easily put CubeSensor anywhere in your room and indoor environments as you see fit to improve living. That aside, it also comes equipped with recharageable battery which can survive up to 720 hours in a single charge despite the constant streams over Wi-Fi connection. Whenever CubeSensor is drained out, you can easily have it recharged by connecting it to the ZigBee base station. Alternatively, you can also plug it into any USB-powered port in any devices. For extra flexibility of real-time monitoring, CubeSensor boast supports for multiple installation within a single control interface (base station). All in all, CubeSensor makes a versatile solution to improve smart living as it offers integrated real-time monitoring over every aspect of your indoor environment.

In particular, CubeSensor is a step ahead of competition as compared with other smart sensors out there in improving your smart living. Instead of merely doing real-time monitoring over your indoor environments, CubeSensor helps you to better understand them and thus be able to make any necessary improvements when and where needed. In business applications and offices, for example, CubeSensor can help to increase productivity. While some people believe that you definitely need a significant amount of resources or super advanced technology installation to increase productivity, CubeSensor offers a more simple and cost-effective way to do that. Comes with integration of multiple type of smart sensors including light meter and thermometer, you can use it to improve energy management further when combined with existing smart lighting and HVAC system. Specifically, CubeSensor claims to be able to reduce light and temperature usage up to 15%. It is because CubeSensor will actively track and monitor lighting and heat condition of your indoor environment in real-time.

Next, CubeSensor can actually help to relieve stress especially in demanding environment such as offices by creating more ideal and healthy atmosphere. For instance, you can use it to detect polluted air or noisy environment which risks of causing unnecessary disturbance to employee focus. To the extent of comfort, a stable quality air can certainly build a more accomodating environment to do both personal and work activities. In any case, all the improvement over your indoor environment with CubeSensor can lead to boosted productivity and efficiency. Indulge in smart living like never before with CubeSensor and smart real-time monitoring in most convenient way.

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