Da-Lite Electric Projection Screens Get Refreshed with New Features

To get the best results, it is only natural that you need the best tool. When it comes to projection screen, Da-Lite is just the right answer to deliver the best projection with their broad range of projection screen for different applications. To help users get the optimum result with projection screen, Da-Lite recently refreshes its electric projection screens portfolio, introducing a bunch of new features for the existing Advantage and Contour Electrol line. Previously, both electric projection screens have been the best selling electric projection screens with their flexibility and high quality projection as the main benefits. Now, the upgraded version of these electric projection screens aim to up the ante in electric projection screen standard by introducing several new features.

Among them is the industry first smooth roll technology which works wonder to keep the electric projection screena flat for extended use. For those having concerns about the noise of electric projection screens because of the motor driving the projection screen, fret not as the new Advantage and Contour Electrol screen comes with the Silent Drive motor; ensuring quiet operation every time. Another new features worth mentioning are slim tab design and built-in low voltage control. Both new features are more likely to make the new electric projection screens more flexible than its previous generation in terms of control options as well as tab impression. That aside, users can also feel more at ease because the new Advantage and Contour Electrol electric projection screens also offers simple installation with improved manual and instructions so that users can get it installed in a snap and without much fuss. At last, Da-Lite decides to provide the new electric projection screens with five years warranty which covers supports and services for the main unit, motor, tabs, screen surface, and case. As such, customers can at least be sure that their investment will be protected for five years. While both Advantage and Contour line are electric projection screens, they differ in terms of installation with Advantage electric projection screen designed for ceiling (as well as plenum) applications while Contour electric projection screen offers both wall and ceiling mounting options.

One of the biggest advantages with electric projection screens is the space-saving design because despite the size, users can easily roll it up for safekeeping when not in use. In a way, electric projection screens also tend to blend well with the existing interior decorations; eliminating the need to reserve particular space in wall or ceiling to install them. What's more, some electric projection screens like Da-Lite Contour Electrol for example, come with diverse interesting design which lets customers to customize finishes for the front cover of screen case; further integrating it into the ambient environment and creating seamless aesthetics for any room.

On the other hand, Advantage Electrol electric projection screen retains the same clean look to easily fit both business and education applications and allows "rough-in" installation for more flexible installation options. In addition, it is good to know that Advantage electric projection screen also conforms to UL Plenum Testing Standards so it definitely make a great choice for plenum applications too. And for customers with custom need, Da-Lite actually provide options to order the case, fabric, and roller separately; creating a versatile installation while protecting your investment from any unwanted damage during room building. Other handy new features come along with the Advantage electric projection screen include future expandability such as fabric upgrade and larger case and Quick connect power option.

But again, the most important aspect of electric projection screens is how they are able to deliver high quality projection and quiet operation at the same time. Not only having integrated vibration isolator to ensure quiet operation, these new electric projection screens also offers compatibility for 10x10" screen or smaller sizes. All in all, Da-Lite deserves to be praised for its continuous effort to bring the best projection to its customers. Their recent efforts are the new Advantage and Contour Electrol electric projection screens which pack a bunch of new features for upgraded performance, flexibility, and overall user experience.

Aiming to redefine, if not level up the standard of electric projection screen, Da-Lite introduces some new features in their new refreshed Advantage and Contour Electrol electric projection screens.

Standard Silent Drive System

An enhanced motor drive system as opposed to older generation motor is one of the main new features in Da-Lite new electric projection screens. Christened as Silent Drive System, the new improved motor system introduces quieter operation for both Advantage and Contour Electrol electric projection screens. In fact, it is touted as the industry first drive system to have this level of enhanced quiet operation. This way, users no longer have to worry if retracting the electric projection screen will make any sound that distracts your presentation or collaboration. It is because the electric projection screens has integrated internal vibration isolators which work wonder by suppressing, if not minimizing any vibration occurred when the projection screen is pulled up or down during use. Apart form that, Da-Lie also ensures full compatibility of the Silent Drive System with 10x10" screen size or smaller. As such, users can enjoy the convenience of having electric projection screen minus the noise distraction from its motor.

Standard LVC

LVC which stands for low voltage control is another main new features in Advantage and Contour Electrol electric projection screens. In general, the integration of low voltage control in these electric projection screens extends the flexibility of the projection screen itself. For your information, most electric projection screens is called electric screen not only because they have integrated motors but also because users get to control them by using smarter tools such as wall switches, remote control, or trigger cable. With the integrated low voltage control, users can easily add extra wireless control options to raise or lower the projection screen automatically. The wireless control options supported by these electric projection screens including radio frequency-based and infrared-based wall switches and remote control. Alternatively, it also allows dry contact closures for third party control. With the flexibility of having smarter controls, users can make the best of their electric projection screens as they are meant to be.

Smooth Roll Technology

Da-Lite looks to redefine the standard in electric projection screens and Smooth Roll technology is among its new features to do so. Touted as the first roller technology in the entire industry, Smooth Roll technology is especially engineered to keep the electric projection screens remains flat through long wear and extended use. One of the most common concern with electric projection screens is their pull-down nature. In daily scenarios of course users will have to raise and lower the projection screen a lot while using it for presentations or keeping it for later use. The mechanism is simply the nature of any electric projection screens. But as time goes by, some electric projection screens start to form wavy pattern of roller traces and thus result in less optimal projection. With Da Lite Smooth Roll technology, the electric projection screens will get retracted in a very smooth way; keeping the projection flat and reducing the possibilities of roller impression in any way. Thanks to such innovative roller technology, users now can say goodbye to roller impression in electric projection screens and always get the best projection.

Slim Tab

High quality projection is the best interest for most customers and Da-Lite intends to deliver exactly what they expect. Therefore, slimmer tab is among the main new features in their new electric projection screens from Advantage and Contour lineups. While both non-tensioned and tensioned projection screens have their own strengths and weaknesses, the new tab in these electric projection screens has a slimmer figure but more robust build to ensure your projection screen remain flat all the time from the perfect tension.

(Date: 10 April 2013; Lidya)

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