Daktronics Outdoor LED Video Display Provides Superior Images

Particularly in commercial applications, the first and foremost goal with video display is to catch audience attention. If you want to capture attention, you will definitely need some impressive visual experience. And it goes without saying that one most effective way to create impression is through a good LED video display. Daktronics as a leading display manufacturer provides a wide range of both indoor and outdoor LED video display to meet the demands of different commercial applications with superior images and full control over your applications. But then considering the increasingly worst traffic at the country and thus most time on the streets than inside the building, users in commercial application may better go with outdoor LED video display. For outdoor LED video display alone, Daktronics have extensive options ranging from smallest 10 mm to 26 mm at the biggest with each LED video display cater to different requirements and applications.

While each of this LED video display offers a variety of viewing angles, Daktronics convinces users that they all are designed for the same goal: deliver superior images and enhance your commercial applications. Especially for outdoor applications, reliability aspect is equally important and Daktronic LED video display is simply build to impress, both performance-wise and durability-wise. Boasting enclosed module and sealed connection, Daktronics outdoor LED video display certainly lives up to the expectation of providing superior images while surviving extended use and weather tear without a hitch. That aside, the LED video display also features low power consumption thanks to the highly energy-efficient LED technology. In fact, it is also argued that the better energy management in Daktronics LED video display also leads to longer life span and consistent high performance. Even, Daktronics claims approximately more than 100.000 hours of lifetime for all of its outdoor LED video display lineup. For those are concerned with aesthetic aspect, Daktronics introduces unique louver design for all of its outdoor LED video display which virtually eliminates seams between modules for flexible installation as well as seamless superior images for your commercial applications.

To deliver superior images, you have no room for compromise on many visual aspects including viewing angles, color reproduction, and vibrant graphics. And it is exactly Daktronics outdoor LED video display all about. Daktronics outdoor LED video display is engineered to deliver superior images for your commercial applications with extra wide viewing angle, excellent color and brightness, and most importantly great visibility for the audience. Unlike other display solutions, Daktronic outdoor LED video display actually boast advanced pixel array of the RGB LED units to enhance brightness and contrast for life-like superior images. When combined with the trusted and proven Nichia LED bulbs, the unique LED array allows users to enjoy optimal and uniform viewing experience with this LED video display regardless of the position of audience.
Apart form the image performance, Daktronics also ensure that all of its LED video display does not have any issues with heat thanks to the advanced cooling system. Instead of the standard ventilation system, the LED video display lineups leverage on filtered ventilation system and comes in multiple cabinet configurations with front and rear ventilation options. As for contents, all the Daktronics LED video display is compatible with a broad range format of graphics, text, and video clips. On the other hand, superior images alone will not be enough to make the most out of your LED video display for the commercial applications. As such, Daktronics also equips their LED video display with dedicated Venus 1500 control software to manage the contents so that it gets delivered at the right time and place to the right audience. The software also enables users to get the LED video display to play recorded contents or according to the pre-defined schedule. This way, users in commercial applications can easily set their contents to play contents the way they see most effective and beneficial from a centralized PC. Very simple and convenient.

Superior Images

Superior images do not equal big screen size and vice versa. When it comes to superior images, you do not necessarily to make it big as possible. Instead, you will need both high quality display and a set of image enhancement technologies. Daktronics provide a comprehensive line up of outdoor LED video display in a variety of sizes for different requirements in commercial applications. To begin with, Daktronics LED video display packs custom louver design which offers both enhanced black level and image depths for superior images every time. Still performance-wise, the LED video display also features advanced calibration technology and sub-pixel processing; ensuring high quality image reproduction and consistent performance. In addition, Daktronics decides to rely on Nichia LED bulbs to power all their LED video display since they are widely recognized for the reliable performance and thus ensured superior images. Plus, audience will get to see the same superior image with vibrant colors and vivid details from any angles with Daktronics LED video display thanks to the innovative LED array.

Finally, all the lineup of Daktronic outdoor LED video display is built for long wear and around the clock type of operation. In the first place, the video display leverages on LED bulbs which are known for their prowess to deliver superior images while keeping the power consumption reasonable, especially if you consider the non-stop nature of outdoor applications. Unlike displays in general, LED video display is also particularly famous for their unbelievably incredible weather defense and Daktronics LED video display is no different. In fact, all of the Daktronics outdoor LED video display adopts custom design with fully-sealed modules and enclosed connectivity ports to prevent any unwanted damage and minimize downtime.

Complete Control

As with other display solutions for commercial applications, Daktronics LED video display also comes with bundled control software to help users easily manage and get their contents delivered. However, the control software Venus 1500 comes particularly handy for the outdoor applications with LED video display since it can definitely save you hassle and cost to manage it manually. With Venus 1500 control software, users can gain full control over their contents from creating, displaying, and even getting it scheduled to play at certain time at the LED video display. Even better, you actually can manage multiple LED video display from the single centralized computer and remotely.

(Date: 29 April 2013; Lidya)

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