Delta Videowall Cube Display Provides Right Solution for Control Rooms

Control rooms is one of the more critical application these days and probably the most potential market for videowall installation including videowall cube display. However, pay attention that the videowall installation for control rooms is different from those of other application because of its mission-critical characteristics. In control rooms application, you have to get seamless videowall installation as you especially cannot afford any compromise, error, or even failure in displaying data or imagery. As such, cube display which offers minimal screen gap for seamless videowall installation as well as superior reliability tends to be more popular for control rooms kind of application. However, another problem arises because cube display in general adopts a bulkier form factor than their digital display panel counterparts. With today's diminishing building spaces particularly in big cities, many control rooms such as those for traffic monitoring, surveillance, command center, or data center application is facing another serious challenge to do their job. Delta latest videowall cube display series provides the right solution for control rooms by trimming down the depth of the cube display to less than 5 cm. With the slimmer form factor of Delta new videowall cube display, users can definitely save significant space in your control rooms and still enjoy reliable performance for their mission-critical monitoring tasks.

The new videowall cube display which is engineered under the Ultra Slim Cube Series also features the ultimate redundancy with dual DVI inputs, built-in hot-swappable power supplies, and LED illumination. With these features, the new cube display can be sure to always make the most out of their videowall installation every time. For optimal performance of videowall installation in control room, Delta new cube display also boasts advanced lens technologies such as aspheric lens which ensure sharpest, abberation-free images even when viewed in wide angle screen and Extra Low Dispersion lens which works mainly to enhance color reproduction for accurate presentation in control rooms.

Another common problem haunting control rooms is the overheating of the videowall installation due to the 24/7 operation nature. In fact, you may have even more serious overheating problem with slimmer cube display. But Delta new videowall cube display is well armed to tackle this issue with Heat Pipe technology. This technology circulates liquid to drive heat away from LED illumination unit. In many ways, Delta actually makes such great innovation with this unique cooling system because it is able to effectively cool the cube display despite smaller rooms due to its slimmer form factor.

Where performance are concerned, the cube display also indicates superior capability thanks to the enhanced features such as advanced color sensor, automatic geometric adjustment, and latest generation LED illumination. In the first place, advanced color sensor inside the new Delta videowall cube display intelligently tunes up contrast, brightness and color balance to ensure perfect imagery and details for your control rooms. To deliver mission-critical performance required by videowall installation for control rooms, Delta new Ultra Slim cube display provides optimal performance with automatic geometric adjustment such as pixel-perfect alignment and integrated lens shift function. LED technology has been widely used in videowall installation including for control rooms application. It is because LED technology can offer best image performance while keeping the power consumption reasonable which is very essential for mission-critical applications such as control rooms. However, Delta new cube display takes a step ahead with the latest generation LED illumination units. This LED illumination unit inside the cube display leverages on solid state technology for improved lifetime as well as quality image performance.

To users advantage, Delta videowall cube display also makes it easier for users to gain full control over the whole installation and manage it effortlessly via LAN network connection or IP basis. Even, it is possible to run diagnostic task over your videowall installation in control rooms over IP. To top things off, users can definitely benefit from the integrated optical engine to minimize the possibilities of errors, breakdowns or even failures of the videowall installation for control rooms. Despite the high brightness over 1000 lumens and high resolution 1920 x 1080 pixel, the cube display manage to maintain MTBF as long as 75.000 hours.

Enhanced Design, Exceptional Performance

When it comes to videowall installation for control rooms, there is more challenges than ever before including space utilization and usability for mission-critical applications. To meet the challenges and ensure users with control rooms applications, Delta introduces their latest videowall cube display solutions which sports enhanced design and cutting edge features. Unlike conventional video wall cube display which is also known as rear projection which is less popular and more vulnerable because of its bulkier design, the new cube display sports slimmer design at reduced depth of less than 5 cm for optimal space utilization in control rooms. The slimmer build of the cube display is especially possible thanks to the enhanced design of aspheric lens which reduces blurred images and ensures optimal performance for your videowall installation in control rooms. By allowing advanced image enhancement with less resources, the cube display can be manufactured in more compact design without any compromise on the performance end. What's more, the cube display also relies on extra precise adjustment feature dubbed as pixel-perfect adjustment to make correction to the displayed imagery based on six-axis system.

Apart from the enhanced design, Delta new videowall display cube for control rooms is engineered to deliver exceptional performance every time. For example, the videowall cube display adopts modular, hot swappable power supply system which enable users to easily do any maintenance including upgrading or replacing the broken power supply while driving higher power-saving. Delta new cube display is touted to offer up to 10% more efficient power consumption as opposed to the other cube display thanks to the redundant power supply. Next, solid-state based LED illumination unit ensures longer life and low maintenance which is just perfect for your videowall installation in control rooms. Finally, users can expect to enjoy full connectivity options to display data and imagery in real time without a hitch with this new cube display. Delta Videowall Cube Display under Ultra Slim series will be available in four different configurations with screen sizes ranging from 50 inch to 72 inch as well as.

(Date: 15 May 2013; Lidya)

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