Digital Signage Trends See Interactive Features and Smart Technologies

Perhaps one of the most common depiction in sci-fi movies is the appearance of some sort of smart displays which turn out to be interactive digital signage. To be honest, such future is not far-fetched especially if you consider how analysts on digital signage industry has predicted that digital signage trends will see more interactive features and smart technologies among others. In fact, you can catch a glimpse of the mentioned digital signage trends in some world high-tech exhibition such as CES 2013 and DSE 2013. Turning up on the front row is Intel which has been showcasing the digital signage trends version on their own concept for retails stores. Their conceptual vision for retail stores features deeper and seamless integration of a variety of interactive features and smart technologies for more engaging, immersive experience. It is only expected that interactive features will be one of the key components in future digital signage trends as it can effectively capture attention and boost effectiveness of message delivery. In case of Intel vision, they decide to integrate some smart technologies including face and gesture detection to be able deliver custom responses to any incoming customers as well as passerby. As for interactive features, Intel goes with smart touch screen which provides comprehensive information on products and services while also allowing users to share or interact with their friends for recommendation or consulting. Or, Intel also indicate the possibility to extend the interactive features of the digital signage to your very own mobile devices.

Another cool example of the upcoming digital signage trends is interactive kiosk which boasts a combo of transparent interactive display and digital signage to enhance overall shopping experience. Unlike traditional retail stores where customers will have to go around the entire stores to try and pick out their choices, Intel interactive kiosks makes virtual convenient shopping experience. On one hand, customers can browse through all the stores collections and interact with the interactive digital signage which shows product images and other related information. Plus, users can do all of those things almost effortlessly with the help of various interactive features such as touch-based menu and products gallery which allows customers to easily to check out items in a glance or detail as well as selecting the products to try it on. Once products are selected, an intelligent video analytics will automatically work to detect your presence as well as your physical attributes to create suitable holographic figure. Not only that, customers can also check out any relevant items available which suits their requirements and personal preferences. This way, customers can enjoy more engaging buying experience while the retailers can benefit from stronger branding if not higher sales. So instead of merely displaying products or information, future digital signage trends also include higher interactivity and personal product or shopping experience for retail application in particular.

Other likely smart technologies featured in future digital signage trends is augmented reality which has see relatively wide-application in mobile devices until recently. Similarly, the application of augmented reality serves the function of enhancing information provision about virtual environment or objects. However, you may want to note that it assumes bigger role than merely providing customers with relevant information. In any case, augmented reality helps to increase the probability of product purchase or at least drive customers to make purchase decisions through effective product visualization. Since we're talking about product visualization, commercial users will also be glad to know that future digital signage trends offers virtually infinite possibilities to tailor their digital sigange contents in any way imaginable with text, graphics, or other multimedia elements. Even, it is very possible that future digital signage will display contents in Full HD or even 4K resolution to create best visual experience for target audience.

To facilitate flexible rich content development, future digital trends indicate the coming of major smart technologies which is full support and compatibility of HTML5. Backed up by the supports, commercial users will be able to develop custom, rich contents which can take advantage of interactive features offered by the future digital signage solution for engaging, immersive experience. After all, interactive features and impressive visuals are the most effective tools to get and capture people attention in the first place. In most cases, rich contents also helps to ensure effective message delivery at target audience while interactive features makes intelligent, smarter interaction for customers. And as future digital signage will definitely cater to demanding contents, analysts also predicts that future digital signage trends will see much more powerful hardware components including processor, displays, as well as software to enable seamless, effective digital signage experience. To the same extent, Intel future digital signage concept also highlights on high performance, low power processor as core smart technologies to power future digital signage installation. The processors, in particular, are expected to pack powerful graphics, enormous processing power, and remote management feature to provide hassle-free installation and management while keeping peak performance and best result. In terms of display, commercial users will relies on interactive touch display for digital signage application in order to get the most out of the offered interactive features and smart technologies. The display will not only come with more robust and equally great image performance but also support seamless interaction in many ways including multi-touch gestures and multi-user experience.

Lastly, future digital signage trends will anticipate integration to mobile devices to enhance user experience both on the spot and on the go. Although it is not always the case, commercial users with digital signage application may start to look at the possibility to extend interaction with their target audience or prospective customers after purchase or on the go via mobile app or integrated services. In Intel retail concept, for example, incoming customers can easily stream all the information about products and services in store to their mobile devices for later review or sharing them with friends or anyone. Alternatively, it may be possible to make use of the mobile devices itself as tools to enjoy interactive features from digital signage applications. All in all, future remains to be seen for anything including digital signage applications. But if you cannot wait any longer, simply take a look at some digital signage trends which may shape the future of digital advertising with interactive features and smart technologies.

(Date: 5 June 2013; Lidya)

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