Dnp Supernova Flex Retractable Screen Transform Conference Room

With today's highly competitive business environment, getting your messages through is often not enough. You need to make impact and most importantly, convey it in a way that ensures the audience really gets your point. In order to do it right, you are deeply mistake if a single projector and any white surface will do. No, they will not be able to accomplish such mission no matter how hard you try. You need something much more powerful. Something like dnp Supernova Flex retractable screen. Designed to transform any business environment including conference room, meeting room, and board room into dynamic collaboration space, the new retractable screen from dnp Supernova lineup offers superior front projection up to massive 120" wide screen size.

Boasting the patented dnp Supernova screen technology which ensures superior image projection in a brightly-lit environments like conference room, Supernova Flex retractable screen is ideal for any business applications including conference room who demand excellent big screen experience without compromising on flexibility and performance. As with other motorized retractable screen, users can easily roll it up for safekeeping when not in use, preventing any possible damage and saving the wall or ceiling space for other purposes. What's more, you can do it instantly with the handy supplied IR remote control. Aesthetically, dnp Supernova Flex retractable screen sports approximately 30% bigger size than previous generation of dnp Supernova family while retaining the ever-popular sleek space saving-design which easily fits into any conference room, meeting room, or board room. That said, the retractable screen is also open to both wall-mount or ceiling-mount option of installation. Experience the flexibility of retractable screen and the superior front projection quality of dnp Supernova screen technology in one package with the new dnp Supernova Flex. Now conference room will never be the same anymore since dnp Supernova Flex retractable screen simply redefines presentation and front projection once and for all.

Especially in indoor settings such as conference room, meeting room, or board room, sometimes it is hard to get the best projection because the ambient light is simply too bright. Your projector may not that be that powerful so the last resort is to rely on your projection screen. But which is the best projection screen? In the first place, it should be able to help you create impressive presentation. Of course it should be able to perform perfectly even under well-lit rooms like conference room. Next, it will be better if it does not take up much space because you would not use it that often and conference room also usually also does not have much room available. Finally, it certainly will be great to have device which is low maintenance. dnp Supernova Flex retractable screen simply tick all the boxes. With massive screen size up to 120" wide, you can easily transform any conference room into big screen cinema or interactive presentation stage with the retractable screen. Then, the tested and proven formula of dnp Supernova screen technology ensures high quality projection with high brightness and contrast in every lighting condition. What's more, the superior optical dnp Supernova technology also makes the same quality visual experience for all audience with wide viewing angle regardless their position in the conference room. At last, being retractable screen by nature, dnp Supernova Flex is obviously more handy because it will not permanent fixed space to install. Users can just have it wall-mounted or hanging it in ceiling and roll it up or down when necessary. And speaking of maintenance, the retractable screen is fine by its own since it can be stowed away almost instantly in a snap of button. No dust, no bugs, and no harm.

Patented Supernova Technology for Ultimate Projection

As mentioned earlier, to make powerful presentation is often a tough challenge in well-lit environments such as conference room, board room, or board room. In the first place, you got little space to work with. Not to mention if your projector just does not live to the expectation, resulting in less optimal projection result. dnp answer your problems by developing Supernova Screen technology.

To begin with, the main highlight of dnp Supernova screen actually lies in its cutting-edge active optical system. Unlike most screen which passively reflect both projection light from projector and ambient light, dnp Supernova screen intelligently reflects the projector light while filtering out the distracting ambient lights for excellent projection quality. Moreover,it actually consists of seven unique layers with each layer specially tailored to enhance image projection in terms of brightness, contrast, black level, colors, and details. Among them is the black-tinted which is sandwiched inside the screen to produce supreme black level.

(Date: 05 April 2013; Lidya)

Durability-wise, dnp Supernova screen also comes strong thanks to the extra hard surface layer which makes it resistant to scratch and shimmer issue. Last but not least, up to seven times higher brightness and contrast level eliminate the need to darken the room, making superb projection in well-lit rooms possible every time. And with Supernova Flex retractable screen, things are no different at all. Even better, the versatile retractable screen offers extra flexibility to store in for safekeeping when not in use. Also, the space-saving design also make it possible to install it along with the existing wall decoration. After all, the suspension wire of the retractable screen is almost invisible since it can naturally blend well with any room configuration.

Easy and Quiet Projection

One of the most common reason for getting fixed screen is that they do not want to deal with any noise during projection. In other words, they consider retractable screen will cause unwanted noise during projection. However, this is not the case with dnp Supernova Flex retractable screen. While it has motorized screen, users can feel rest assured because Supernova Flex retractable screen features the latest ultra quiet Somfy motor for quiet and quality projection. In terms of usability, the unique retractable screen also comes with IR remote control with simple interface for easy navigation and operation. You can easily roll it up or down in a push of button. To cater to different applications and room decor, dnp Supernova Flex retractable screen is available in variety of sizes from 72" to 120" plus three different finishes option for wall cover. Long story made short, dnp Supernova Flex retractable screen will be a great choice to go with for those looking for exceptional front projection quality with extra flexibility for well-lit environment like conference room. dnp Supernova Flex retractable screen helps you to bring significance to the conference room like never before.

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