Document Extractor Makes a True All-in-One Monitor

Say what do you think of those all-in-one crowd of devices? Versatile, all-rounder or simply too good to be true? Although it is not always the case, some all-in-one devices offers incredible advantage for users which look for both functionality and convenience or ease of use. For example, there is a growing trend that people will go for all-in-one PC instead of traditional PC set which requires you to buy and place an array of different devices. On the other hand, some people may argue that all-in-one devices does not really live up to their expectation in terms of performance. Whatever people think about these multi-talented devices, they are here to stay with unique proposition on its own. Among the recent ones is Document Extractor - Combi Monitor which literally makes a true all-in-one monitor since it packs monitor, printer, and scanner functionality within a single device. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of all-in-one devices is their versatile functionality in the first place and Document Extractor all-in-one monitor is no exception. The all-in-one monitor lets users to do three tasks of processing your documents at a time, eliminating the need for additional costs and resources to do the same thing.

Dubbed as Document Extractor - Combi Monitor, it indeed allows you to enjoy more streamlined and hassle-free when working with your documents. Be it printing, scanning, or simply displaying the documents, this all-in-one monitor wraps them at a go. In a way, you will also notice how the all-in-one monitor actually embodies literal translation of Print Screen functionality by printing anything displayed and popped out in your very screen in real time when and where needed. And as with any all-in-one devices, Document Extractor really kills it about saving your precious work space. The all-in-one monitor boasts a very compact, minimalist design which connects to your PC in a single connection. For those wondering how Document Extractor is able to do the other two functionality with such kind of design, take a good look on the rear panel and the bottom of this all-in-one monitor. Paper tray is strategically positioned on the back of the all-in-one monitor while the bottom of the display is adorned with slot to feed the paper for scanning and paper output. As such, Document Extractor makes it very convenient for users to make documents out of their PC when and where needed almost effortlessly.

Document Extractor may offer versatile functionality but you certainly would not be able to tell so if they say nothing about it. In terms of design, nothing really makes this all-in-one monitor stands out from the crowd. In many ways, one can easily think Document Extractor as all-in-one PC judging from its look while others assumes it as one of the many clones of iMac. It is only expected since Document Extractor all-in-one monitor features simple design and minimal buttons like iMac do, only for different purposes. However, Document Extractor do have something in common with iMac and all-in-one PC - touch screen. The touch screen capability in this all-in-one monitor simplifies the creation (or extraction if you relate it to the name of Document Extractor) and processing in any way possible. For capturing screen, the all-in-one monitor lets you easily capture the entire or only part of the screen by making selection with fingertips right on the screen and get it printed just like that. Really, there is no need to capture the screen and edit it again with software so it fits for printing thanks to this versatile all-in-one monitor. This way, users can definitely save time to do other things and accelerate work flow as they got everything they need in one device.

What's more, Document Extractor sports an immense 27" display to allow optimal viewing as well as easier scanning and printing. When combined with touch interface, everything from displaying, printing to scanning your documents feel easy and effortless with some flicks or swipes of your fingers. To make things even more intuitive, the all-in-one monitor also comes with interactive graphical user interface where users can observe how things going with their documents when printing or scanning on the display. If you are working with design or images most of the time, Document Extractor can also be functioned as second monitor to help overlooking drafts or get some graphics or images scanned and printed in an instant. However, you may want to note that the all-in-one monitor may not be ideal for printing and scanning with high volume due to the limited load capacity of paper tray. After all, Document Extractor offers versatility and instant of use, not quantity or full performance of standalone printing/scanning machine. More than just another all-in-one devices, Document Extractor goes extra miles to save time and increase work productivity by allowing you to do more with less.

The True All-in-One Monitor

There are a lot of ways to process documents and images within your scope of work. Only, you will have to use multiple devices and go through some hassle before getting to the end. As the result, you tend to end up with tables full of stacked documents as well as dozens of devices to get things done. Processing documents which are supposed to be simple turns into unbearable chore. Fret not as Document Extractor comes to your rescue. Also known as combination monitor which is it literally means, the all-in-one monitor combines display, printer, and scanner functionality within single compact package. In daily computing scenario, there have always been the need to capture or get something documented from the screen, web page for instance. In order to do this, users usually have to use the Print Screen function and get it pasted for editing somewhere else with dedicated software. With Document Extractor all-in-one monitor, they can get all things done in a snap of finger.

Printing or scanning documents and images are only three steps away with this versatile all-in-one monitor. First, of course you will have to define which documents, images, or parts of them to print or scan. If you are printing with this all-in-one monitor, set the paper on the paper tray on the back. On the other hand, you will have to feed the paper to the bottom of the all-in-one monitor for scanning. Afterwards, simply push the one-wonder button on the right bottom of the screen and you're all good to go. Very simple and convenient as you only have to use the same device for different tasks of documents/image processing.

(Date: 27 May 2013; Lidya)

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