Draper Fixed Screen for Videoconferencing Promotes Effective Communication

Few years a go, you may still have an ongoing battle with face-to-face meetings, telephone and other conventional communication tools to collaborate. But with the arrival of videoconferencing system to the communications, things changes in the way you never imagine. Videoconferencing system to see people and hear their sound like in face-to-face meetings virtually. However, setting up videoconferencing system to ensure most effective communication possible can gets tough with the less ideal environments and lighting. While any plain surface definitely would not do for critical meetings, you do not have the budget to buy special screen either. One solution is to get a screen for your videoconferencing system. Backed up by advanced expertise and long experience in screen solutions, Draper provides an extensive range of screens including fixed screen for videoconferencing system which is engineered particularly to deliver most effective communication possible for your applications.

Pretty much similar to projection scenario, videoconferencing will not promote any effective communication and even can really turn into disaster with the wrong installation. Draper ensure you will not have to go through such thing as their fixed screen offers both superior quality and easy installation. In fact, Draper fixed screen under Onyx model can be assembled for instant use within 10 to 15 minutes. It is often the case, people will opt for motorized screen or portable screen instead of fixed screen for they are touted to offer easy and flexible installation. However, Draper Onyx fixed screen manages to prove that it is equally flexible and easy to set up. Other things about Draper fixed screen which promotes effective communication for your videoconferencing system is the quality tensioning system. With fixed screen, a good tensioning system is the main key to ensure excellent videoconferencing and projection. Draper fixed screen boast unique uniform tension which strongly pins down the screen to the support and ensure that the fixed screen remains flat all along, even after extended use. As such, users with videoconferencing application can be sure that they will have effective communication and seamless collaboration. Finally, all of the Draper fixed screen lineups for videoconferencing applications are equipped with extra features such as ambient light rejection, controlled viewing cones and high contrast.

To make the most out of your videoconferencing system, a separate screen is a must have equipments. It especially comes handy for those with less ideal lighting environments. After all, you have no room for errors during those business critical collaboration with partners, client, and even other colleagues. Draper fixed screen is just the right answer to your problems with videoconferencing application. Draper fixed screen, in particular, makes a perfect fit for any videoconferencing installation with robust tensioning system but still maintain the high flexibility and ease of setup. While Draper provides a broad selection of fixed screen to cater to different requirements and videoconferencing applications, Onyx can be a viable solution for permanent installation such as in corporate board room, meetings rooms, or function halls. Be it front or rear projection, Onyx fixed screen can deliver a high contrast quality image for your videoconferencing system for effective communication.

What's more, the handy fixed screen actually comes equipped with stylish beveled aluminum frame to ensure clear-cut edges and optimal viewing area for your videoconferencing system. If you happen to prefer a plain fixed as it is, you can easily detach the 4" frame from the plastic corners of the fixed screen. But most importantly, this Draper fixed screen is powered by advanced tensioning system. Tensioned screen, be it fixed screen or motorized screen, is particularly preferable for permanent installation such as in corporate environments thanks to its superior reliability.

With tensioning system, the screen will likely to survive external distraction such as strong wind or accidental bumps. Not only that, in some fixed screen models such as Draper Onyx, users can feel reassured that their screen will remain flat and less vulnerable to crippling or wavy lines because of the frequent or extended use. Plus, unique tensioning system used by Draper fixed screen actually comes with adjustments options for more flexible videoconferencing applications and thus effective communication every time. Users can easily tune the tension level between 1 and 1/2" at a snap in both horizontal and vertical orientation. And the best part is that you do not any tool to do it. Draper also claims that unlike most fixed screen or any screen with tensioned system, there will no snaps to ruin your videoconferencing application. Despite its superb performance, users can also repel any unwanted reflection to the fixed screen with optional velvety black Vel-Tex layer. To cater to different videoconferencing application, Draper fixed screen will be available in a range of format and sizes as well as a variety of viewing surface for most effective communication possible. If you do not find any perfect match from their wide collection, Draper fixed screen can also be purchased in custom sizes.

Fixed screen for permanent installation in general can be a challenging issue for some people, especially if they got limited space. Not to mention, some people also worry that fixed screen will take up a significant space and require higher maintenance than the motorized screen or portable screen. Such assumption if half true and half wrong. For some applications as videoconferencing system which usually takes place in permanent location with pre-defined lighting and other setups optimized for meetings, fixed screen turns out to be better choice than its counterparts. In the first place, fixed screen makes an ideal solution for videoconferencing system because it can be easily set up. Believe it or not, you can assemble the fixed screen and use it right away in super short time of merely ten to fifteen minutes. As other fixed screen, Draper fixed screen also uses wall-mount bracket for installation. Although it takes up some space indeed, users with videoconferencing application in mind will not have such concern as they usually have dedicated space for all the installation.

Performance-wise, Draper fixed screen is armed with multiple features to ensure best result for your videoconferencing system and thus effective communication. For one, the fixed screen comes with ambient light rejection feature. With optional velvety black layer called Vel-Tex, the fixed screen will ward off any unwanted reflections which can result from less ideal indoor lighting or external sunlight from windows to affect your projection in videoconferencing application.

(Date: 14 May 2013; Lidya)

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