Draper Portable Projection Screens Redefine Portable Meaning

When you are going places a lot, portability matters most of the time, especially for those devices you carry around. Speaking ideally, they must be light and compact so that easy to bring along. If possible, they should also be space saving and easy to install. You really do not want much fuss for your mobile activities like presentation for example. However, in many cases, you are asked to make compromise one over another. Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. You have to choose between portability and performance. At least that it is before Draper comes up with their new portable projection screens which redefine portable meaning by offering big screen projection in a super compact package. Featuring easy installation and highly compact design, Draper new portable projection screens bring the big screen presentation previously not handy, save for fuss-free with the other portable projection screens.

Actually portable projection screens are no new kid on the block and Draper is not the first either to tap into this realm of portability. However, their portable projection screens are really one of the kind to redefine portable meaning with the so-called modular design. With the modular design, these portable projection screens stand out from the crowd because they are practically more robust and easy to deploy. In Draper modular design, the portable projection screens are engineered with several components of the same material but vary in sizes. As such, users can easily assemble the portable projection screens on their own without any tools or professional help needed. Unlike the conventional portable projection screens, there is no hinges either so you can feel peace of mind that it does not easily break in short time. And since all the parts of the projection screen is of the same source, you can have it repaired almost instantly. Or, you can also combine multiple parts of some Draper portable projection screens together to build up a different projection screen size for different requirements or room configuration. Portable meaning is redefined like never before in an unimaginable way as you get both true portability and functionality in a single product.

Among the most popular entries of the Draper portable projection screens are the FocalPoint and StageScreen which are designed to meet projection application in standard or small and larger venues respectively. Thanks to the ground-breaking modular concept in Draper portable projection screens, users can now enjoy the new portable meaning because they are able to do away with all those typical issues with portable projection screens and focus on the work instead.

Traveling for any purpose have its own fun as well as the tiresome part. The tiresome part often also include the things you need to carry around. So then people started to invent portable devices including portable projection screens. But the problem does not necessarily goes away just like that. With most portable projection screens, especially the folding type, users have to deal with loose frames, broken frames, complicated setup, and many more. At times, they also complain about how their portable projection screens may only fit for one time application because they come in single size and thus simply match a single room configuration. Draper portable projection screens come to your rescue, featuring a versatile modular design which allows you to easily install, repair, and recreate your portable projection screens for various requirements and different room configuration; redefining portable meaning like never before.

These new portable projection screens are also touted to solve the problem of varying aspect ratio. In general, people will use three different aspect ratio: 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10. With conventional portable projection screens, you will have to buy different pieces to cater to all these formats. But thanks to the innovative modular design, users can easily change the format by rearranging all the components of these portable projection screens. After all, they all comes from the same source and thus are compatible with each other. This way, users can use it to replace one another. That aside, the portable projection screens themselves are very robust by nature with sturdy aluminum parts. In fact, the StageScreen are claimed to be 60% stronger as opposed to standard folding truss portable projection screens. To support the projection screens, users are also free to buy additional legs which are made out of the same part as the portable projection screens. All things considered, Draper portable projection screens such as the FocalPoint and StageScreen really breathe new life into portable meaning with the versatile modular design and additional features.

Enhanced Modular Design

Being fragile and easily get damaged is probably the biggest Achilles heels for portable projection screens. They are indeed portable with folded design or other space-saving design. However, they are generally not very reliable in terms of durability which make a big no for careful investors since they tend to indicate low return on investment (ROI) value. Nevertheless, Draper changes the game with their new portable projection screens, FocalPoint and StageScreen, which features modular design where the entire screens are actually built out of several same parts only with different sizes.

The modular design in these new portable projection screens makes it easier for users to carry them around, install, and save them after use. Everything can be done pretty fuss-free with no tools or professional help because all the same parts easily clicked into one another between the frame sections. No hinges so you no longer have to worry over any loose hinges, cranks, or broken frames. Even if any parts of the portable projection screens did broken, you can easily replace it with the same part of other screens. Or, it is also possible for users to create different size by breaking down the parts and rebuild them to cater to different requirements. The same goes for different format. If you need to project in 16:9 or 16:10 while your existing frame setup fit the 4:3 format, simply do some modification with Draper portable projection screens by reusing and rearranging the same frame sections. However, do note that you might need additional viewing surface to get the optimal result. With the easy installation, Draper portable projection screens give users the opportunity to indulge in the new portable meaning.

Apart from the modular design, the new portable projection screens also ship with unique viewing surface with DuraLoop bungee loops; further redefining portable meaning with highly robust build than ever before. Unlike traditional portable projection screens with standard snaps which does not last very long or get loosened over time, the Duraloop bungee loops actually use flexible pull-tabs which snaps in the surface into the frame easily and securely and hold them tight for the rest of the time. To some extent, the Duraloop bungee loops also strengthen the tension of the viewing surface of the portable projection screen too for a flat perfect projection. At last, Draper portable projection screens will be available in a variety of sizes with many options of viewing surface as well as additional accessories such as legs, carrying case, and tarp to suit your requirements. In many ways, these portable projection screens completely change the portable meaning.

(Date: 16 April 2013; Lidya)

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