EAW Two-way Loudspeaker System Introduces Flexible Installation

Either portable or permanent applications, users these days may prefer loudspeaker system which can easily fit the any requirements or room configuration. In other words, it is best for sound solution providers to create loudspeaker system which offers flexible installation. EAW new two way loudspeaker system, JFL213 is one of a kind to introduce flexible installation and high quality audio regardless of your applications. Comes in compact package and robust enclosure, the latest loudspeaker system from EAW simply becomes perfect choices for both portable / temporary and permanent installations when and where needed. In fact, the loudspeaker system offers most flexible installation in every way possible with particular highlights in terms of easy setup and high mobility. Usually, loudspeaker system is manufactured accordingly for their purposes, which conforms to two major applications: the portable mobile installation and permanent static installation. As such, you can easily tell them apart from the physical attributes alone. In case of EAW two-way loudspeaker system, it manages to keep the form factor small and lightweight while offering full range audio performance for more serious applications in medium-size venues.

Weighing approximately 28 kilograms, EAW new entry in two-way loudspeaker system lineup is relatively manageable to carry around for mobile application. The new loudspeaker system also boast a space saving design with curvature enclosure which supports the flexible installation as you can choose to mount it on walls or stack it on the ground. Fo mounted stack kind of installation, the two-way loudspeaker system comes with dual-angle pole mount cup which serves to sustain the loudspeaker system while ensurin center of balance. Or, you can also have the loudspeaker system to suspended on fly/rigging system with optional FB221 Fly Bar. In fact, users can set up up to five modules for rigging type of installation. With such features to support scalability aspect, users can definitely configure this two-way loudspeaker system for larger type of installation such as for medium venues or function halls. On different note, the Fly Bar can be also used as base for stack installation where necessary. Really, with the new EAW loudspeakers system, you can expect most flexible installation.

That said, the loudspeaker system is built not only for flexible installation but also high quality one in extended use thanks to the premium material such as steel grilles and RoadCoat finish. RoadCoat finish is a tested and proven material which has been widely used in diverse applications for its superior durability against scratch, water, bumps, and other threats. This way, users with outdoor application in mind can be sure that their loudspeaker system can function perfectly under high demanding environments too. The same goes for the steel grilles which is meant to provide extra protection for the dual 10 inch cone transducers. All in all, EAW new two-way speaker system introduces flexible installation for a variety of applications without a hitch thanks to its versatile design and features.

Apart from the flexible installation, EAW new two-way loudspeaker system does not make any compromise on audio performance quality either. It is a common fact that you have to give up or at least make compromise on audio performance quality with small compact loudspeaker system. To begin with, it is often argued that smaller driver cannot live up to provide enough sound coverage for a room or simply unevenly dispersed sound for all the people inside the room. Another common problem found with portable loudspeaker system is the incapability to cover the entire frequency range, again due to the lack of sound components or hardware. Nevertheless, it is exactly what EAW two-way loudspeaker system JFL213 is developed in the first place. This two-way loudspeaker system is meant to provide solutions to all these problems. The loudspeaker system is built to deliver high quality audio performance without sacrificing portability as well as flexible installation.

EAW JFL Series itself is recognized to host a selection of high-end two-way loudspeaker system which caters to both permanent and mobile installation. New EAW JFL213 loudspeaker system sports dual 10 inch low frequency drivers and three 0.75 inch high frequency drivers to perfectly deliver accurate audio performance across the entire frequency range flawlessly. That aside, the new two-way loudspeaker system also offers wider beamwidth up to 110 degree horizontally, It means users can indulge in more uniform sound across the entire room regardless of the position of people inside the room thanks to the wider sound coverage. In general it takes an array of loudspeaker system to enjoy wider sound coverage. But with EAW new two-way loudspeaker system, you can make do with single speaker; eliminating the hassle setup as well as cluttered cables. Of course, this feature also helps users to save some expenses for sound system as the new loudspeaker system can deliver the same performance and even more flexible installation with less resources.

Other appreciated feature of the new two-way loudspeaker system is the dual amp powering modes which users to use either single or bi-amp mode to better suit their sound amplification requirements. If you require sound amplification for smaller venues, single amp mode will turn out a better option because you use all the channels to power the same frequency range, for example high frequency only. However, the bi-amp mode will be beneficial when you need the loudspeaker system to be divided into two different channels of amplification. Depending on the requirements and type of sound amplification, the loudspeaker system appear to offer better audio performance quality in bi-amp mode because of the reduced error in low frequency range. Built as premium loudspeaker system, JFL213 is also equipped with proprietary EAW Focusing technology to enhance overall audio performance quality. EAW Focusing technology has been one of the core EAW technologies to power most EAW loudspeaker system. It highlights the improvement over both low and high frequency range using the advanced UX Series digital signal processor. As with other digital signal processor, UX Series in EAW Focusing technology works to correct any sound anomalies including honking or splashiness commonly found with horn-styled loud speaker system. Despite the incredible audio performance of the two-way loudspeaker system, users can also match their JFL213 with companion subwoofer to enjoy instant boost for the sound amplification.

(Date: 14 May 2013; Lidya)

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