Electro Voice Surface Mount Speakers Aimed At Commercial Installations

As vibrant as any information and technology industry, sound industry has seen a lot of improvements for the past decades. Even, it is not surprising anymore to learn that some of the sound specialists or audio solution manufacturers actually have been around for decades without you noticing them. The vigorous development of sound industry is especially driven by the increasing adoption rate of sound reinforcement in commercial installations. Have dug into the sound solutions for almost 85 years by now, Electro Voice has always got worked up to deliver only the best audio performance for any of your sound requirements including commercial installations. Among their broad line-up of speakers is the Electro Voice EVID surface mount speakers which are aimed particularly at commercial installations which demands best audio performance.

Available in multiple configurations to suit to your commercial installations, the EVID surface mount speakers also feature Electro voice proprietary Strong-Arm Mount (SAM) technology to ensure best fit installation as well as best audio performance. Unlike personal applications, sound reinforcement in commercial installation can get tougher and much more complicated than you can imagine because it involves plethora of equipments and accessories. At least that the way it is before Electro Voice comes up with their EVID surface mount speakers which are aimed at commercial installation and most importantly, boast easy installation. Depending your intended scenario for the commercial installations, Electro Voice surface mount speakers also comes with two options for line transformer: 70 and 100 Volt.

Aesthetic-wise, users with commercial installations can expect hassle-free and space-saving solution as these surface mount speakers sports either compact or very compact build without making any compromise on audio performance. What's more, these surface mount speakers are actually equipped with vented LF (low-frequency) enclosures which is well-known for their improved audio performance on low frequency output and reduced distortion, which is good for your commercial installation by any means. In most cases, the adoption of vented LF enclosures, which is also known as bass-reflex closures, for surface mount speakers also increases the possibility to make the speakers more compact than ever. In any way, this is simply one advantage for commercial installations such as meeting rooms, board rooms, or multifunction room which does not necessarily have much space for the sound reinforcement system. By using surface mount speakers, users can easily attach the speakers almost on any surface in the room regardless of the room configurations or space limitation.

In personal applications, there is some to few room for mistakes or compromise when it comes to audio performance. Things even get tougher for manufacturers which serves the professional market segments such as business and commercial installations because they look for both best audio performance and fuss-free installation. Electro Voice EVID surface mount speakers are developed to exactly meet the requirements of the commercial installations. In the first place, bear in your mind that these surface mount speakers are build to impress as much as they are intended to live up to high demanding environments of commercial installations. Electro Voice EVID 3.2, 4.2, and 6.2 which are the three primary models for surface mount speakers, are all adorned with the elliptical ABS enclosure which is touted to survive weather bumps for reliable commercial installations.

That said, these surface mount speakers also wear more subtle design as most commercial speakers with black or white finishes. This way, users are surely to indulge in more seamless commercial installations thanks to the unobtrusive design of these surface mount speakers. As fas as audio performance are concerned, these commercial-grade surface mount speakers also indicate no compromise in delivering the best quality for your commercial installations. Featuring Coherent Coverage Waveguide and 1 inch titanium diaphragm, these surface mount speakers also provides greater coverage control. Next, all of the EVID surface mount speakers are fitted with magnetic shielding for reduced interferences and thus best audio performance for your commercial installations. If you worry that the simple configuration of these surface mount speakers cannot really deliver to particular audio or sound scenarios in your commercial installations, do not. Albeit the two way configuration of these surface mount speakers, the built-in dual woofers ensure optimal performance all the way down to the low frequency range.

Made for Commercial Installations

When it comes to commercial installations, it is often the case that you got no room for errors. In case of speakers solution, it will be ideal to have speakers which offers both unrivaled audio performance and flexible installations. For such criteria, there is only very few speakers manufacturers out there which can make it true and Electro Voice happens to be one of them. If you look for one which will be perfect for commercial installations, it seems that no candidates is better than their EVID surface mount speakers. Combining smart functional designs, advanced audio components, and high flexibility for commercial installations, these surface mount speakers are available in various configuration of drive range.

For the compacts models, users can choose from three different driver sizes to suit their commercial installations: 3,5 inch, 4 inch, and six inch. All the three of these surface mount speakers are furnished with both dedicated low frequency and high frequency transducer for optimized audio performance with wider frequency range. But most importantly, they do a very well-done job as surface mount speakers alone thanks to the Strong-Arm Mount smart mounting technology, which is also one of the renowned Electro Voice innovation. With the Strong-Arm Mount, users can easily adjust the surface mount speakers to cater to their diverse sound reinforcement requirements in commercial installations. In fact, they can easily tune the surface mount speakers to swivel horizontally up to 100 degrees or 90 degree vertically. That aside, the mounting system also includes hey-key head adjustments to help users to angle and install the surface mount speakers almost effortlessly. Together, both elements of these surface mount speakers offer easy and fuss-free speaker setup for commercial installations.

As mentioned earlier, the surface mount speakers from Electro Voice is designed with commercial installations in mind. As such, it is normal that users will have higher expectation in terms of audio performance. To ensure no compromise on audio performance, Electro Voice has thoughtfully equip their surface mount speakers with the best audio components possible. For instance, the surface mount speakers sports titanium diaphragm with neodymium structure to deliver both quality audio performance and high reliability. Since it is meant for commercial installations, the surface mount speakers are actually engineered as a highly robust system with full compliance to Mil Spec 810 and IEC 529 IP 34 ratings.

(Date: 06 May 2013; Lidya)

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