Epson New Interactive Projector Turns Business Meetings Alive

Presentation is probably an ongoing battle for business users. Going around and about rooms and places to hear and be heard. And often, you are not only expected to present but also take notes and share the presentation over to colleagues or clients in real time. There are simply too much equipment that you need to deal with, not to mention all those times where you rack your brains to get it ready for use. Fret not. Epson have come up with an all-in-one solution for all your problem. Introducing Epson Interactive Projector EB-1410Wi Series which brings over projection, interactive whiteboard, and versatile presentation in one complete package. What's more, the new interactive projector also supports wireless presentation from local networks and various kind of inputs including the ubiquitous devices such as smartphones and tablets. More than just another ordinary business meetings, Epson interactive projector EB-1410Wi series helps to turn your business meetings alive with PC-free interactivity features as well as myriad of handy collaboration and presentation tools. No more wasting time for boring meetings, troublesome collaboration, or limited possibilities due to lack of equipments. Epson new interactive projector lets you project, collaborate, and share at the same time within single integrated system. You do not need PC, big space, or any costly additional installation. Designed to meet all the requirements of business users for effective business meetings, Epson EB 1410Wi interactive projector comes in HD WXGA resolution with super bright ouput of 3100 lumens. With the possibilities of doing several jobs simultaneously in a single device, business users also get to eliminate the need for various different office equipments and thus cut down investment costs.

As the first ultra-short throw interactive projector to target business users, it is not surprising to see how Epson EB 1410Wi packs plethora of nifty features and tools it took to deliver effective business meetings. In the first place, its ultra-short throw ratio of 0,2-0,3 ensures big superior projection within limited spaces. In fact, the interactive projector can project up to 100" screen size at only 0,3 m distance. As such, not only business users do not have to worry much about getting bigger space but also can instantly turn the projection into some interactive collaborative spaces. That aside, users can also easily add and share annotation on the projection to and from various different sources including USB flash drive, PC, networked devices, mobile devices, and many more thanks to the integrated whiteboard functionality. In particular, Epson EB-1410Wi interactive projector can save up to 50 notes per meeting and offer extra security function via password protection. Compatibility with Microsoft Office Ink is also supported for editing or integrating documents into the projection in real-time. When the interactive projectors is set in whiteboard mode, users can feel free to draw, write, make annotation, share, or even print the projection image. More importantly, the new Epson interactive projector EB-1410Wi also features easy to use interface and a pair of interactive pens which lets users interact with their projected image in anyway necessary. To the extent of conectivity, Epson EB 1410Wi comes with Wi-Fi integration which facilitate interactive collaboration with up to four remote locations over networks. All in all, it reduces all the hassle and cluttering usually identified with business meetings and interactive projectors.

All-in-One Solution

In today technologically-driven era where possibilities are infinite, there are many multi-purposes device which are able to do multiple functions at the same time. Among the latest one is the new Epson interactive projector EB-1410Wi. More than just interactive projector, EB-1410Wi also integrates interactive whiteboard, collaborative tools, and presentation flipcharts in one single device. In terms of projection image, it can create a whopping 100 inch screen, making it easier for business users to turn their presentation into collaboration and vice versa, creating overall interactive business meetings. Combined with the ultra-short throw ratio, business users can practically use the interactive projector turn any flat surface into interactive platform where they can present, collaborate, or share documents and multimedia contents. If you work with many devices, Epson EB 1410Wi interactive projector also supports projection and annotation from various kind of inputs. Next, it is also convenient that you can easily share the meeting note or anything in projection image from the interactive projector to multiple platform devices with multiple ways. You can email it. You can share it over networks. Or, you can also save it to USB sticks or get it printed.

On the other hand, Epson new interactive projector EB-1410Wi also features unique dual interactive pen which lets you draw, write, annotate or even capture the projection image to be saved, shared, or printed in real time or later time. And since the dual pen can be operated at the same time, business meetings can certainly become more productive than ever. Then, there is also multi location function which basically allows projection image to be accessed and shared with up to four remote projection systems including annotation function. Another interesting feature from the interactive projector is the split screen function. With such generous projection are of 100 inch, users can easily work with two different applications during presentation or present from two different inputs at one time. Offering the most flexible presenting ability we ever met, Epson EB1410Wi interactive projector is all set to transform your business meetings like never before.

Hassle-Free Interactivity

Epson EB-1410Wi interactive projector got all you need to make effective business meetings but then how does it fare in terms of usability and connectivity. Aimed to streamline business meetings and deliver intuitive user experience every time, the interactive projector boasts a user friendly interface as well as a control pad which allows users to easily connect to various devices while including some handy shortcut buttons to the most frequently used functions such as Whiteboard Mode, Capture, Save, Print, and Source Search. Particularly in Whiteboard Mode, users need to use supplied interactive pens to interact with the projection image. Be it draw, edit, or make annotation. Interestingly, the pens actually works like mouse once connected to a computer. As mentioned earlier, Epson EB-1410Wi interactive projector supports projection and sharing from multiple devices but the best part about it is not only the versatility aspect but rather than iin that users get to do all of these things with the interactive projector without needing any PC. No driver installation required either. Of course, you also cannot be more thankful to the fact that wireless projection is also made possible with the EB-1410Wi interactive projector with Epson iProjection App. In short, interactive meeting room is brought over once more in a hassle free way with Epson interactive projector EB-1410Wi. Everything under the same hood for effective business meetings

(Date: 04 April 2013; Lidya)

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