Exterity Enterprise-Class IPTV Application Promotes Extended

Security In various applications including business environment, effective communications are essential to improve productivity and thus overall business. One way to do that is using building IPTV application. Basically a technology that allows users to distribute and broadcast contents over local network, building IPTV application enables customers to foster communications with both internal and external parties without breaking a bank. But with business, any single security threat to your information and communication channel is a big no. As such, Exterity comes up with their new AvediaStream TVgateway enterprise-class IPTV application which promotes extended security for your business communications via secondary Conditional Access Module (CAM) slot.

With the new Exterity IPTV application, users can easily and securely distribute their live TV streams, radio broadcast, or recorded video in multiple supported standards such DVB-T/T2, DVB-S/S2, DVB-C, ATSC, Clear QAM, and ASI. That aside, they also do not have to fuss over complicated setup and cabling because this enterprise-class IPTV application adopts hassle-free design with hot-swap blades which allows users to easily add, remove or replace them in an instant. Supporting for standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) quality content streaming, the IPTV application also offers high scalability by enabling users to add channels and users where necessary without any compromise on picture quality. And of course, as the building IPTV application operates over your local network, you will not have to spend a fortune on Internet bandwidth or deal with issues of signal interference or weak signals.

With enormous amount money saving on distribution system installation, users practically get to enjoy higher ROI rate with the building IPTV application. When compared to the conventional coaxial-based content distribution system, the enterprise-class IPTV applications also offers greater and more comprehensive control over your content broadcasts including on-demand access to data source and contents. At last, the new Exterity enterprise-class IPTV application is also equipped with PID filtering controller to help manage the input of audio, metadata, and subtitles of all the streamed contents on the network for optimal management and extended security. For instance, companies can broadcast the same contents but with different on different channels over the same networks.

Security is a crucial issue in business communications. At the same time, you need to foster effective communication with both internal and external parties in every way possible. So Exterity gives you a clue with their new enterprise-class building IPTV application. The enterprise-class AvediaStream TVgateway IPTV application introduces extended security for your critical business communication with built-in CAM (Conditional Access Module) slot. CAM itself is actually a technology which works to decrypt some encrypted contents available on channels, usually important ones from unauthorized access. While this function is quite common with building IPTV applications, the new enterprise-class IPTV application from Exterity actually provides two CAM slots and thus extended security for your contents. To decrypt the contents, users can choose from a wide range of supported third party CAM A services such as Conax, Mediaguard, Cryptoworks, Irdeto, Viaccess and many more.

But even with extended security, it does not mean the new Exterity IPTV application is any less capable in terms of flexibility and scalability. In fact, it is as powerful as the TVgateways line of IPTV application ever. In the first place, the enterprise-class IPTV application can accommodate multiple channel descrambling with supports for two DVB-S/S2 tuners per blade/chassis. This way, users can definitely save costs and power consumption per channel. As for controls, the new IPTV application provide versatile options with web-based interface and RS232 Control port. That said, should you need to do any maintenance routine such as backup or upgrade to the IPTV applications, you can simply do it via TFTP services. Tailored as enterprise-class IPTV application, users can also expect further extent of flexibility such as advanced channel customization. In summary, Exterity enterprise-class IPTV application is obviously the right solution for those looking into enhancing their business communication while ensuring flexibility and security.

High Scalability

If any, perhaps the first and foremost benefit of building IPTV application is the ability to distribute multiple digital contents like live TV and radio broadcast, recorded videos, and DVDs through multiple channels in high quality to wider audience. The new Exterity enterprise-class IPTV application is no different and even better because it offers high scalability and extended security. Scalability is especially important for business applications and Exterity presents just the right enterprise-class solution with their new IPTV application. Leveraging on a network system, you can easily add or remove channels, users, and displays to the existing configuration of IPTV application without neither degrading the quality of contents nor setting up additional video network. Plus, the new IPTV application makes it possible for users to stream SD and HD contents simultaneously.

But most importantly, the building IPTV applicaton actually saves you enormous cost on the distribution system itself as it uses local network instead of Internet gateways as in consumer-based IPTV application. Since it leverages on local network, users can enjoy more consistent and reliable signal transmission while cutting down demand for the valuable Internet bandwidth. What's more, these enterprise-class IPTV application also comes with support for IP multicast functionality where a single stream source is sent to multiple receivers; optimizing the network bandwidth usage if not keeping it as minimal as possible. In terms of the design, this new enterprise-class IPTV application retains the hot-swappable blades and allows for quick modification. Finally, Exterity new building IPTV application also makes an excellent enterprise-class solution since it grants greater control over channels and contents for both individuals and groups via the advanced PID filtering feature.

Extended Security

Despite all the benefits offered by building IPTV application, users with business deployment in mind may also have to look out for security threats to their stream contents and channels. There is high possibility that unauthorized parties get to access the contents. To solve the problem, Exterity introduces their new enterprise-class IPTV application which boasts two, instead of one CAM slots for extended security. With more CAM slots to work with, users can apply encryption for more of the scrambled contents because now they are able to have it decrypted faster and simultaneously. It is also convenient to know that this IPTV application is compatible with most commonly-used third party CAM services such as Conax, Mediaguard, Cryptoworks, Irdeto, Viaccess and many more.

(Date: 23 April 2013; Lidya)

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