Extron Flat Field Ceiling Speakers Deliver the Best Audio Quality

A sound reinforcement is a must have in a lot of applications these days including conference room, meeting room, board room, and classroom to achieve best audio quality. The basic reason is because those rooms just have poor sound characteristics like uneven sound field and thus result in less favorable sound amplification and distribution across the room. In a very easy concept, think how those sitting near the speakers usually hear louder and more powerful sound as compared to the audience sitting far from them. The further distance from the speaker, the lower the volume of sound , which also means the lower sound pressure level. Extron fights to overcome the unequal sound pressure level across the rooms with their Flat Field Ceiling Speakers to deliver the best audio quality in every part of the room. As such, it is expected that no matter where is the position of the audience, they will still able to enjoy the best audio quality.

Unlike average ceiling speakers, the new Extron Flat Field Ceiling Speakers FF220T boasts the patented Flat Field technology which ensures wide sound coverage as well as even sound pressure level across the room for the uniform best audio quality. This proprietary technology used in the Flat Field ceiling speakers work by balancing sound pressure level by redirect and reflect sound waves towards a flat sound field so that it is dispersed evenly across different areas other than the hot spot or on axis position, usually directly below it in case of ceiling speakers. With the balanced sound pressure level across the listening area, everyone inside the room will enjoy the same best audio quality and thus full understanding of information being shared. As a comparison, average ceiling speakers with the same configuration cannot get you to the balanced sound pressure level unless you spend more money and resources to place at least four ceiling speakers. That said, you may also risk ended up with some void because the sound coverage did not quite overlap on each other. The Extron FF 220T ceiling speakers, in particular, is available in two variants: 70 volt and 100 volt systems to cater to different sound reinforcement applications.

Another important point of Extron Flat Field Ceiling Speakers is the easy, flexible installation. With some ceiling speakers, setup and installation can be quite troublesome. Some ceilings are too low while other ceilings adopt suspended styles and average ceiling speakers just do not fit those applications. Extron Flat Field Ceiling Speakers makes it easy for diverse kind of ceilings including low and suspended ceiling grid. If you got the tile-styled ceilings, it is even easier to install because of its rectangular shape. All you need to do is cut some space in the tile accordingly to the measurement of the ceiling speakers and you are all good to go. Just drop it into the place like another substitute tiles. No complicated mounting setup required. The Flat Field ceiling speakers is simply the best fit for any 2x2 or 2x4 tile-based ceiling system. With the quick and hassle-free installation of Flat Field ceiling speakers, users can have best audio quality without much fuss and breaking bank.

Apart from easy installation, Extron Flat Field Ceiling Speakers also offers best fit with plenum environment. In the first place, the ceiling speakers sports white perforated grille which will blend perfectly with the air handling system. Next, it also has low profile and T-bar support suitable for easy speaker anchoring to the air handling system. What's more, the Extron Flat Field ceiling speakers is also compliant with plenum application requirement standard, rated with label of UL 2043. Long story made short, these ceiling speakers are obviously a great choice for applications which needs flexible ceiling-based installation and where best audio quality is essential, if not crucial thanks to the ground-breaking Flat Field technology and plenum rated enclosures.

Patented Flat Field Technology

Uneven sound field and thus irregular sound pressure level across the room or listening area remains a big challenge to some educational and corporate environments. At least, that is what happened before Extron comes up with the innovative Flat Field technology which is engineered exclusively to deliver wide sound dispersion for uniformly best audio quality in the entire area of the room. And Extron Flat Field ceiling speakers FF 220T is a good example. The Flat Field technology basically works by redirect the sound wave to a flat sound field so that it gets dissolved from the hot spot or center of axis up to 170 degrees and creates a wider sound coverage. By doing this, in a way, the technology allows the ceiling speakers to achieve balanced sound pressure level as mid and high frequencies are reduced accordingly.

Some may argue that the two array ceiling speakers will risk in void because the coverage will not be able to extend that much. It is not exactly the case because even though Extron Flat Field ceiling speakers only got the left and right speaker to begin with. Ideally, it took at least four ceiling speakers to fully cover room but then it leaves a possibl sound cancellation area in the center position. With Flat Field technology inside the Extron ceiling speakers, it produces wider sound field that overlap each other perfectly that the entire room is well-covered. That aside, the ceiling speakers also got a unique horn-loaded design which magnifies low frequencies. In the end, all the audience can enjoy the same best audio quality regardless their position in the room as well as the distance to the ceiling speakers.

Fast and Easy Installation

The sound quality aside, the next challenge for ceiling speakers is the installation process. Some speakers make quite a fuss with wiring and mounting setups. However, Extron Flat Field ceiling speakers does away with all the issues; offering one of the most quick and easy installation you can imagine. Because they are square and flat, these ceiling speakers can easily fit any 2x2" or 2x4" tile-based ceiling systems. You can literally cut the right-sized space in the tiles and literally drop them. And with the white-colored perforated grilled style, the Flat Field ceiling speakers makes great match to plenum environment. In fact, nobody will hardly notice their existences including thefts. By nature, these ceiling speakers are also smaller in build than most average ceiling speakers; turning into a versatile option for different applications including tight-low ceilings. After all, they did said less sometimes means more. And the Extron Flat Field ceiling speakers just did it. The ceiling speakers lets you get the best audio quality for everyone with less money and space-saving design.

(Date: 09 April 2013; Lidya)

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