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In theory, a projector should be able to offer both high brightness and longer lifetime. Here comes the challenge as it is still an ongoing battle for a lot of projector manufacturers around the globe. However, they indeed come closer to that ideal portrait of projector from time to time with so many inventions in the projection landscape. Among the latest ones is the use of laser light source instead of traditional lamp to power the projectors. Laser light based projector or also known as laser light projector is touted to eliminate most of the typical disadvantage of lamp-based projectors including high maintenance and shorter lifetime. While the technology is a new baby in projection landscape, Sony is one of the optimistic manufacturers which introduces its laser light projector featuring high brightness with enhanced BrightEra 3LCD technology. In fact, The laser light projector is the first laser 3LCD projector in the world. Boasting super high brighntess of 4000 lumens, Sony new laser light projector also becomes one of the WUXGA projector with super high brightness.

Unlike the lamp-lit projectors, Sony believe their new laser light projector can definitely deliver highest value to the customers which needs high brightness projection but are concerned with the high maintenance. It is because the laser light projector basically leverages on laser light instead of the conventional lamps to produce projection. Without any lamps installed on the laser light projector, users practically do not have deal with maintenance routines such as replacing lamps or filter every now and then to keep their projection at optimal quality. They can also expect to enjoy reliable high brightness all along because the laser light maintains the same level of high brightness longer than conventional lamps. As such, users also gets to save substantial amount for total operating cost thanks to the no maintenance operation of laser light projector. In terms of lifetime, Sony new laser light projector is said to offer extra long lifetime up to 20.000 hours. All in all, Sony believes their new laser light projector is the long-awaited projection solutions to applications such as corporate and education which uses projector for extended time.

When it comes to projector, high brightness is one of the most common indicator to asses projector performance. But very few realize that there is price to pay for the high brightness. In most cases, high brightness translates to high power consumption and shorter lifetime since the projector operates on full performance. If you uses the projectors frequently of in extended time, it is enough to give you headache because it means you have to replace the lamp every now. Then, there is also high possibility that your projectors may suffer from overheating and causes damage to internal components in the long run due to the high brightness operation. Laser light projector offers an instant solutions to all these issues by removing the lamp which is apparently the source of all eveil altogether. What's more, laser light projector actually enables users to indulge in high brightness projection without any compromise or side effects as conventional lamp-based projectors did. For that reason, Sony is proud to present the world their first laser light projector which is built on their latest BrightEra 3LCD technology.

While laser light projector is more than capable to deliver optimal projection, Sony adds in their latest BrightEra 3LCD technology to further enhance the projection quality. In particular, the enhanced BrightEra 3LCD technology functions to improve color balance to match the high brightness of the projected images so that the color output remains vivid and vibrant. Durability-wise, users can also expect that Sony new laser light projector is a worth long term investment since it virtually requires no maintenance and keep high brightness projection without any risk of overheating and less downtime as lamp-based projectors do. Albeit of the super high brightness of 4000 lumens, laser light projector indicates relatively reasonable low power consumption thanks to the better power management. In a way, Sony also claims their laser light projector to be sort of green products as laser light is eco-friendly. Sony laser light projector will be hosted in the same lineup as award-winning Sony F Series projector which is famous for its exceptionally high brightness performance and low maintenance.

High Brightness Performance, Low Maintenance

Make.believe is the latest slogan which precisely describes Sony strong commitment and tenacity to deliver products which comes out from imagination to make better life for its customers. There is always a room for creativity and invention including in projection landscape. Just recently, the Japanese consumer electronics just announces its laser light projector which features high brightness projection and low maintenance operation. While a lot of people still uses conventional lamp-based projectors and the market remains stable as ever, Sony starts to consider the high potential of laser light projector as mainstream projectors in the near future. For one, the laser light projector appears to offer definite solution to all common issues which have plagued the conventional laser light projector all along including high maintenance, irregular brightness performance, and shorter lifetime.

However, Sony new laser light projector does not features all the advantage of laser light source alone but also makes it better with the enhanced BrightEra 3LCD technology. High brightness is a must have with projectors these days but it is often the case that the color output becomes dull or simply less vivid which makes less optimal projection. To solve the problem, Sony laser light projector is developed with the BrightEra 3LCD technology which works primarily to ensure outstanding color reproduction and vivid details for the projected images along with the high brightness.

On different note, Sony new laser light projector is also engineered to break the limitation of lamp-based projectors which has been always troubled with maintenance problems. Since the laser light projector uses no whatsoever lamp or filters, you do have to clean or replace the components regularly; cutting down maintenance resources as well as total operating cost. Not only that, in fact Sony new laser light projector claims up to five times higher lifetime as opposed to typical lamp-based projectors in the same categories. With 20.000 hours, users can feel peace of mind that the laser light projector can at least provide them with quality projection for years ahead.

(Date: 20 May 2013; Lidya)

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