Extron Introduces First Secure Tabletop Mount For iPad

Among the overflowing current of mobile devices, Apple iPad is one of the most popular ones. it is literally ubiquitous. You can find it almost everywhere with a lot of applications, from home, offices, retails, hospitality, to government. In a sense, you can use iPad for many purposes. Play games, read book, listen to music, present products, promote products, track lost items. You name it. And recently, Apple iPad simply extends its role in business environment like in meeting room, board room, lounge, and many more as display control interface for Extron control system. While it is convenient to use this versatile gadget for different functionalities, it is highly risky to put your favorite iPad out in the cold in public places without any security. Extron understands your concern and give you a peace of mind by introducing the first secure tabletop mount for iPad, TLM 100T which is the first of its kind. Unlike the standard common mount for iPad, Extron TLM 100T offers extra security features and flexibility for secure control interface in your business applications.

Touted as the first secure tabletop mount for iPad in the industry, Extron TLM 100T tabletop mount is compatible with second, third, and fourth generation of iPad. Users can also feel at ease to use the iPad as normally since TLM 100T tabletop mount for iPad will still support access to main iPad functions including Home, Power, Speaker, Microphone, Camera, and of course the touch display itself despite being locked in to the tabletop mount unit. By default, the secure tabletop mount for iPad supports tilt function up to 45 degree. Nevertheless, for extra flexibility, Extron also provides a range of mount adapter such as Extron SMA-1 Swivel Mount Adapter and Extron LPVM Low Profile VESA Mount.

As leading manufacturer of audio visual system integration products, Extron always seeks to provide the best solution for its customers. Therefore, as alternative to touch panel for control system, users can use their iPads instead. But then, another problem arises. While the control system is supposed to remain in permanent place, in most cases it will also be public so the iPad will be in constant exposure to many users other than you including clients or guests. But most importantly, it also means that you also will not have full control over the security. Without whatsoever security, there is a very high possibility that your iPad will get stolen at any chance. Extron TLM 100T tabletop mount for iPad not only safeguard your iPad from theft but also making it more flexible and versatile with various mounting options as well as a range of fasteners and security tools.

To create seamless integration with your audio visual system, Extron TLM 100T tabletop mount for iPad also features optional bezel and special cable management system to hide all unnecessary cable and components neatly. As if it is not enough, Extron also comes up with TouchLink for iPad and MediaLink for iPad, which basically allow your iPad to have more control over the room via wireless connection. Finally, in terms of aesthetic, the new Extron tabletop mount for iPad also surprisingly stylish with dark grayish finish for both bezel and base, perfectly fit your iPad. All in all, Extron TLM 100T tabletop mount for iPad is simply an ideal answer to those who fret over the possibility of losing or getting their reliable iPad. Now you can have peace of mind and leave the iPad knowing that it will be safe and sound as you see it last time thanks to Extron TLM 100T tabletop mount for iPad.

Extra Security Features

As time goes, iPad becomes more and more of inseparable part in our daily life including for work. Despite its already wide applications, one of the most recent one thanks to Extron actually allows iPad to be used as control system interface. In other words, you can use iPad as substitute touch panel to control you room. At first in may sound all fancy and exciting but then you have to deal with risk of losing it by any chance since it is meant to be public items in some permanent places inside the offices such as meeting room or guest lounge. Even though it is considered company property, investment is still an investment, regardless of its value. And it is Apple iPad we're talking here. It may not cost a fortune but it is indeed a pricey device to begin with. So then begin your battle to keeps hands away from the iPad. Save your energy with Extron TLM 100T tabletop mount for iPad. The first secure tabletop mount for iPad, it offers a myriad of extra security features to keep your iPad safe and sound, even in public environment.

Once the iPad is docked in and locked in with the security fasteners from the tabletop mount, theft will surely think twice to try and get it. That aside, the tabletop mount also got support for Kensington lock and optional bezel to hide front camera and home button out of sight for the sake of aesthetics. In fact, Extron also design this secure tabletop mount for iPad with smart cable management where users can easily hide all those cluttering cable behind the base, be it adapter or charging cable. With the simple yet secure tools within the Extron TLM 100T tabletop mount for iPad, now your iPad can return its position as handy control system interface or presentation video source without any security issues.

Extra Flexibility

With most tabletop mount for iPad, what they do is only get your iPad mounted for viewing or anything. End of the story. However, Extron TLM 100T tabletop mount for iPad allows you to do more. It not only protects your iPad as a valuable investment but also extended its flexibility while docked in the tabletop mount. The adjustable and removable base of TLM 100T tabletop mount for iPad supports tilt function up to 45 degrees but can also paired with Extron SMA-1 Swivel Mount Adapter to add swivel function as well as viewing angles. And even if you do not think it is flexible enough, there is also option to integrate Extron LPVM Low Profile VESA Mount to your existing tabletop mount. Finally, wall-mount is also made possible if necessary with additional junction box. On top of everything, the iPad will remain functional and accessible as ever despite any security layer such as security fastener or security screws attached to the mount. TLM 100T tabletop mount for iPad enables access to all main functions such as home, power, front camera, speaker, and microphone.

(Date: 04 April 2013; Lidya)

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