Extron New SDI-to-HDMI Video Scalers Ensure High Quality Images

When working with many different contents and resolution, incompatibility issues often arise especially if you use various platform and devices. A lot of computing and audio visual devices have different kind of standards and interfaces to begin with. Some of them are compatible and inter-operable but most of them need you to use additional "bridging" devices such as scalers, switchers, or converters. These devices will help you to connect and display contents in multiple platform and devices by converting, upscaling, or downscaling video signal to ensure consistent high quality images every time. Just recently, Extron launches their new SDI-to-HDMI video scalers which are particularly engineered to convert 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SDI video signals to HDMI for high quality images in different applications. Boasting wide compatibility with 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SDI up to 2,97 Gbps, the new Extron SDI-to-HDMI video scalers will feature advanced video processing capability including 1080i deinterlacing and HDMI audio embedding for ensured high quality images as well as seamless integration to HDMI output. That aside, these new video scalers also boasts a range of flexible control ports such as USB, RS-232, and on-screen menus. With all the advanced features, Extron new SDI-to-HDMI video scalers provides a simple but instant answer to audio visual applications which require high quality images as well as hassle-free interlacing process. In general, these SDI-to-HDMI video scalers are compatible with SMPTE video resolutions and offers various output rate including 640 x 480, 1080p/60, 1920 x 1200, and 2K. Aesthetic-wise, users can also feel peace of mind as these video scalers also comes in compact packages with optional half rack shelf and under-desk mounting kit for flexible installation in diverse environments. To the extent of ensuring high quality images, Extron new SDI-to-HDMI video scalers also packs a plethora of convenient features. Among the prominent ones are AFL technology and input equalization functionality. AFL stands for Accu-RATE Frame Lock which is Extron's proprietary technology designed to enhance image quality by matching and locking the output frame rate to the defined input for minimal stuttering. The Extron SDI-to-HDMI video scalers will be available in two variants: DSC 3G-HD A and DSC HD-3G A which works to convert 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SDI signal to HDMI and HDMI signal to 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SDI respectively.

With critical applications such and professional audio visual production, large-scale presentation, and multimedia editing, the precision of details and high quality images are simply a must have. You cannot afford missing out on anything because it is for commercial applications. Do not take any risk and choose only the reliable solution like what Extron has to offer with their new SDI-to-HDMI video scalers for quality scaling and conversion from 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SDI signals to HDMI and vice versa. To ensure consistent high quality images, these latest SDI-to-HDMI video scalers leverage on advanced video and color processing. To further polishing the images, these two video scalers also comes equipped with automatic pull down detection which automatically adjust the output signal to original input. In case of any weak or signal loss, users can relies on input equalization functionality in the video scalers to help refine the input signal by equalizing, restoring, or reshaping it. Usability is another important aspect in video scalers apart from image quality and versatility. Extron new video scalers make it quite easy and hassle-free for most users. In the first place, they got front panel interface with front USB ports and handy on-screen menus which features frequently used functions such as customization option for both input and output formats for easy access. Alternatively, users can also benefit from user memory presets where the video scalers will automatically activate or apply pre-defined settings for different inputs. As such, users do not have to go through the same hassle with multiple contents with similar input characteristics or SDI-to-HDMI output requirements. Fortunately, the enhancement also goes well for audio aspect since these SDI-to-HDMI video scalers also comes equipped with HDMI audio embedding feature. All in all, Extron SDI-to-HDMI video scalers are perfect answer to professional audio visual applications which demand uncompromising high quality images over anything else

High Performance Processing

To ensure high quality images for every applications, Extron plants in advanced video signal processing engine which works wonder to convert any standard definition and SMPTE video resolution to different output rate including 640 x 480, 1920 x 1200, or even HDTV 1080p/60 and 2K thanks to the 1080i deinterlacing functionality. With the powerful video processing engine, users can be sure that the content will be scaled to fit the different display output or devices in its best quality which is as good as the original source or if possible, better than the original input sources in terms of details and color reproduction. After all, these new SDI-to-HDMI video scalers also packs quite a bunch of image-enhancing features. For strong and stable video signal and thus high quality images for example, these video scalers features input equalization which primarily works to equalize (as they do with equalizer for audio signal) video signal so that it comes out strong. That aside, the vieo scalers also provide basic picture controls to tweak brightness, positioning, contrast, detail, and sizes. On the other hand, both DSC 3G-HD A and DSC HD-3G A video scalers also boast enhanced audio processing including HDMI audio embedding. The HDMI audio embedding basically allows analog audio or HDMI audio to be integrated into SDI or HDMI output. Then, there is input audio muting which automatically mute analog audio signal where necessary and input gain and attenuation which adjust analog audio signal.

Rich Convenient Features

With Extron new SDI-to-HDMI video scalers, extra features really just come along to help you get the high quality images without much fuss, almost effortlessly. Among them are Auto Image setup and Auto Input Memory. If you happen to have to connect to multiple devices sequentially, Auto Image Setup can help yopu to automatically applies the necessary settings accordingly based on the detected input resolution. This way, users do not have to manually set up the video scalers every time you connect it to different devices. Almost similarly, Auto Input Memory will activate particular picture settings for input signal with similar characteristics as previous detected input signals. In case of controls and connectivity, Extron new SDI-to-HDMI video scalers comes with LED indicators and USB ports on the front panel for easy access to basic information on status of the input/output signal and configuration. Finally, the built-in RS232 control ports in these SDI-to-HDMI video scalers definitely make it easier to be integrated into exisisting control system for seamless configuration between audio visual systems.

(Date: 12 April 2013; Lidya)

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