Extron New Video Wall Processing System Features High Scalability

Say you finally find the right and most ideal video wall solution for your applications but then it turns out you will need to setup a multi-display video wall installation. For this, you have two options. If it is more of one time applications, you can use video wall controller. However, its is wiser to go with a powerful video wall processing system if your organization expect to have a highly scalable solution. And Extron new WindoWall Pro video wall processing system simply ticks all the boxes; featuring high scalability and optimum performance. Designed primarily to cater to multi-display video wall applications, the versatile WindoWall processing system features highly scalable architecture model by assigning dedicated processor to each video wall display in multiple-display video wall application; allowing high definition output in four displays simultaneously. As such, users can enjoy high scalability and more flexible installations with various type of layout matrix such as 1x2, 2x3, or larger. And since each display has their own processor, users can be sure to get optimum image performance every time from multiple input sources including HDTV or computer-based video signals.

In addition, this video wall processing system also boasts HDMI video output and input with full HDCP compliance for seamless integration with multiple digital video sources while ensuring secured streaming of protected contents. It is because the new video wall processing system also packs proprietary Extron technology called Key Minder which makes sure that non-HDCP compliant devices cannot display the encrypted contents during switching between devices. In terms of contents, WindoWall Pro video wall processing system offers wide compatibility with analog and digital sources input signal up to HDTV quality 1080p/60, 1920 x 1200, and 2K. Similarly, users can also expect flexible output options from VGA resolution (640 x 480) to Full HD resolution. On different note, the video wall processing system enables users to use images or videos from the HDMI input as the background for presentation. Other option to use custom graphics as background images is also availble with the optional Graphic Still Store device.

Although the new Extron WindoWall videowall processing system got such powerful hardware, it also comes equipped with an equally advanced WindoWall Console software to enhance overall performance while ensuring high scalability. As with some advanced software companion for video wall solutions, the WindoWall Console in this video wall processing system allows users to create contents and configure how they are going to be display accordingly to your requirements. But what's better, the software comes with very intuitive and easy to use graphical interface as well as intelligent Auto-Image wizard to guide you through customization and setting up process of the contents. If you are working with multiple input sources, the software also makes it possible to determine necessary pre-configurations with matrix switchers.

Done with the initial configuration and contents, the video wall processing system can also help you with the content delivery, again thanks to the versatile WindoWall Console software. Users are welcome to personalize layout of the video wall as well as input assignment via Virtual Canvas feature including resizing windows or changing the background color. If you wish to use the same setting and layout for future contents, the video wall processing system also packs around 100 presets to save your work. In its general operation, the WindoWall Console software works closely with the WindoWall video wall processing system over TCP/IP connection to apply necessary configuration so that each managed video wall displays can deliver best performance. Above all things, control and monitoring options in the WindoWall video wall processing system are made flexible through both hardware and software options. Users can opt to control the processing system via RS232 Control port or Ethernet RJ45 port. Alternatively, it is also possible to manage all the processors inside the processing system via WindoWall Console software when and where needed.

High Scalability

Managing multi-display video wall installation is no easy matter, even more if you work with multiple input sources or signal input with various resolutions and format. For such demanding requirements, you definitely need solution which features high scalability. Solutions like Extron new WindoWall Pro video wall processing system. Powered by tested and proven video processing technologies, the new processing system features what Extron called as distributed processing architecture. Unlike conventional video wall processing system which uses a single processor to handle all the processing tasks for all connected displays in video wall installation, the Extron WindoWall processing system assign discrete processors for each display in video wall installation. What's more, you can actually display up to four windows in a single display, offering truly high scalability for your video wall applications. With these four windows, you can choose to display contents from multiple input sources such as video, high definition computer-video, and high definition TV contents. This feature also comes handy when you need to display video side by side or picture in picture format contents such as in video collaboration application. This way, users is also able to easily reconfigure their video wall display layout application such as 3x1, 2x3 , or larger when and where necessary. In terms of compatibility, the video wall processing system supports for both analog and digital inputs including RGB, composite, component, S-video, and HDMI with multiple resolutions such as 1920 x 1200 and 2K as well as HDTV 1080/60p.

Another extra that you will highly appreciate is the Full HDCP compliance which allows seamless presentation with secured contents. Both HDMI input and outputs of the video wall processing system is HDCP compliant and leverages on Key Minder technology. As a result, users can securely switch between devices to display the protected contents with ensured encryption. In case that your display output does not have support for HDCP functionality, the technology will drive the processing system to display green screen indicating the incompatibility to display the encrypted contents.

Optimum Performance

Aside of the high scalability, the new Extron WindoWall video wall processing system also packs additional WindoWall Console software to enhance overall optimum. The software works in tandem with the video wall processing system in customizing the contents and the layout as well as managing multiple input sources. In particular, it helps the video wall processing system to set up necessary configurations for each window and display to display from various input sources via TCP/IP connection. But the best thing is that it makes the process relatively effortless with the Auto-Image intelligent wizard which guides users through the process. With this handy feature, all you need to do is assign the right input sources to the desired windows or displays and the WindoWall processing system will handle the rest for you.

(Date: 24 April 2013; Lidya)

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